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  1. **** no. he had one genius season then sulked for 2 years. plus he would want man city level pay. **** him
  2. how is this playing now, been a couple of months since i quit and im feeling a return coming on, new game start.
  3. the stranger To lay on one's arm so as to deny the passage of blood and ultimately loose feeling in the limb, followed by the act of mastrubation with said limb. I gave myself the stranger last night.
  4. nothing quite like it, i have never researched this much onto a game, but im on the wiki, watching youtube, learning maps, the lots. best thing i have found to do, is play just one map. a few times offline to get usued to it, then as scav only, after that, use your PMC and have the map open on a tablet or something so you know where you are. escaped with over 400k in weapons last night. what a rush
  5. Ban izzy from the jokes thread, you made us sing that
  6. thats usually around march
  7. i dont really want to jump on the meme bandwagon , but this was too funny i thought
  8. I dont think any television service should have a legally binding licence requirement in order to view. media should be freely available to all, to a point. the should self fund with ads like the rest or move to subscription. but im bias because i dont watch the BBC and i steal football matches. which makes me a sponging ****
  9. After messing around for a few runs, i just reset my account now i have a slightly better understadning, sticking to scav runs and solo mode to explore the maps and find exits
  10. If you like that, check out "not tonight" similar thing but based in a post brexit britain where you work on the doors of nightclubs and festivals
  11. can the mods change the word "savage" to Pelican Head" please
  12. Alongside my main staple of iRacing ,I have just picked up Escape from Tarkov, its bloody brilliant, tough as balls but extremely rewarding. like all the best bits from Arma, pubg and Dayz rolled into 1 with literally thousands of lootable items, including copius amounts of gun parts for custom weapon builds, faction missions, levelling, its got it all, if you're on the fence, i recommend it
  13. i dont know to be sure, but i felt that textwas acceptable so i googled it and presented the first thing that came up because it agreed with me
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