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  1. Barcelona nor Real Madrid look likely to bid for him, that league is another 2 horser!
  2. Ooooh up to £27m.... Get ****ed Roma, he's twice the player Salah is.... when he can be bothered
  3. Conte interested in signing Llorente from Swansea apparently. Maybe we could offer Slim/Ulloa in some kind of swap + cash deal for Siggy if they need a striker
  4. You what mate??!
  5. Width?
  6. Send him to Slutters, he'll sort him out
  7. Maybe he could reverse the numbers and take Wasilewski's sacred number 27?!
  8. Yeah Zamorano did the same with a 1+8 when Ronaldo took his number 9 at Inter
  9. He's had the number 8 shirt taken off him and given 22. Not sure if that means anything with regards to leaving :/
  10. He'll fail a medical on page 201
  11. Lot of talk that Neymar is joining PSG.... for €222m
  12. Nah, all the Algerian fan boys are probably spuffing about it too.
  13. 'kin size of Maguire!!@
  14. Been really struggling with mine recently. Find myself snapping at the kids and wife for silly things. Also, struggling to be excited about anything. Nothing seems to enthuse me anymore