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  1. No, I collect vintage comics and books, along with my coins.
  2. I do so agree. My life has never been the same since losing my beautiful dog nearly four yeas ago. She meant the world to me.
  3. Chelsea made a giant cock up buying him for big money. Now they want to get shot of him. Another Championship quality player.
  4. Good Championship quality, but no more than that.
  5. Just so very sad, poor girl.
  6. Capital punishment for Marxists is about right, eh Corbyn?
  7. Roman coins and antiquities, Love collecting, and a great investment.
  8. Well bone Boris! We now have a decent cabinet. Still a Nigel Farage man though.
  9. The question of how was never included, and quite rightly so. "Leave means leave", by any means possible. No deal has always been my preference from day one..
  10. Delighted that Boris will be PM. a great day for British politics. Well ten times better than that rat Corbyn.
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