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  1. I'm sure Pool fans will appreciate this: Deluded Brendan
  2. To be fair we all have a bias towards our own team. When Campbell was saying he wouldn't choose any Leicester player over their Arsenal counterparts, I was thinking I'd be totally the opposite. Yet if I were honest, I wouldn't turn down the chance of signing a Lacazette or a Aubameyang, I just wouldn't swap one of them for Jamie.
  3. Campbell started off by saying "given the choice, I wouldn't choose any Leicester player over the Arsenal equivalent..." Here's a tip Kevin (good player when he was at loan here btw). Look at the table. The table doesn't lie.
  4. That Connolly fella at Brighton would be a good snatch, but I suspect we wouldn't see change from £40 million. A couple of promising youngsters at Arsenal, but we're even less likely to pry them away.
  5. The penalty was given and we have to accept that. Annoying to see the over-reaction from Mane though, and it seems that other teams' fans are of the same mind: https://twitter.com/AllArsenal1/status/1180512649232076800
  6. Plus, he turned down Arsenal. Should be made Sir Vardy of Leicester.
  7. Could just be they are a "big" London club that potentially could win something last season this season sometime in the next century? Means the film crew don't have to drive up the M1 every day.
  8. If Brendan does make us a top four team (I'm not saying it's likely but it is possible) then yes he will be on the top clubs' radar.
  9. In particular the danger is with Barcelona or Real Madrid - both of whom could potentially sack their manager soon if results fail to improve.
  10. Just to add. Is there a better feeling than seeing your club come back from a deficit, and then winning the game? Especially against a club like Spurs. Can't get annoyed anymore about VAR, it's getting to Brexit levels. But at least I can enjoy a great victory from the Foxes. Here's to many more!
  11. Buena suerte Shinji! A bit colder in Huesca than Malaga, that's for sure.
  12. Contract terminated. https://www.leicestermercury.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/shinji-okazakis-malaga-contract-terminated-3278027 Not a good outcome.
  13. This. Hope Chillers can snuff out the threat from H Wilson. Always worrying when the FT crowd anticipate a walkover.
  14. Sings a good version of "Brown-eyed girl" too.
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