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  1. Oh... he didn't get it after all that
  2. I can't believe some absolute c##t has leaked a photo from the autopsy
  3. My first game was City v Swindon, 18th January 1992. We won 3-1, Tommy Wright got 2 and I think Paul Fitzpatrick got the other.
  4. Brilliant player and really nice guy too. One of our best ever. His book is well worth a read
  5. We actually haven't won a Saturday game since December 22nd
  6. Don't suppose these are still available?
  7. Hi guys, I need 2 Adult tickets (must be together) for the Crystal Palace game. Can anyone help?
  8. I've been Ghezzal's biggest critic but he looked decent when he came on, was at least trying to make something happen. Would personally have kept Mads on and subbed Gray or Barnes.
  9. Can't find the clip but Stringer's commentary of Albrighton's goal v Sevilla always gave me goosebumps
  10. Agreed. I know how angry I was when I saw a Vichai joke too. What's wrong with these ****ing idiots?!
  11. I see Molla Wague has joined them too. What a CB pairing Agent O'Neill strikes again
  12. This. I hate listening to Gary Neville commentating on Man Utd especially.
  13. More like 2-1 Liverpool and Vardy leaves the ground in a knee brace
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