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  1. "How come we don't get those exotic Euro trips anymore?"
  2. Who you going to choose? Wes? Ricardo? Or that Belgian temp?
  3. Larry May in the squad ahead of Wes Morgan or Steve Walsh? Life's too short...
  4. They're not top of my *dislike* table (clubs like Forest and Millwall are streets ahead for obvious reasons) but I do understand why Spurs and Wolves annoy so many. They do seem to attract a certain type of arrogant fan with high levels of entitlement mixed with delusion. Well I've met a few like that and I guess others here have done so too.
  5. Yikes, died early February. https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11674/11633885/former-portsmouth-midfielder-mick-kennedy-dies-aged-57
  6. Trophies stolen? I trust Poch has a good alibi.
  7. It's only one game, and maybe it will work ok. A bit reckless tho imo to make such a change without working for a while with the team. But hoping I'm wrong and we smash them 3-0.
  8. I imagine it's hard to entice some managers when we've now got a reputation of never giving a manager time (or perhaps little patience for a bad run). There again that may be an attractive feature for certain managers if the contract is lucrative enough eg Mou.
  9. We're probably stuffed seeing as this is Palace, but who else can we use as left back?
  10. Hope our team clicks. Suspect we may need to draw heavily on substitutions, but hope I'm wrong.
  11. I wouldn't describe it as wrong, but it feels "awkward" for those who follow Leicester. Normally would wish MoN all the best of luck in a new job, but for some reason I can't in this instance... even though I can understand why he'd be keen to make such a move.
  12. Absolutely. Even if the health people can alleviate some of the pain, it's still a very difficult time both for the patient and for their family and loved ones. All my best wishes to his family at this hard time.
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