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  1. We’re too shite for CL anyway. Saves the embarrassment tbh.
  2. I'll have what you're smoking!
  3. Nuge

    Corona Virus

    Don’t schools close for summer mid July? Seems strange to open just for a few weeks..,
  4. Nuge

    Corona Virus

    Seeing numerous articles (telegraph etc) about relaxing of the 2m rule... seems a bit premature considering Prof Whitty reiterated that social distancing rules will be in place until end of the year. Surely the 2m rule would be the last thing to go... File it under BS?
  5. Nuge

    Corona Virus

    I can see the basis of that strategy, we just have to hope a second wave doesn’t overwhelm the preparations they’ve put into place.
  6. Nuge

    Corona Virus

    So Germany may have to reintroduce lockdown measures as their cases are rising again.
  7. Nuge

    Corona Virus

    Do people honestly think the lockdown is going to be lifted? It'd completely undo any positive influence the current lockdown rules have had. It's not a case of 'oh the numbers are flattening, let's get back to it, and go down the pub.' Seems a lot of media are also desperate to adhere to the idea we can just switch this off and all is well again. Until there's better testing, and we can utilise something similar to S Korea with combined use of tech and testing, this is reality. It's only been a few weeks, and people seem to think it's over. I get it, people want to know what the plan is, but maybe there isn't one and lack of preparation has led us to trying to work it out as we go along.
  8. Nuge

    Corona Virus

    Can't help but feel this isn't being took seriously enough by government. 'Just pretend everything is fine, and hopefully no one will notice'
  9. Mate come on, we’re not finishing top four. Are you not watching us?
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