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  1. I just completed this quiz. My Score 100/100 My Time 35 seconds  
  2. Clarkielcfc

    Alfie Mawson

    Been saying for a while how much I’d like Mawson at us, would be a very solid signing, rate him highly
  3. Christ if arsenal score early tomorrow night.....yikes...if you thought it was toxic Saturday, tomorrow will be horrific. Instead...if arsenal score early and go 1 up, let’s get right behind the lads, like previous times and we’ll soon get a performance out of them.....I hope 🤨
  4. Clarkielcfc

    Season Ticket Renewal 2018 / 19

    Normally all printed in the final programme with all the info, so I’d expect it before the arsenal game in my opinion
  5. I just completed this quiz. My Score 60/100 My Time 70 seconds  
  6. Clarkielcfc

    Man City make £50million offer for Riyad Mahrez?

    Zinchenko i’d Take
  7. Clarkielcfc

    If we lose Mahrez in Jan...

    Not gonna happen...this window in my opinion! We’ll have him till the summer then re-evaluate
  8. Clarkielcfc

    FA Cup 2018

    Happy days
  9. Clarkielcfc

    Everton (A) pre-match

    Tough game no matter what, if we are bang on it though, another saints away could be repeated, these are there for the taking no doubt, but let’s not get too ahead of ourselves, could quite easily come away with nothing...then this place will go into meltdown again! 1-3 - Vardy 2, Ndidi - rooney pen for them!
  10. Clarkielcfc

    FA cup 5th round sweepstake.

    Cov away yes...but on that pitch, it’d be a real ugly scrappy game, we’d have to be ‘on it’ that day for sure! And we’d get 6k tickets at least surely 💪🏼
  11. Clarkielcfc

    Sheff Utd (A)

    Nice one cheers 👍🏼 Just couldn't remember and it was bugging me! Sound!!
  12. Clarkielcfc

    Sheff Utd (A)

    Is it mainly street parking round bramall lane? I can't remember lol. Cheers 👍🏼
  13. Clarkielcfc

    Sheff Utd (A)

    Excellent prices!! Looking forward to this, tough game mind
  14. Clarkielcfc

    Andros Townsend...

    It's a yes from me, think he'd flourish here, comfortable on either wing too, I'd definitely take him 👌🏼
  15. Clarkielcfc

    Leicester sign George Thomas from Coventry

    No risk signing for me, may not be ready for premier league football just yet, but could thrive being around better players and surprise a few. Local lad now playing for his hometown club, i wish him all the best.