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  1. Found the most perfect owners for us
  2. Does anyone really give a monkeys about this bloke’s take on things ?
  3. Tedious shite . Bale pulling down £600k a week to keep the bench warm
  4. Kisnorbo wasn't a great defender but even he was an attacking threat at corners and free kicks
  5. At the start of the window the mood music for getting Trincao either on loan or outright was quite promising . The Barca meltdown and manager change stymied that - but he had been identified as someone we wanted and is apparently looking good so far this season
  6. Arsenal haven’t lost a home game in October for about 20 years ( ok the no. Of years may be slightly wrong)
  7. Some half decent players out there but I can’t remember a single moment of quality play from any one
  8. Good time to break our 27 game non-winning streak at their place
  9. The last ex saints manager worked out well for us - what could go wrong ?
  10. I thought it might have been the fraud squad knocking on their door
  11. I’d be delighted if S’hampton WIN by a similar margin today
  12. Nice thread . Sounds like Darnell has s**t the bed though , given the level he’s playing at
  13. whilst foreign parvenus (Cags , Fofana) and hired mercenaries (Jonny E) realise they were only keep his seat warm and wonder how badly this will impact their careers.
  14. our recruitment set up must be the envy of the league and widely admired in Europe probably. It is most unlikely that all the credit for successful signings belongs to Congerton just like all the failures and duds are not all his fault, it's lazy to claim otherwise. I think some have been influenced by the input of Celtic fans who were quick to point out his poor signings whilst ignoring the good ones (and the ridiculous business of the players list left at his flat!). there is no doubt that his tenure at Sunderland saw some dire rubbish brought in to the club though.
  15. luvvly jubbly - look at little Leicester mixing it with the big boys and putting the aristocrats' noses out of joint. Pity we didn't land Trincao too - he's looking awesome apparently
  16. Memory fades but Mark Draper was consistently good from the start
  17. He’s a bit Schluppesqe in the sense that he doesn’t seem to be alert or tuned in to what’s happening most of the time
  18. If the mega money is to come from sale of tv rights I don’t see how this would work . The big 6 have a world wide following but who ( Apart from their fans) in this country will pay for coverage showing Arsenal v Real or Man City v PSG . That cannot sustain the increase in what the top clubs would expect to join the league .
  19. Ha ha - add Joelinton to the list too - he’s as crap as Slimani if not objectively worse
  20. Players resign / break contracts and go anyway . Restraint of trade laws would make it unworkable
  21. Finance from US bank . Every sporting activity the yanks get their hands on is f*****. Stick to rounders , fighting on ice and turgid ball
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