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  1. Bagworthblue

    Huddersfield H post match thread 3-1

    As a coach myself, it's clear to me what is happening and in time we should improve considerably but patience will be needed. Increasingly in the past, we faced teams like Huddersfield sitting deep ( initially) and staying compact in fear of our counter. Games like Saturday may well have ended 0-1 Or 0-0 In the past. Puel is trying to get us to retain possession more but also attack at speed either via quick passes to break central lines or via the counter. The issue is that when you try to get players to focus more on keeping possession, reduce the % game longer balls, players often go too far the other way. This is what we started doing last season, at times this season and what Southampton did the Season before. To please the manager you choose not to lose possession, recycle, recycle, recycle bit you've missed much of his message. The result is we play sideways, we isolate Vardy etc and deny any kind of service. From being fast and furious, we go to the opposite extreme and play a too measured ( boring) game. In other words, players start to go too far in the opposite direction as possession becomes key.and they fear losing it too much. Albeit not overly enthralling to listen to, Puel has always maintained the desire to play quick attacking football, not retain possession at all cost, to be brave etc but players on the pitch are a little too afraid at first to do this as it may result in lost possession. Equally, it relies on good movement infield from your advanced midfielders and striker. Yes it means Vardy sometimes has to offer himself up to hold up as a 10 not play constantly as a 9. On Saturday, early on I saw Schmeichel grab the ball and look long for Vardy. On a few other occasions, I saw us try a more direct approach. I was impressed on Saturday as it was the 1st time in a while I saw us trying to move back to the centre ground we need to be at. A mixed game where sometimes you switch play to create space to break lines and other times where you look longer. This makes us more unpredictable and is key for breaking down stubborn teams who park the bus. There was good movement at times in the pockets of space but all too often it's Madders. Nacho, Guezzal etc need to come narrow at times to create forward opportunities more often too. At 2-1 up, Huddersfield had to gamble and play a higher line which makes Vardy a greater threat again. Mendy and Wilf are looking great but need to look for those line splitting balls more. Maguire is crucial as he breaks lines with passes more than anyone. Other than him, Amartey also finds those line splitting balls which is why he's preferred to Simpson who could only really play safe or go long down the line. We've gone from 1 extreme of play to the other over the course of last season but the owners held their nerve. Its easy to panic and pull out halfway through a transition but we are now showing signs of gradually making better decisions more often and showing greater movement to enable those line breaking moves forwards. There is a fair way to go and with younger players we need to be patient. With older players accept change is hard to adjust to as they may have played a certsin wsy for years and for some just not conduisive to their skillset.(Simpson) I just hope we forgive the lapses and allow the progress to continue. Puel bores me shit less but that's no reason to discount the progress he is slowly but surely making. I don't post much so apologies for the essays when I do. 🤣
  2. Bagworthblue

    Wolves H Post Match Thread 2-0

    Anyway good debating chaps. Probably the worst behaviour today comes from me given my wife's mother died out the blue this AM and here I am debating a red card. Night folks
  3. Bagworthblue

    Wolves H Post Match Thread 2-0

    Or Docherty endangered himself byarriving late? If you arrive late at a less than 90° angle in the direction a ball is being kicked, you will get kicked by a follow through. Simple maths.
  4. Bagworthblue

    Wolves H Post Match Thread 2-0

    Nope. I come from an era when if you won the ball it wasn't even a foul so I wouldn't have claimed red. ( I may have shouted for it whilst quietly disagreeing) 😁. Now I'm not saying that tightening up to protect players isn't a good thing but he went for the ball and won it. Had the OPPO not arrived late both would have met the ball halfway up the ball at the same time and height and it would have ballooned off somewhere with everyone applauding bpth players commitment. Arrive late at your peril.
  5. Bagworthblue

    Wolves H Post Match Thread 2-0

    Vardy kicked the ball at the right height to hit the middle of the ball. His fo it didn't go over the ball. The lateness of the oppos lunge with planted angle leg meant Vardy hit him higher up the leg. If hed have timed his tackle, bothe his foot and Vardys woukd have hit the ball at Same height from opposite sides. Had Vardy done what he did after Oppo had kicked the ball then Vardy would have been late and caught the player high up as oppos leg would have planted after kicking the ball. In which case I'd have shown Vardy red myself!!!
  6. Bagworthblue

    Wolves H Post Match Thread 2-0

    But you could argue that the challenge was on Vardy as Vardy played the ball and OPPO came in late.
  7. Bagworthblue

    Wolves H Post Match Thread 2-0

    Maybe the game has changed too much for me to comprehend then. I would have been sent off every game in my day for such challenges but never intended to hurt anyone and I never once injured anyone.
  8. Bagworthblue

    Wolves H Post Match Thread 2-0

    If hed have been 1st to the ball and Vardy was late then he'd have been putting Vardy in danger. 2 players had eyes as on a ball and Vardy won it with his standing leg planted and kicked the ball half way up the ball. The fact That the oppo leg arrived just after Vardy kick a ball was out of Vardys control. Nb where is the ball in the pic? Well gone.
  9. Bagworthblue

    Wolves H Post Match Thread 2-0

    But it wasnt a tackle. A tackle suggests the other player was in control of the ball. The reality is that 2 players went for a free ball and came from different angles. Vardy got there 1st and won the ball. The Wolves lad arrived late and was caught by the follow through
  10. Bagworthblue

    Wolves H Post Match Thread 2-0

    Im a bit astonished anyone sees it differently. He won the ball with a single foot with his standing leg on the ground and without raised studs. It was not a tackle. The ball broke free and 2 players went for it. Vardy was more committed in winning the ball and the result was he got there 1st. In my opinion, the lack of conviction from the Wolves lad meant he got there 2nd and fouled Vardy. However Vard's determination to win ball meant his efforts were more aggressive and Dean viewed that as 'an out of control challenge' . It was not out of control as his standing leg was planted and he won the ball. We should appeal.
  11. Bagworthblue

    Thorgan Hazard

    Odd how he's not listed as an official agent on this. How surprising 🤣 http://www.thefa.com/football-rules-governance/policies/intermediaries/fa-registered-intermediaries-list
  12. Bagworthblue

    Thorgan Hazard

    No offers. Training in Germany. https://fohlen-hautnah.de/themen/kurz-und-knapp/868-hazard-fuer-den-moment-bin-ich-da-und-bleibe-aber
  13. Bagworthblue

    Ben Gibson - Burnley

    Just in Turkey and chatting to a Boro fan. His lads in academy and his dad has connections. Reckons he's on his way to us. I had a word with Dean Gordon on the back of that as his lad just signed pro terms (who I met whilst here 6 years ago lol) and he reckons he's on his way out but not sure who to. Might be nowt.
  14. Bagworthblue

    Ricardo Pereira

    Apparently when he was photo'd at the airport, Mahrez was sat waiting on a bench just out of shot ???