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  1. Do we consider Jeff Schlupp important ? He went in January I think
  2. So goal machine Jahanbaksh it is then
  3. Also as the article makes reference Huddersfield had him on loan from us and by way of gratitude Wagner recommended Liverpool try to get him
  4. Oh and did I mention the shite and / or unmotivated squad where the better players want out ASAP and the ones who aren’t anywhere near as good as they think they are will plot against you and treat you with contempt . So we’re good then yeah?
  5. I believe the beef with the players like Rose , Alderweireld and Eriksen is with Levy and the players’ agent rather than the manager ( although Pochettino has clearly lost the dressing room). I’m not sure appointing JM changes anything there . They will all be much better off running their contracts done and getting a massive signing on fee in 6 months time . Their crap performances of late have reduced their marketability a bit but not fatally
  6. Wilfred wasn’t the worst signing we’ve ever made
  7. Daniel “every penny a prisoner” Levy will still select the signings and , he’s not going to give JM the sort of leeway he will demand . This is going to end badly ( I hope)
  8. How did Mings ever stake a claim for an England cap ? A few games where he didn’t look too bad in a side which will over achieve by avoiding relegation and all of a sudden he’s an England player . Laughable
  9. When Revie was manager Worthington went in at half time in an England game and lit up a cigarette . He was told he’d never play again
  10. Sherwood is like that bloke in the pub who makes a preposterous assertion and then keeps doubling down or making stuff up to support his position "Nobody would have stuck their hand up for Jonny Evans" (apart from Man C and Arsenal who had 25 million bids in ) and who is this Korean central defender he was talking about Sung Yung Yoo?
  11. Incredible that they took no real steps to address that in the summer
  12. Thanks Philippa - that would certainly be worse
  13. The scousers are going to win this - 2-0 . Keane looks like someone spilled his pint and has been looking at his woman
  14. 5 points coughed up to Man U and Wolves - ridiculous ( ok ok I’ll let it go now )
  15. Won’t happen - also as we’ve got a game against B&H A coming up I’m happy for them to be going through a spell of crapness for a few weeks
  16. Yes we did and we weren’t showing the impressive goals against stats we’re enjoying at the moment when he was in the side
  17. Oh dear - that has me laughing far too much and the missus keeps asking what’s going on
  18. It feels a bit grubby and unsatisfactory but I don’t dislike this Villa side
  19. These lost a 2-0 lead to palace and haven’t won in 5
  20. Well this is crap . Get the subs ready Brendan
  21. We’re keeping Emery in a job
  22. Redknapp hoping to see more from Ashley Barnes - we’ll go to a Burnley game you melt
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