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  1. Never seen either play but the generations above me loved Keith Weller and Frank Worthington, how good were they?
  2. Being linked with Coutinho,
  3. Gary Mills, loved him as player, always gave 100%
  4. 1994 defo for me, but for the wrong reasons the play off final in 93 was the most heart breaking, I’ve never felt so drained
  5. Ricardo for me, I’m struggling to remember when he last had a poor game, even since our slump he has been our best player
  6. I think your analysis is spot on, we have stopped doing what made us good. I remember a game last season against Newcastle where we lost playing sideways football with nobody making any runs and it was all very predictable Rodgers came out and said you won’t see that again, he said when we don’t have the ball we will be pressing hard to get it back and when we have the ball we move the ball fast into spaces and create chances. And that’s what we did, so why all of a sudden since the Norwich home game have we stopped doing the things that made us good, I don’t buy into people saying we have been sussed out.
  7. When Rodgers took over, the players was saying how the intensity in training had changed, and the obsession with the high pressing game. I think our small squad are now suffering with Brendans pressing game, and rigorous training sessions. Does he talk much these days about the high press these days?, I rarely hear it nowadays, that’s why I mentioned Puel ball, we have reverted back to that style
  8. We will play like our usual space invaders and lose 1-0
  9. We have reverted back to Puel Ball
  10. Let’s all blame the left back when our midfield create nothing
  11. Weak as piss with a soft under belly
  12. We’re back to playing space invaders Puel football
  13. It’s a testament to the player that he’s made it back after all this time, and yet for a 8 minute cameo you have singled him out, if that’s the way you feel I’d be ashamed
  14. He came on in the 85th minute, made a couple of good passes, and broke up there play, so for you to slag him off, you really need to have a word with yourself
  15. Really ?, I thought he did alright when he came on, so god knows who you was looking at
  16. I hate it, when you score you sit back and wait for var just to make sure it’s a goal, where’s the enjoyment in that.
  17. It’s a penalty all day long, when you face a free kick, you put your hands around your privates, when the ball is hit, you either head it or get out of the way, or turn your back, not block it with your hands.
  18. Didn’t we use Republika, Ready to go in the 90s?
  19. It would be nice to see us put a performance in, it’s due.
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