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  1. I’m after an under 22 ref for the Peterborough game please. Any points level would be appreciated, but the higher the better as the rest of us are in the top band! All sorted. Cheers to the guys at Union FS for sorting me a ref.
  2. baylisslcfc

    Expand the stadium? The poll

    I'm not sure if this has been mentioned before (delete as appropriate if so) but surely the easiest thing to do for now would be to bring the away allocation down to 3,000? Spurs were given 3,305 seats for the game last week (source: http://www.tottenhamhotspur.com/news/ticket-news-leicester-away-290715/) - so there's 305 seats that could be given to our fans straight off the bat. Also, we must waste a hundred or so (rough estimation, I have no figure) seats on segregation too can surely be put to better use. We seemingly unnecessarily cover a number of seats in the away end with those blue sheets (or whatever they are). Surely just stewards on the staircase, like at the Emirates, would suffice? A reconfiguration of this would free up a good number of seats for home fans, and limit the away fans while we're at it. I can't understand why this hasn't been done yet? There's probably a reason for this, which I'm sure one of you with greater knowledge than me will be able to shine a light on. However, if there is nothing holding us back, then I really do not see why the club couldn't get this done.
  3. baylisslcfc

    Leicester City's 2017/18 kits thread

    Only if the stadium expansion has red seats... Only if the new red home shirts come with a customary Harry Hill collared shirt underneath
  4. baylisslcfc

    End of Season Awards - Voting Open

    Gone for the seemingly default options of: YPOTS: Ndidi (I considered Chilwell seeing as Wilf has only been here half a season, but his impact has been that big in that half a season, he deserves it.) GOTS: Ndidi vs Stoke (That or Fuchs v Palace. Wilf v Stoke took it purely because I think I went more mental for this one - flawless logic.) POTS: Schmeichel (It seemed after the first month or so it was Drinky's to lose, but it has to be Kasper. No brainer. I'd be interested to see if anyone doesn't vote for him.)
  5. baylisslcfc

    Once Upon A Time

    That clip of Claudio crying at Sunderland is the bit that gets me every time
  6. baylisslcfc

    May 2nd 2016

    I think I spent the entire day trying not to think about the Chelsea v Spurs game, and failed miserably. Made my way down to the Friary for the game absolutely bricking it. At 2-0 I was a bit gutted, but after Spurs drew to West Brom it became a matter of when, not if, for me - so I wasn't too downhearted. Cahill scores, pub goes mad, and I'm now thinking it would be great to get this done tonight. Hazard sticks it in, and I lost it completely. I don't really remember how I was feeling for the remainder of the game, although I'm reliably informed I was nervous wreck. FT - We all go mental, everyone spills out on the street, and we're out there singing for half an hour. My phone is going crazy with calls and texts at this point, I give in replying. My mate tells me there's a huge crowd building at the ground, and we decide to go down. On the way down it feels like the whole city is out celebrating. Car horns, flags, singing all the way down, the lot. It was equally as great at the ground, singing all night long, I'm loving every minute. It's got to 1 in the morning, and I'd realised I'd forgotten about an assessment I had the next day that I couldn't miss. Absolutely shattered, I had to call it a day, and set off back home still on a high. Bumped in to Serge on the way back too, off his face and going mad with anyone that bumped in to him. What a top bloke. Got back to my place and I couldn't sleep. Like a kid, I was on too much of a high. I kept checking my phone to catch up what had been going on. I fell asleep at some point and got up around 11am, having forgot to set an alarm to get up for my 9am assessment... Still bouncing, a bit hungover, and now feeling guilty, I went to write an email to my tutor apologising for missing my assessment and pleading for another chance. At which point I see an email from him (he's a big Newcastle fan too) saying congratulations, and that he cancelled my slot, so I could have another chance in the following week! Hero. I'd wanted to win ourselves at the King Power, but I wouldn't have it any other way now. All in all, an abso-bloody-lutely brilliant night. Best night of my life.
  7. Initially Bruges away, and Sevilla at home came to mind, Both with their individual merits. Bruges takes it for me though. The Tuesday day/night was a good laugh, but then that Wednesday... Wow. If someone could've asked me to plan out a perfect European away trip, it wouldn't have been far off that. On the beer from midday until three/four (?) in morning, 30°c+ weather, the atmosphere in the eiermarkt before and after the game, and of course a smashing result! But the crowning glory has to be the atmosphere in that away end, I've never been in away end that's come even close to that. Non stop singing, great scenes for the first two goals. Being our first away trip certainly helped to build the excitement, but it was near enough perfect, wasn't it? It was an absolute privilege to be out there. The cherry on the cake of memories that I'll treasure for the rest of my life. Ah, I'm feeling all nostalgic again. Cheers for give me those nights, City.
  8. baylisslcfc

    Banning 'The Sun'?

    I'm at university currently, and UK university campuses have a terrible freedom of speech problem, so naturally I would be against anything like this. However... I would have absolutely no complaints if City were to ban that rag from our premises. It's one thing having opinions and expressing views on things that may be considered extreme or insensitive within reasonable grounds - but The Sun takes its too far, too often. The way they talk about the people of Liverpool and their football supporters is low, even by their standards. I understand it isn't us, but 'there but for the grace of God' and all that, that could have been the people of Leicester and us as supporters. I despise Liverpool Football Club generally, however showing a bit of solidarity with them over a national issue that has massively impacted all of football would be a positive thing to do IMO. Also, banning their reporters from the grounds isn't really censoring them, they will still be able to write and print what they want, they just wont have access to our grounds. Again, it's all about making a moral stand and showing a bit unity with fellow football fans. But hey, it's not gonna happen anyway. I bet they give us some money for something; and as we know, that's the most important thing in football now.
  9. baylisslcfc


    I really don't like You're In Love With a Psycho, nor am I huge fan of Comeback Kid, so I've been very skeptical about this new album from what I had heard. This new song however, this may be my favourite song of theirs. A really good mixture of the best of their early work and their previous album. It's a got a bloody brilliant vibe to it, I've had it on repeat all day.
  10. baylisslcfc


    I stopped buying records to save for the European tour. So being able to resume is one of the very few positives of us getting knocked out! *Logs in to Discogs* I see prices have inflated quite substantially in the past 12 months... Great. I forgot how expensive this game was.
  11. baylisslcfc

    General Election, June 8th

    This. Although, my MP in neighbouring South Leicestershire is now Alberto Costa - the previous MP Andrew Robathan was a dreadful person, but nowhere near as bad as Tredinnick. Many of my friends that I went to college with live in Bosworth and informed me of his antics, they all tactically voted Lib Dems in 2015. I hope you get him out, or he resigns, but as you stated I can't see that happening either. The bloke is vile, he makes some of the other venomous Tories seem like Mother Teresa.
  12. baylisslcfc

    Foxestalk opinion poll (18th April 2017)

    Depending which seat I'll be voting in: If I'm in Leicester South, I'll vote Labour. While I can't stand Corbyn, and the state of the Labour Party right now is nothing short of shambolic - it's a safe Labour seat, and Jon Ashworth is nice chap and a very good MP. I hope he continues as Shadow Health secretary after what will probably be a humiliating defeat nationally for Labour. If I'm in South Leicestershire, I really don't know which way to vote. It's a safe Conservative seat, but I'd rather eat my arms and legs than vote for that lot. So my vote will essentially be a protest/tactical/wasted vote (whichever way you want to look at it). It'll probably be Labour, but if the Lib Dems can convince me it would be worth tactically voting for them, I may consider it, however I doubt it. Irrelevant of which way I vote, it in reality means little because of where I'm voting. It's the swing seats that matter for winning elections, and I'd be surprised if many (if any) go with Labour in June. As for the other two questions... Who would make the better Prime Minister? Christ... I'm not undecided, I fully believe both of them are unfit for the job for different reasons. If I had to make a decision, and we're talking about the qualities of a leader, not the policies, then May probably just shades it. But not by much, nor is it much of an achievement beating Corbyn. Do I agree or disagree with the decision to call and election? Again, that's more complicated than a simple yes/no answer. It's clever timing, catching everyone off guard after triggering Article 50. It will probably pay off for May, I can see a majority of over 100, easily; more likely to be closer or above 150 even for the Tories. Crushing all opposition, paving the way for free reign for the next five years and the Brexit negotiations. Sneaky politicians again. However, it is probably the right thing to do for the sole reason that she needs a mandate of her own from the people as PM. She should have done it before triggering Article 50 in my eyes, but that's politicians! And finally, it *should* see the end of Corbyn and his followers who have invaded the Labour Party and trashed it. Hopefully with them gone, Labour can rebuild and get ready for government sooner rather than later. In the meantime, it's gonna be a long five (hopefully no more) years... Edit: Grammar
  13. baylisslcfc

    Yesterday my dream died

    No. There's just something in my eye. Thank you, Claudio.
  14. baylisslcfc

    Ranieri sacked

    I really hope the names of the players who forced him out get leaked ASAP. It honestly feels like there's been a murder and they've knifed the man who made them. They make me sick. Irrelevant of who they are, and what they did for us last season, I'll never forgive them for this.
  15. baylisslcfc

    Ranieri sacked

    I don't think I can quite convey what I'm thinking right now with words without going off on one. I think I summed my thoughts up well with this though.