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  1. TPH has got it pretty much spot on to be fair. At my club our membership ranges from 15 to the older generation. We are a very strong club on the competitive side of things with the majority of our top players being under 40. There are a few exceptions to that though, my dad is 64 and still playing at a high county level and qualifying for the national finals. At national level it is very much around the under 40 mark, again with a few exceptions. Selectors are always looking for players with plenty of years left in them to build a core of the squad that will stay together for a number of year. I've got national aspirations of my own, but it's very hard to displace players with high reputations, even when form doesn't warrant selection.
  2. I've been for one chuck up by myself haha. That's enough for me until the comps are back. Ahh Mr Sanders plays for Devon. Yeah we're pretty strong to be fair. We won the Middleton Cup in 2018 beating Devon. Lost to them in the Semi Final last year though.
  3. I was there in the fours last year, but didn't do as well as we should have done. All four of us play Middleton Cup for Leicestershire. We just didn't get the rub of the green and it was so frustrating. I skip the majority of the time. Yeah it's definitely been rubbish! My club opened the green up for roll ups, but that's it. There wasn't a massive amount of interest, so they've closed again to start the post season green maintenance. I'm looking forward to next season (if we get the comps back). I've been very selective of what games I play, due to having a young family (and a mrs who moans at me for playing all the time lol), but I plan on playing a lot more next season after having a year off. Yes definitely buddy!
  4. Would highly recommend the sport, whether you be looking for the social side of the game or the competitive side. If anyone is interested in giving it a go in the North West Leicestershire area give me a shout. I play for New Lount BC who are based in Coleorton.
  5. I've been playing since the age of 10 (now 33). I'm very much a competitive player and qualify for the National Finals at Leamington on a regular basis, even managing a National Final there in 2017 (unfortunately losing).
  6. There will be a limited amount of shirts for sale with the "Thailand Smiles With You" sponsor
  7. I'd be keeping hold of Choudhury if we plan to consistently qualify for Europe, as he's a homegrown player from the club.
  8. Sheff Utd have signed Jack Robinson from Forest today to add to the list
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