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  1. Nuge


    we look a better team with him on the pitch.
  2. These decisions are so marginal that it’s impossible to make a correct decision so the officials are making a decision based on their opinion and agenda bias. This is a farce. It’s making a mockery of the game and any opponent who Liverpool face.
  3. Seems like Harvey needs a day off. We look worse with him on the pitch.
  4. Send him out on loan. He's not Prem standard.
  5. This ref really isn’t a wolves fan is he?!
  6. 'Fall over' and elaborately throwing yourself to the floor are very different though.
  7. He didn't trip him. Mahrez went down like he'd been shot.
  8. It's a contact sport. Inconsistency as usual.
  9. The so called 'rules' (var) are ruining the game.
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