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  1. You can bet your bottom dollar Forest hate where we are now, I recall in the 80s they loved it that they was the top dog in the EM, and I must admit I was jealous of the ****ers, but how times have reversed, I’m revelling in it , and long may it continue.
  2. Been a season ticket holder for years, and yes I have been watching him, and with most young players it takes time, what I will say he has all the attributes to be a top player. Yes like most young players they make the wrong decisions, he makes the wrong pass, yet he is getting into good positions, that’s where he will learn. Give him time, we’re blessed with a lot of young talent, the signs already is that we’re more than capable of holding our own,so let’s not start this player bashing
  3. You never stop learning, I’ve always found defenders improve with age
  4. Young left back learning his trade gets hammered by Leicester fans, have you not learnt?
  5. Maybe if they served the food and beer a bit quicker, people might not feel the need to go down before half time.
  6. This is why we need to increase the capacity at the KP, ASAP, then the narrow minded pundits will show us more respect.
  7. Well Brendan Rodgers said last season the next time we play a park your bus Newcastle side, you will see a different outcome, just hope he’s right
  8. Here’s me thinking we are playing Luton next
  9. Quote from the glory glory spurs forum Do they have cars in Leicester? Some poster called Whiffler replied, They certainly have one helicopter fewer. sick horrible tw*t, I despise them as a club.
  10. It’s so annoying, big chance to make a statement and yet again we give the big teams to much respect
  11. Just had a look on Betfair and we are available at 5.1 to win, I was surprised, I thought we would be a lot shorter.
  12. Demarai has all the attributes to be a top winger, so what’s stopping him?
  13. I thought he was awful first half, a lot better 2nd
  14. I like it when a player genuinely cares, but why did he Cup his ear?, was our fans getting on to him ?
  15. I’ve still got a stiff neck even now
  16. Well with the touted closed shop European champions leagues in 2024, who knows
  17. I remember Rodgers post match comments after the Newcastle game last season, where he said next season they won’t beat us. Well the worrying thing for me Wolves set up pretty similar to Newcastle, but yet again we couldn’t break that sort of team down. I just hope we find a way, as the likes Bournemouth and Southampton etc will come and frustrate, there was a lot of talk pre season about preference for a winger and not a striker, well I’m definitely firmly in the striker camp, a Andy Carroll type player would of made a big difference.
  18. Isn’t Loftus- Cheek injured?
  19. Even our free kicks were poor
  20. Games like these you need a target man, we was to predictable in our play
  21. Positives: Soyuncu Ricardo Wilf And the full time whistle. Negatives: Chilwell Perez And the new Pink tops.
  22. I would of loved it if we had a new version of the kop and double decker at the Kp when we was building it.
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