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  1. When Leicester played Man City, Gary Neville kept saying City, Tyler said which team! As for City, isn’t it because there are 2 Manchester teams and it’s easier to say?
  2. I find it hard to believe people spat at Brian Little prior to our promotion
  3. According to Sky there is only one City, so let’s change ours to Fosse
  4. And scored a cracking free kick against Forest, that’s good enough for me.
  5. Yeah it didn’t look good, fingers crossed
  6. Great day for the King Power team, Pivoine wins the John Smiths Cup and Beat the Bank wins the Group 2 at Ascot
  7. Isn’t Swd,.Sheffield Wednesday
  8. Looking at there transfer policy , they’re a club in transition, and maybe looking at us at the way they approach the transfer market, looking for young and upcoming players They have bought Bassaka who at £50 million is a gamble, James who has never played at this level, linked with Longstaff who has had played about 8 games, and Maguire. Most of there fans reckon top 4, I think they will be lucky to get in the top 6.
  9. That’s him, I got mixed up with his opposite brother
  10. I thought we signed Justin James
  11. I would send him out to a club like Sheff wed on loan next season, for the experience
  12. Did we offer them £2 million? , they ain’t even mentioned that, a poster on there said we spent big when we was in admin, my recall on that was we kept our assets, Izzet etc, but didn’t spend big
  13. They don’t like us much on Owlstalk.
  14. As well as being a great winger he was also the very good at swimming.
  15. dayday


    I live near Rugby which is in Warwickshire, and you will be surprised just how many Leicester fans live there, rarely see any Villa fans
  16. One game that sticks in my mind was Leicester v Tranmere in 1992, Leicester absolutely battered them but just couldn’t score, I was with my brother and another lad when my brother said come on we will never score, as the game just went into injury time we left, just as we came out of the Carling Stand, Kevin Russell scored, I was gutted and happy at the same time
  17. My memory of that Pompey game was Sousa trying to give I think it was Jack Hobbs instructions just before he came on as sub, and Hobbs looked totally baffled to what he was supposed to do.
  18. That was true, yet every club in the country in the 80s had shit gates due to the hooligan era. Yet when our capacity went from 22 to 32k in 2003, our average gate shot up by 10k, the support is there
  19. Not many people realise is that Leicester is fair size bigger than Sunderland population wise, also we’re a one club city/county.
  20. Can you reveal more, I won’t say anything, promise
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