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  1. Our player of the season so far for me
  2. Need to start leaving 3 up for me, make the opposition have something to think about, and have to leave 4 back. Stops the over crowding in the box immediately. Can’t stand that we’re garbage at defending corners and can’t stand we always feel the need to have all 11 back. Needs to change and quick!!!
  3. Those that think we are..... that tonight is the reason we are nowhere near.
  4. I can just never get my head around, why we never set out from the first whistle on the front foot, try to kill a team and take control from the offset. The pace of our ball playing is woeful, gives teams time to set back up. Surely the players know themselves the speed of play needs to be quicker and sharper, just not one of them ever takes it by the scruff of the neck and takes responsibility. Frustrating
  5. Player of the season.... so far.... for me 👍🏼
  6. Club could just send the scarves out to everyone that has a match ticket, not difficult really. So we’ve got to remember to take the villa ticket with us for starters and then you know some people will then lose the match ticket lol!!!
  7. Our stadium been updated at all with the new screens or still the same as fifa 19?
  8. Louder the better for me, makes people themselves louder and also that picture video at the start with the drums needs to be as loud as it can go, it’s great that is...well played whoever created that 👍🏼
  9. So proud of him, takes a real man to be able to take this on with everything that happened. JV is right...we are all behind him and all the family 💙
  10. Swear we play Man City in December every year...
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