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  1. Christ on a bike what sort of challenge was that.
  2. I just want them to put a shift in. Show some hunger and go for it. Nothing could be worse than this season ending on a whimper, particularly after the superb start we had.
  3. Pretty sure this is scientifically correct. Not to rush into judgements before the season starts (it’s not like a Leicester fan to make sweeping statements), but if this shirt is anything to go by, we’re going to draw every single one of our games next season. Dull.
  4. Still not a fan, admittedly it looks a little better on the adidas website. Hopefully they can salvage something by releasing a nice away kit. link
  5. Eesh, actual visceral reaction to this. Nothing will ever be worse than the Jako/Topps Tiles monstrosity from 2007 but for me, this is close.
  6. That tielemans pass sums us up at the moment.
  7. Can’t see us battering Watford to be honest. Under Nige in the Prem we never really received a battering. We’d play well and drop points too often, something Watford have done on a few occasions. When Nige does get it right though, it can be spectacular (against Liverpool as an example). lets hope he gets it wrong today. 2-1 Leicester.
  8. Let’s give him an FA cup winners medal to add to the collection eh?
  9. it also mentions the bill will be reviewed every 6 months to see if the legislation is still needed, so let’s no panic just yet.
  10. Pereira out for the season, Maddison injured and 3 players quarantined. Just end the season now.
  11. Not sure if Joe.co.uk knows something or is just out for clicks:
  12. Very pleased, cheers all. In Leicester for my Nan’s funeral on the Thursday (she was 103), so this is a great antidote.
  13. I just love that he’s replied too. 😂
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