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  1. sounds to me like he doesnt have the money to pay for the kind of players he wants, thats a good thing, instead of wasting 10mil on a player thats ok, he wants 20-30 on a star that he cant have. would rather have no one than just anyone
  2. Nice to meet you Cengiz, welcome to FT
  3. Thanks Alf, I appreciate the advice. Especially regarding my sister, will make it easier seeing her and being able to give her the benefit of the doubt, something i hadnt considered. So far i have found myself to just be very quiet. Im surprised actually, as i said, we didnt speak much and hes been out of my life more than in it, and my day to day isnt going to change one bit when all is said and done, but I cant, and probably shouldnt just shrug it off. It seems i only return home to leicester for funerals in recent years.
  4. demonstrations are included
  5. I got a call yesterday from my sister, who i havent spoken to in over 10 years, telling me our dad died the previous night. Didnt really sink in at first. we werent close like most of me and my family, but we were the closest of all, spoke a couple of times a year on the phone. Feeling pretty sad about it, its all i have thought about since i heard. mainly of childhood memories and such. I'm 39 years old and this is the first person i have lost besides grandparents when i was a kid. kinda unsure how to feel, walking around in a daze. not looking forward to the funeral, (who does i know) or what comes after, since my sister, in the same breath as informing the news, went on to talk about the estate and whos exectuting the will. shes such a ****. anyway im not posting because i want sympathy or attention, i needed to get my thoughts out and for me this is the best way to start. so thanks for reading it.
  6. i know some effective wrist excercises if you're interested
  7. well done man, only took 3 years
  8. ezee good ezee goos.....hes ebeneezer good
  9. in that case i would get a private builder to build it, buying off the shellf usually represents poor value for money. if you go to your loca lPC shop and ask them, im sure theey will order the parts you ask for and put it togethher for you
  10. I've been on FS20.........its nice
  11. then i defininetly need to see it
  12. exactlly my feelings on this one. not bothered hes gone at all
  13. "but he's not sitting down". - trav probably
  14. i think you inflated it a bitch too much there mate
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