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  1. Check around 2:00:00 for a hilarious meltdown from Troopz
  2. Some highlights from the Arsenal forum: Master class from Brendan Rodgers, and we fell for it like the mugs that we are. 20 minutes Vardy is enough for us Spanish Hodgson () Leicester got their goal, and now are game managing. Hattip to Brendan. He really played us. Rodgers schooled Arteta today Wow. Arteta really got shown to be a water boy by Rodgers today.
  3. We've just beaten Arsenal at the emirates !!!
  4. What a great player to bring on what we've been missing.
  5. Absolutely delighted, what a result, we've finally beaten Arsenal at the Emirates superb professional performance Rodgers tactically spot on.
  6. Can we have a Rodgers deal with it gif @StriderHiryu
  8. Nacho is hindered by his lack of pace, Barnes is the better choice if Vardy can't play from the start.
  9. Infuriating goal for Wolves to concede, no way that goes in if they do the basics right.
  10. What on earth is Tyler blathering about Wolves devouring Magpies ****s sake.
  11. Great to see Skelmersdale United reach the first round, must be one of the lowest ranked teams left in. Think Wigan Athletic is their most local Football League side, at home to Wigan would be a great draw.
  12. Adrian Chiles is looking well.
  13. Swansea, Brighton, West Brom, Watford and West Ham have all won there in recent seasons, it's our turn.
  14. Shame about that it was a terrific finish.
  15. can clearly remembering him saying "awight me ol china" in one scene!
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