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  1. Was really expecting to see our strongest available team. This doesn't fill me with confidence going into next weekend with regards to our preparation
  2. Hopefully Man Utd draw Olympiakos in the CL
  3. It's a shame he won't serve any time. A Greek legal expert said it'd just be a fine
  4. Would a custodial sentence affect the scheduled payments from Man Utd?
  5. My missus wants either a Dacia Duster or a Vauxhall Mokka as a second car. Anyone got any feedback on either of these?
  6. Your distances are insane Anil!! I'm in awe tbh
  7. A GMB orgy with Charlotte Hawkins, Susanna Reid and Laura Tobin!
  8. Just a quick update on this, I borrowed some Jabra 75 off a mate and they just kept falling out of my weird shaped ears I bit the bullet and bought the Aftershokz Aeropex and I love them! The sound isn't as pure or basey as in-ears would be but they're so lightweight and comfortable and the sound is more than enough for me without being irritating with the vibration. Connection is brilliant and the added safety of being able to hear surroundings and also a running partner (eventually) is good too.
  9. Hi Geoff, if the blisters are always in the same place try a bit of vaseline on the affected area before you start. I have a couple of places on my heels and toes that always blister but since someone recommended the vaseline I've had no problem.
  10. Drinkwater is in a mess, his career is nosediving and it seems to be affecting him personally too. I'd be seriously concerned for his mental health to be honest.
  11. Ah OK cool. Jabras might not work for me, not sure if I have weird ears or what but all the in-ear styles just fall out whenever I run. I need something with a tight band that wraps/clips round my outer ear if that makes sense?
  12. Thanks mate, really appreciate the info. £140 does seem steep for the Aeropex so I'll definitely have a look at the jabra's
  13. Does anyone have any of the Aftershokz Aeropex bone conduction headphones? I'm looking at getting something lightweight and these keep popping up but they're not cheap so looking for some feedback. Is the sound good? Do they fit tight during runs?
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