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  1. Harsh on Amartey, he's a decent squad player and covers a few positions.
  2. Wow Tavares starts, surprised about that but hope he steps up.
  3. Priya from Emmerdale has spectacular tits
  4. One of my all time faves, was gutted when he left!
  5. How we all doing guys? I'm in the strava club but haven't posted much on here for a while. Managed my longest ever recorded run this morning at 15 miles so i was really chuffed with that
  6. Awful tonight. He needs to get his head out of his own arse. Strolling to a corner when we're 2-0 down with 10 mins to go. Believes his own hype too much for my liking.
  7. Was really expecting to see our strongest available team. This doesn't fill me with confidence going into next weekend with regards to our preparation
  8. It's a shame he won't serve any time. A Greek legal expert said it'd just be a fine
  9. Would a custodial sentence affect the scheduled payments from Man Utd?
  10. My missus wants either a Dacia Duster or a Vauxhall Mokka as a second car. Anyone got any feedback on either of these?
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