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  1. Sort of, but us buying Maddison practically saved Norwich from administration. I accept players move on and for me anything over £70m is a great deal for the player he is, but can also understand why the club won’t be bullied.
  2. It’s worth pointing out to the doubters that at Liverpool the board sold Suarez and when Rodgers told them he needed a replacement they signed Balotelli and Ricky Lambert without his knowledge!! So he can’t be completely blamed for his last season there!
  3. Why do we have to blame certain players every time a manager fails? It wasn’t just at Leicester that Puel wasn’t popular with the players, staff, press and a large section of fans. It was exactly the same at Southampton. He was just not good enough for the premier league or maybe English football all together.
  4. I’m not saying I agree with it, nor that protesting by walking away is the right thing to do. It just pisses me off that a Leicester fan of many years is that angry and fed up with things at present he is willing to give it up, and the first reaction of some people is to take the piss.
  5. Is that the project where he plays the young players? Oh apart from one of the best young players we have who for some reason can’t get in the team!! (Or bench today) The Puel project is a fantasy!!
  6. What a pair of completely childish and ridiculous replies. The manager is forcing fans of many years to walk away, but you just joke on!!! I find that if fans are feeling like this it’s worrying!
  7. So is he being sacked or was that all bullshit?
  8. Performance was good today...... however.......Vardy not starting is a joke, the substitutions again for me were crazy and needless, also Ndidi was great today, but remember he wasn’t supposed to be starting. I’m not saying it’s all Puels fault but he is far from blameless.
  9. This red card thing is doing my head in. Maguire actually made the challenge/foul a split second before Evans missed the ball, so technically at the very point of the foul, Maguire was not the last man!! Plus we know Mane is quick but it can’t be a red card for him and not if it was A slower player. Rules can’t be made for individual players.
  10. https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/arsenal-hero-thierry-henry-facing-13899257
  11. Fair enough. So why are we not changing the way we play against the sides who just defend? Granted we don’t have the magic of Mahrez, and I strongly believe that is hurting us more than some realise, but surely there are other tactics we could apply?
  12. And yet we beat, Everton, Chelsea, Watford and the first goal against City playing a style you say is bust? All im saying is he can’t change the whole team so if we continue losing games he needs to stop being so stubborn and change the way we play.
  13. I just can’t see that happening. I’m sure Puel would be a good manager somewhere. He doesn’t seem to want to change, yet his tactics don’t suit our players, yet won’t buy new ones. Nothing against him on a personal level I just don’t think it’s working and can’t see that changing.
  14. I know we are so why does the ‘unreal expectations’ conversation keep coming up?
  15. I’m not saying we should be expecting to win it again, but wanting to push for Europe every year should not be laughed at like it is. Not saying we will challenge for it but we should try. If not, what’s the point?
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