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  1. Absolute cart horse, thank **** he’s gone
  2. I must have my head in the clouds, didn’t realise Vardy didn’t like Cambiasso
  3. That penalty against West Ham, I was so nervous I couldn’t bear to watch it, easily the most tense game I’ve ever been to.
  4. When Perez is in the first team, I don’t go oh shit, he’s a very good player to have around the fringes, and when called upon he gives his all.
  5. Surprised Justin got a really high rating he was pretty poor up to his goal
  6. The home game last season they was well up for it, and we didn’t really respond, we was beat from the start. If there was ever a match to remind you that any game is a not a gimme that was it.
  7. They don’t like being called Notts
  8. Looks like Celtic do want him, loan then permanent if all goes well,
  9. I used to recall Walshie, Elliot and Taggart making runs from outside or just inside the box to attack corners, it was very good ploy as we wasn’t static, Arsenal 3-3 was perfect example,when Walshie equalised.
  10. I thought he was very poor first half, gave the ball away and looked leggy, second half he was a lot better. For me this season he’s not quite been at it, whether he’s still carrying a knock I don’t know, but I feel he can improve a hell of a lot more.
  11. My Dad bought me a Red Admiral Leicester top back in 1983, did we ever play in it?
  12. He’s not the answer but Perez’s all round game is a lot better, I find his link up play and movement is a lot better than Nachos.
  13. It’s horses for courses he simply cannot play up top on his own, I would sooner play Perez there as he looked a lot better in that role against AEK Athens than Nacho. The more we play him there on his own the more his confidence will drain.
  14. The guy that sits behind me who when he bothers to turn up talking constant shit through the game about what we should be doing, what subs we need etc, only joking I don’t miss that I miss meeting up with my mates pre-match and having a few beers on the way to the ground, also miss watching the game live, the tv just ain’t the same buzz
  15. His passing was he’s big let down, can’t fault him for effort
  16. Today’s game is why he would never of won it, to much tinkering
  17. I think Nacho and Choudhury have played there last games
  18. Is it open?, I’ve phoned 3 times this morning, you get to no1 in the queue and it cuts you off. Don't want to drive to Leicester Wednesday for nothing
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