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  1. Fair enough. So who you dropping from the wing?
  2. Can’t see this one happening unfortunately. Although if it did, where would he fit? Tielemans/Praet dropped or used as squad rotation?
  3. Agree with this. This has turned in to a bit of a saga and if WF doesn’t live up to it (if he signs) then it could be a disaster. Especially at the prices that are being quoted for him.
  4. Sounds about Dwight.....
  5. Guzzgog


    I still like the idea of Slimani as a Plan B. However if we bring in another striker then moving him on is a good idea.
  6. In that case I stand corrected! 😂
  7. Not sure what you’re correcting here fella? Was something said that was wrong or is it cus u disagreed with me? Anyway, let’s leave it here. Have a cracking rest of your day 👍
  8. I’m suggesting that there is no evidence to support that Barca are even willing to sell this guy. Everything we’ve seen points to them not wanting to lose the player they have literally just acquired. I agree that Chelsea have recruited well however they have got them deals finished and over the line early. Clearly the players Chelsea signed wanted to go there and Chelsea paid the money needed to get them. What are in about as well with us just nipping over to Man Utd and picking up fringe players?! This is just a statement you have chucked in cus u ran out of things to say! 😂 Go and grab a coffee my friend. It sounds like you very much need it ☕️
  9. Appreciate that this is not the only target we are going for but why waste resource on it when the likelihood is that nothing will happen? Why not use that resource on a more plausible option?
  10. We need to move on from this lad and quick. Is it really gonna happen?! Doubtful. If we are not careful we will spend the whole window trying to sign him and miss out on any other potential targets. Has there even been a recent link to us still being interested in him?
  11. Could be the spark for OW to move on....
  12. I don’t think this deal was ever on! Lol
  13. I’m looking at all the exciting names we are linked with but cannot help thinking we will still end up with Andros Townsend!
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