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  1. escos

    Bertrand traore

    Why have assist stats become so important? If you take on an entire team and square it for a striker who balloons it over the bar how are you less of a player than someone who taps a ball along the edge of the box for the striker to smack it top corner? Surely those stats are very deceiving!
  2. Sky saying players are pissed off with him and feel let down. If true, think he will go today. If he does stay it could certainly get messy!
  3. escos

    Andros Townsend...

    I would imagine Gray is the replacement for Mahrez. Townsend will replace Gray on the bench.
  4. escos


    I get that, but it's known he's quite moody. Just thinking it might be why he's not wanted as first choice. Surely his ability can't be questioned.
  5. escos


    NP didn't get on with him and Vardy has said that he could start a fight in a phone box. Perhaps he has a slight attitude and lowers the mood? Perhaps we want him gone because he is so miserable?
  6. escos

    Mahrez to .......................?

    Perhaps the fact we can not sell him is the reason we are looking at cheaper players such as Iborra and Deeney, instead of players such as Sigurdsson?
  7. escos

    Transfer Deadline Day Jan 2017

    It's as if they are thinking the players are good enough, the coaching isn't!!
  8. escos

    Transfer Deadline Day Jan 2017

    I'm starting to get the feeling that the owners do not want to give a lot of cash to a manager they are quickly losing patience with!
  9. escos

    Adrien Silva

    I find that the times he looks lost, are the times he plays with DD and not instead of. We all know he is not as good as Drinkwater but I still believe he has enough.
  10. escos

    Adrien Silva

    Why is everybody writing off King? I don't believe he works with Drinkwater but he's a capable replacement if DD has to sit out a game or two. Plus he has a goal in him which is more than any of our other midfielders seem to have.
  11. escos

    Adrien Silva

    If it's true that our owner or representative is in Portugal, I'm sure this could be tied up in no time at all.
  12. escos

    Adrien Silva

    If compared to Jeff Hendrick being sold for £10.5m, this seems cheap!!!
  13. escos

    Islam Slimani

    Is it not €35m? Which is under £30m
  14. escos

    Adrien Silva

    So the Sporting fans react badly to the news. Sporting release a statement saying they want him to stay. Player wants to leave. Club looks good. Player looks bad. Not saying he is coming, but come on, this happens all the time!
  15. escos


    Don't moan about the 30k a week wages. This signing is one of the most important we will make this year. He is absolute quality, and has a huge huge future.