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  1. Why are people assuming London is a big pull factor? Prior to the pandemic maybe, but the big attractions, the clubs and the shows, are all closed now.
  2. I get the feeling the bookies won the be offering 5,000 to 1 odds... just saying (and no, we won't finish above Pool or Man Ciddy)
  3. Heh, quality from the Beeb. But they had some players out....like most sides.
  4. Defence a bit shaky at the end, Wood should have scored. Barnes made MoM on telly, but Tielemans or Castagne just as good candidates.
  5. Good call. Not quite Nostradamus class, we all knew what could happen.
  6. I now have the earworm for Minder. Think you're right though.
  7. Where are our players this year? Hope they are taking a staycation.
  8. I'm sure Pool fans will appreciate this: Deluded Brendan
  9. To be fair we all have a bias towards our own team. When Campbell was saying he wouldn't choose any Leicester player over their Arsenal counterparts, I was thinking I'd be totally the opposite. Yet if I were honest, I wouldn't turn down the chance of signing a Lacazette or a Aubameyang, I just wouldn't swap one of them for Jamie.
  10. Campbell started off by saying "given the choice, I wouldn't choose any Leicester player over the Arsenal equivalent..." Here's a tip Kevin (good player when he was at loan here btw). Look at the table. The table doesn't lie.
  11. That Connolly fella at Brighton would be a good snatch, but I suspect we wouldn't see change from £40 million. A couple of promising youngsters at Arsenal, but we're even less likely to pry them away.
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