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  1. Shocking first touch tonight , looked like he was wearing boots fashioned out of wood but conditions were pretty grisly
  2. Did you miss the bit where Everton were mentioned?
  3. Credit to Brendan , sorted the line up and could have got us all the points
  4. Jeez - is always like that ? Seems like a total mentalist
  5. Arsenal at home seeing the game out like a League 2 side defending against a prem side in the FA cup
  6. Thinks of himself as an Arsenal legend but I doubt if most of their fans haven’t a clue he ever played for them
  7. Another spawny win for Chelsea , Frank Dullard picking up results whilst looking most of the time like he hasn’t got a clue
  8. You quote me and then make comments about something in terms not used by me - but I’m not particularly bothered - have it your way
  9. I’m not sure why you’ve quoted me and then imputed your own version of what I might have said (but didn’t) we were competing deep in two cups and CL qualification was ours to give away and so if we end with nothing I don’t see why BR should escape criticism for any aspects of the campaign where he could have done better
  10. This sounds like the sort of stuff that Spurs fans console themselves with to mask their inability to actually win anything . BR really needs to build on Saturdays result and re-start our season . He surely must win the tactical battle against Arteta and if we get too many more of the nervy, safety- first selections and performances we’ve had lately he will deserve the criticism
  11. Quality goal - needs the benny hill or circus clown music as an accompaniment .
  12. Maybe his family and senior advisors could take time out of acting like a bunch of entitled cvnts and try to avoid embarrassing him
  13. Not having JM available and played out of position might be the answer
  14. Get in ! I enjoyed the Arse being rubbish and hope they’ll revert there again but want them to win this
  15. Radio 5 is almost a parody with all the Man U rimming that’s going on . Solskjaer - can he win the premier next season? Is Fernandez the best prem signing ever ? FFs
  16. We know how The CP game goes - they cross the half way line once and score with a scuffed shot from 25 yards . We have 30 half arsed attempts on goal and fail with every one . I wish it was likely to be different
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