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  1. As shit as Ghezzal has been, he's probably had as much impact as Gray has this season.
  2. We say this every season and he hasn't improved in over 3 years here.
  3. Ricky P worked out pretty well. I think it's just Sporting we need to avoid
  4. Would love it but he's got China/MLS/Qatar written all over him
  5. Big money down the shitter for 2 players who can't stay fit. No thanks.
  6. Personally don't like it but if it has importance to the Thais then I won't complain
  7. The check pattern is truly horrible.
  8. Can I jump on the stream train too please?
  9. The Scottish league was a LOT stronger back then.
  10. Are you sure about that? Plenty of Celtic fans had already mentioned his style is similar to Puel's but overcoming it with a squad and budget on a different level to the opposition. Don't get me wrong, I'll support him 100% but I really struggle to see winning the Scottish league with Celtic as a massive achievement for anyone over the last few years.
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