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  1. My son said how it looked liked Birmingham City. I can’t unsee this now 😂
  2. 3-1 Leicester. Vardy and Nacho with a brace
  3. To be honest I have contemplated not watching it tomorrow. I have had the right arse all week and the way we have chucked it away has just made me lose the love for football right now.
  4. I am training for the Manchester Marathon so aiming to do around 20-30 miles a week. I have sent a request to join
  5. Aftershokz are allowed at most races as they are not in your ears as they are bone conduction headphones. I picked up a pair last year and really impressed with them. Great for listening to podcasts and music while still hearing what’s going off around you on the main roads
  6. I have 2 tickets available for this as I have been informed today that I have to work away that week
  7. What time do the players normally arrive at the ground. I want to take my youngest to get some autographs
  8. Personally I would go for Chris WIlder. He's doing a cracking job at Sheffield United
  9. Thought the kick of time had been moved when I read the name of the topic
  10. Signed up to Monzo last week and now they have been slated by BBC Watchdog. They have been accused of freezing accounts without reason or explanation.
  11. He needs to check his contract that he signed with his employer when he started. Business's can change your hours or any part of your contract with an agreed period of notice that should be documented in your contract. For example our company changed some staffs working days. The staff that didn't want to change were told that they were being given 12 weeks notice I think even if it doesn't state it in your contract, as long as a reasonable time frame is given then they are not doing anything wrong
  12. My mates a season ticket holder at Villa and hes been told that the Villa v Leicester game will be Sky's Monday night football
  13. Adult and child ticket available J2, on the half way line. £30 for both
  14. I would prefer the FA cup to be honest. I have seen us win the league and league cup so this would be the icing on the cake for me.
  15. https://veggies.co.uk/tag/vegan-meat-feast-pizza/ It just dont make sense, there against meat but want to buy something that replicates a meat feast pizza ?
  16. I attend running events where there is actually a group of runners who wear vests with the logo 'Vegan Runners' the majority tend to look thin and pasty. I also work with a vegan and he looks the same.
  17. The majority of vegans look thin and unwell and it annoys me how they still want to replicate food that they are against.
  18. Has anyone got a spare copy of the champions league game against Brugge that I can buy off them? It's the only one I have missing from the games we played at home.
  19. Just looked on the lcfc website and cant seem to find the womens pink shirt. Is it not available yet?
  20. Your guess is as good as anyones. Probably a week before the season starts knowing the state of our ticket office
  21. I sit on the back row with my son so we always make our way down on 87 and watch the last few minutes in the concourse to avoid getting stuck at the back. I am not sure why fans leaving early trigger so many people, you have paid your money so your entitled to leave when you want.
  22. Sunday Feb 3rd, Leicester v Man.U - 14.05 Sunday Feb 10th, Spurs v Leicester - 13.30
  23. Has anyone got two children's references I can use so I can get these before Wednesday. Hoping they dont sell out before then
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