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  1. Think its a curse, he did voodoo to get Liverpool to where they are but his teeth get whiter and wider in correlation
  2. Can see us getting rolled over by West Ham, glad I've booked the next day off just in case I need to get bladdered afterwards if we put in yet another trash performance and lose.
  3. Shit performance against a struggling team, if we are falling back to playing like this forget Champions league football, it isn't happening.
  4. We have players that do not seem overly bothered, from that corner after the goaly dropped it most were just walking away, must be a mental problem and being to comfortable.
  5. Second half of the season is seeing us struggling badly for form, Brendan really needs to sort this shit out quickly now.
  6. Id take Perez and Barnes off, Albrighton and Nacho on if they are on the bench
  7. Maddison really needs to sort his diving out again, no need for it and gives the ball to them
  8. Inconvenient facts like Matty was not born then and if he had been he'd train the same way and be match fit for that time and playing with harder balls, less developed shoes and quagmire pitches during the winter. Your argument does not stand up, would be like a Man U all time eleven without Best because of the era he played in
  9. If you were to go from history, its going to get messy, Banks would be in goal or perhaps Shilton, Keller was good as was Flowers. Strikers you'd have to include Arthur Chandler or Lineker, Claridge scored some majorly important goals for us and Walsh was versatile enough and then you have Sep Smith and of course Frank Worthington. I think most if not all would have to go off only those players they have seen. Thus, Keller Ricardo Elliot Huth Fuchs Mahrez Izzet Kante Guppy Claridge Vardy Had to put this in
  10. Kings had his time here, helped us to promotions, helped us stay up and then with the title win but the team has now passed him by and I think he would still want to play whilst he can, so the best of luck to him and I hope he makes a name for himself at other clubs too, just like Knocky did.
  11. Decided to watch a good old film tonight, No country for old men.
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