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  1. Are we looking desperate?

    Completely agree. We are top with these set of players. The summer is a far more important window for us. I would be more than happy to add a young player with something to prove, who we could mould around our team than buy for the sake of it. The only people who are desperate are the journos and some of the fans.
  2. Esteban's not coming back

    He was offered the chance to stay before the season had finished. If he wanted to stay he would have signed before NP was sacked.
  3. Marcelo Bielsa?

    If true that the club scrapped an announcement about MON, then surely we must know he is interested? Right?
  4. I honestly believe the owners/board have trust in the coaches to almost run the team. I really do think they want a face with contacts to attract players, advise etc.
  5. Born winner, knows the league inside and out, big name, loads of contacts. Keep the back room staff and I could see this happening!
  6. Pearson Sacked

    I was a fan of Pearson. He got the best out of the players and achieved some great success. However, after all the 'incidents' over the season is it really that hard to understand why he was sacked? In my honest opinion I am still shocked he wasn't sacked instantly after telling a fan to **** off and die. That for me was unacceptable.
  7. Pearson Sacked

    The most sensible post I've read in ages.
  8. Martin O'Neill

    Vichai has just realised he's left Top in the arcades at Gatwick!
  9. Some bloke on Twitter earlier was tweeting the bookies saying he had inside info that he was going to be our manager. He was asking for odds, so I guess it came from that.
  10. Martin O'Neill

    I would imagine we would not bother officially approaching the FAI without knowing if he's interested or not. If the club makes that approach then it's more or less nailed on in my opinion.
  11. Martin O'Neill

    I wouldn't have thought so, as he has just started following me!!
  12. Martin O'Neill

    I am starting to think the board are planning on keeping all the existing staff in place and employing someone to oversee everything. I think MON could be a good fit for that position.
  13. Martin O'Neill

    He didn't do much coaching the last time he was here so I doubt he has changed that much.