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  1. He could play a bit as well, but was genuinely a terror. Clubs got scared of what he could cause, and even Jack Charlton thought he was too much for his Ireland team.
  2. I don't even think it's close. There are a couple of Spurs players who would maybe go straight into our best 11, but not that many. Possibly 0 in defence.
  3. There is a secret Brexit protocol that means we cannot play Under for a full game. Sorry.
  4. Blimey. Their own fans see themselves as a one-man team.
  5. Will is our most important player today. Our midfield is dependent on his bite.
  6. We can't blame a poor 11 if we mess this one up.
  7. My memory has played tricks on me. I thought it was a lot bigger than these photos indicate.
  8. At first surprised we have no candidates, despite being top 4 material. Then remembered that some of our best players (JJ, Fofana, Castagne, N'Didi) have missed chunks of the season through injury. Surely though, Barnes or Tielemans, could have been there?
  9. It is obviously the case that he's got great skills - anyone putting together one of those YouTube skill videos can be selective and produce a great sequence. But in the games where he seems to go missing - is that his fault, or maybe we should look at the instructions he gets from the coach, or the team structure.
  10. Hoping Praet, Castagne and Fofana are back soon from injury. We only need a couple more injuries to really struggle.
  11. Know what you mean. However we've now got Wilf and Vards back, and at some point Castagne and Praet are back in the mix.
  12. We're in a golden age for left backs... https://www.theguardian.com/football/2021/feb/04/are-we-in-a-golden-age-of-premier-league-left-backs
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