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  1. I concur, had actually forgotten him to be honest until this, nothing like disrespecting the club that helped to make you.
  2. I suppose at Man Utd these days it is April fools day all year round
  3. We'll see, they have stumbled after Xmas the previous two seasons and they are already crying about the fixture list, we will see
  4. Double swoop I'd say fuuch off Lindy and 250 million, we do not want nor need to sell so we set the asking price for any of our players.
  5. Liverpool normally stumble after Xmas, so a draw today would be fine for me
  6. Last season I was always underwhelmed when he came on but yesterday I said to my mate, things I'd change after the break would be Gray for Perez and he did not disappoint, seems better as an impact sub at present and helped pen them back when they were trying to be more attacking.
  7. Unlike their team, Arsenal TV never fails to entertain
  8. Not only that but why would they leave a team that looks likely to be playing Champions league next season, at a friendly club that is going places for a club that looks like it may not qualify for any sort of European football and with massive pressure to produce every game.
  9. This is the Wolves juggernaut that is not far off in 15th then,
  10. We are not far off looking as good as we did when we won the league and he has massively improved beyond all recognition from the player that popped up as cover last season, he could
  11. A fair few peeps I've spoken too have said they will not vote again, they see democracy as a joke now and are disillusioned with anything to do with politicians in this country. Whether they actually do or not remains to be seen.
  12. The guy who wrote Psycho Pass, Gen Urobuchi also was majorly involved in two other top quality anime series, Madoka Magica and Fate/Zero, he is pretty good with how he can twist a story but my god does his writing get dark at times. Did not realise they had made a third season of PP either, only knew of the first two seasons and the movie.
  13. Series, hmm Full Metal Alchemist, Brotherhood, not to be confused with Full metal alchemist A 40 plus episode story that is well plotted with a few twists and a satisfying ending. A ton of characters that are pretty well developed, a few very powerful bad guys with one big bad, a long history and a really long final battle between good and evil for the souls of everyone and it all starts with a journey by two boys to try and regain what they lost whilst using alchemy and its biggest taboo. SPOILERY VIDEO BELOW Madoka Magica. Starts off lulling you into thinking its really girly stuff being about magical girls but ends up being a well crafted, very dark story, some have labelled it Lovecraftian and I can see where they are coming from. Like Evangelion, it is seen as a deconstruction of its genre. Gurren Lagaan and Kill la kill are batshit crazy takes on the Mecha and magical girls genres, Gurren Lagaan probably being better but Kill la kill is funnier, both do complete flips a good way in, turning the stories in directions you never saw coming. Baccano, Darker than Black, From the New World, Ergo Proxy, SteinsGate, are all good too, not going to list everything I like Movies, well there are so many. Sword of the stranger is simple but superbly well done. Paterma inverted is a nice watch for a family anime movie. A silent Voice an anti-bullying movie and Your Name is a body swap story with a great twist, I did read that JJ Abrams bought the movie rights to this.
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