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  1. A Corbyn-led Labour government probably would have paid out at 100% instead of 80%. I do get the feeling that there would have been far more folk screaming about “Labour’s magic money tree” had it been them in power handing out large support payments. This isn’t to say that people haven’t been complaining anyway about the furlough and SE support. I just get the feeling that the objections would have been louder — especially from the press and portion of the population who had it in for Corbyn. All hypotheticals, but it’s just my two penn’orth.
  2. I’ve often thought about how the public would’ve reacted if Labour had won the election in 2019 and been the governing party. Could you imagine the reaction if a Corbyn-led Labour government had introduced the furlough scheme and such similar measures?
  3. Wed 01/09 & Thu 02/09 Brixton Academy Fri 17/09 Victoria Warehouse, Manchester.
  4. Jungle’s third album has just been announced. Released 13th August. Absolutely love these. Can’t wait for the album. Hopefully get to see them live in September if Boris keeps his word.
  5. German lad going by the stage name Roosevelt has released his third studio album ‘Polydans’ today. Only came across him a couple of years ago through a recommended video on YouTube. Really like his sound.
  6. Yeah, that’s probably a fair assessment. 1988-94 (Viva Hate - Vauxhall and I) were probably his most relevant years, and as you say he came to a bit of prominence again with You Are the Quarry in 2004. There’s been some moments outside of that, but he’s blown hot and cold. Yes, he’s no stranger to stirring the pot, and his statements in recent years have gone a bit strange to say the least! However, Morrissey’s politics have always been a key component of his art. It’s what made him such an interesting character to me. He’s always been overtly political, and I respect how he unasha
  7. 100%. Sing Your Life is definitely a highlight of his rockabilly era. I also like The Loop on the b-side of the SYL 12” single. There’s clearly a large quantity of music in his back catalogue — I’d argue that there’s quality in there too. Little outside of Morrissey’s widely recognised singles will ever get much airtime as The Smiths music is far more popular.
  8. I was referencing Morrissey’s original cover of this from 1991 (same vocals.) I do agree with your point — the original is brilliant. Undoubtedly one of the defining songs of the Mod revival.
  9. Sounds like the vocals from the original cover on the Sing Your Life b-side rehashed over a new backing track? Prefer the original cover I think. Fair play to the bloke, mind. There’s thousands of fans worldwide willing to buy any record he brings out. Nice little pay day!
  10. Led Zeppelin IV is 50 years old this November. One of the greats at their very best. Stairway is undeniably up there with the greatest rock songs of all time.
  11. I did see on Twitter that Derwin James had been speaking to Jalen Ramsey about him, and Ramsey only had good things to say — so that’s a good sign. Yeah, DJ and Tranquill were huge misses on D this season. Getting Herb an O line has to be the priority now as we’ve got ourselves a good’un ⚡️
  12. What do the Rams fans here think of Brandon Staley? Seems like another unorthodox Chargers move considering the names that had been mentioned. Was hoping for Daboll or Bieniemy; but I get why we’d hire a now former DC considering our 2nd half frailties on defense.
  13. One of the things I have missed the most (besides going down the City) has been record collecting. Admittedly, I’d fallen out of the habit of properly collecting over the past few years; mainly because Morrissey started to get on my wick and Smiths/Solo is the core of my collection. I do miss finding a little indie record shop if I was ever out of town and just spending a bit of time flicking through the crates. Found some great stuff in places like Clampdown Records in Manchester, killing a bit of time before a train home. Plenty of good finds in Camden Market too. There’
  14. If you ever find yourself with a free moment in these tier 4 times, I’m sure fellow kit aficionados like myself would love to see your collection please!
  15. Great stuff. Thanks, @Rob1742, @SouthStandUpperTier, and @kushiro. Fantastic knowledge.
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