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  1. Don't need LCFC links, it was the reason she chose the last one as he was a fan of the club. Thanks for the suggestions though peeps
  2. Does anyone know any driving instructors who want business and don't want to see their livelyhood go down the pan? My other half as we're inside the lockdown zone had her lesson cancelled due to being inside the lockdown zone. She chose the one she did as on his bio it said he was a leicester fan, so it's disappointing.
  3. I love how you could see what that goal ment to Grey. As a fan, this says to me he cares not only about the club, and is desperate to win his place in this side. Was a lovely finish to btw.
  4. Yes, Then the school teacher saying what bright students they was. Everyone liked them etc.
  5. I must be the only raver on the forum. Leicester had one of the best in the country in Diehard.
  6. After 10 at night it is. Tigers are at home today also so bear that in mind when trying to park.
  7. It pains me to say this as I love them. But nearly 4am and the city still sound like a war zone. They clearly need banning as people can't be trusted to use them in line with the law. I genuinely feel like getting in my car following the source and smashing windows when I get to the culprits house.
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