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  1. Grealish gonna do his best to get Ricky sent off today then
  2. all the big teams are underperforming but best not mention that cos its liverpool.
  3. bournemouth arre shite. hope they go down.
  4. So you reckon we’re getting Poch lined up?
  5. If we beat arse at their place I’ll start talking about the unspeakable. How longs it been again?!
  6. Not sure about this thread. I’m staying quietly confident..
  7. My first was Leicester vs Scarborough 2-1 win in the League cup which we went onto win. Good times. Jamie Lawrence and Parker pen.
  8. So glad we’ve got Soyunchu instead of Maguire. Deal of the century.
  9. Imagine spending your Friday night watching this dross...
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