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  1. Is he still under contract here.?
  2. Always feel that Mark Wallington is underrated, as he followed after two greats. He "saved" us in so many games.
  3. Hate to say this, but can now see Brendan being lured by that outfit. He'll be promised xxxx on transfers, a huge salary, and a guarantee of Super League football every season.
  4. If there are others, it would make a great round on Pointless.
  5. Very nervous. Not helped by the fans here who are optimistically predicting an easy win - have you not seen our last couple of results? (I know Southampton have struggled too) Hoping for a win, but not allowing myself to be bitterly disappointed if it doesn't work out. Que sera, sera....
  6. A bit harsh. They've done their best to get to Year Zero by knocking down their flag ship BroadMarsh shopping centre.
  7. Can't help wondering if our coaching team couldn't have done better here. If he really is not that impressive why did we take him on?
  8. Also, make the most of things when the good stuff is around eg in a steady job, or your team is challenging for trophies. When the tide turns you can be decades struggling to get by.
  9. If we have no further injuries we stand a chance. But an injury to Tielemans and/or Ndidi, or another defender gets crocked, and I fear we could crumble. Our bench is looking very weak.
  10. Yep. I was going to write that from then until the late 80s a lot of things got worse, with the economy shrinking and the Thatcher government trying to destroy everyone's jobs. But the variety of music genres popping up was amazing. And we were about to see the Spectrum/Commodore surge in home computers. So not all bad.
  11. It does make the competition for most improved player somewhat hot (Justin, Barnes, Iheanacho)
  12. He could be our Benzema. Trouble is, Madrid may need to replace their Benzema.
  13. Happened with Gordon Milne too.
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