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  1. ithuriel

    Corona Virus

    The USA is going to really clock up a number isn't it.
  2. ithuriel

    Corona Virus

    Well, has I've said before, still do not know if I've had it but after feeling unwell after the last home match my lungs still do not feel right, slowly getting better but they still feel a bit stiff at the back and still a tickly throat which leads to slight coughing fits at times. If I have had it, then it really is a bitch to get over and if not, well, not going to think about it and just hope I'm lucky. Hope others who were feeling unwell are doing reasonably well too.
  3. ithuriel

    Corona Virus

    We need to stay friends with the Chinese, over time they have mellowed from what they were and interacting with the west means we continue to influence them, this Pandemic is bound to have major consequences inside their country too and we want them to be as positive as possible. If you are going to change someone you do not build walls and hurl insults.
  4. Domino's Pizza, they will not take cash and you cant interact with the delivery driver, I just had them leave my stuff outside the door, then knock and walk, used PayPal.
  5. There is definitely something going on with the timelines, reality and who is who, so many probable clues in these first three episodes and a number of characters have yet to interact or even have shown up yet. With Delores and Caleb being the main characters thus far, we've had Bernard in Ep.1, Maeve in Ep.2 and now Charlotte in Ep.3, I'm betting William will feature next week.
  6. I tried Discovery, lost interest and never bothered after 3 to 4 episodes, then again, I grew up on the original show of which I have some DVDs, the movies, TNG, DS9 and Voyager, of which I have all the DVDs but these new shows really do not say anything to me, Kurtzman just can not write good Trek in my opinion. If peeps enjoy them, cool but to me they are not Trek, I'll stick to my older, better shows. If you have not seen it, try a 90s show called Babylon 5, the first season can be hard to get into since they have to set everything up, introduce a ton of characters and start pushing a story but it is really good sci-fi, though the last season was a bit messed up due to Pokémon, believe it or not
  7. ithuriel

    Corona Virus

    Ambulance was called to a house directly opposite my own, a family lives there and the kids were waiting in a car outside, their car being parked on the drive. The ambulance peeps were there for a short time in full protective gear and now they are gone with both cars, hoping it is nothing to serious.
  8. ithuriel

    Corona Virus

    Can't believe some people, on the bus into town, a twenty something coughing on the bus all the way in and this evening on the way home, the most obnoxious stupid cow I've ever seen, surprised the bus driver did not throw her off the bus.
  9. ithuriel

    Corona Virus

    My place is closing this week, unhappy workers forced the managements hands, we make parts for JCB, CAT and Volvo.
  10. ithuriel

    Corona Virus

    If I get stopped by the Police, I'll be honest about it, I've been contacted by my employers and told to go to work. If they send me home and pay my dickhead managers a visit, all the better.
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