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  1. My last four dogs were German Shepherds. I love them so much and they are gentle and loving. MUST have plenty of exercise, or they will get over boisterous.
  2. A very wild and presumptive post. Nice to know you had the answer
  3. Not booked yet, but somewhere in the North West Highlands of Scotland,
  4. Oh God, when is the year of the cat?
  5. He would far the best choice, but I don't give a toss. It's a Party of losers.
  6. BIG party tonight next door that we're off to. Champagne and firework display at 11.00pm. The best bit for me will be the raising of a Union flag up a high pole, and the burning of the E.U. flag! It's gonna be noisy. FECK the E.U.
  7. Completely agree. My family history includes a number of the upper class, even Sirs, God bless 'em. How times have changed with me though, but stiff upper lip and all that jazz!
  8. I believe we can win this game. So from me it's three points.
  9. Certainly something has caused the current performances to fall well below standard. The forwards are inept at this time, and W.N. be absent has had a massive bearing on our current form. No need to panic though at this stage. Things will probably improve with our next win. Come on Brendan, and sort them out.
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