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  1. Simo86

    Love Island

    That geezer is a right misery! So monotonous and never cracks a smile.
  2. Simo86

    The Tinder Thread

    I've just checked my Photobucket account and it stills has all the old matches I posted on here all them years ago....part of me misses the chase
  3. Simo86

    Love Island

    Guaranteed that Frankie drops the "I just see us as really good friends" line when they meet up
  4. Simo86

    The Tinder Thread

    If there's no pics it didn't happen
  5. Simo86

    The Tinder Thread

    Too right.......those were the days! Sounds like Lacey with the chebs......but she wasn't 15
  6. Simo86

    Favourite Pre/Post match pub.

    Soar Point for me now...basically cos it's near where I park. Plus you get free beer after a while using their rewards card. Used to be the Peel until the landlady threatened to chuck half the pub out for singing before the Sevilla game last season. Gone down hill since she took over IMO
  7. Simo86

    FIFA 18

    Scream upgraded Crouch is absolutely ridiculous. Picked him up for 20k last night. 85 pace on a giant just doesn't seem right