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  1. The whole sub thing isn’t needed I don’t think. Already picturing the first player to run to the centre circle to be as far away as possible from any touchline just before being subbed 😄. all the others are spot on though.
  2. MrLuke


    I’m trying not to read into things here but that wink at the end is making me think he’s staying. Also, my phone tried to autocorrect to another word that’s similar to wink which would’ve put the message in an entirely different context.
  3. https://www.theguardian.com/football/ng-interactive/2019/may/07/david-squires-on-the-premier-league-champions-league-and-kit-news
  4. Yeezy 700 (if someone hasn’t already said it). Cost about £250, this colourway is just awful. Anyway, give me that pink kit.
  5. If anyone has a working stream it would be appreciated – otherwise my missus is going to try and get me to shop for a new sofa with her.
  6. Thanks mate, I was in on the dot at 6pm so got my 3 tickets!
  7. I need 3 tickets for Newcastle please. Double birthday celebration so fingers crossed on this. Is it usual for general release on match tickets to not be the on sale so close to the game?
  8. I’m still waiting too, I also need 3 tickets. Contacted ticket office and just got the generic response that says they’ll be on sale at some point. However, I was able to work our what the URL was to see ticket availability and there’s still a lot left. Fingers crossed we can both get a set of three! https://tickets.lcfc.com/en-GB/events/leicester city v newcastle united/2019-4-12_20.00/king power stadium?hallmap
  9. He’s clearly doing something right; if I was shite at a job and it was well known, I wouldn’t expect to move on to a potentially better job. He maybe just a yes-man who gives the managers he works for what they want, rather than what they need. Friends in high places and all that.
  10. When the news of Brendan leaving Celtic hadn’t yet been confirmed, I popped onto Celtic Talk to see the reaction. Apart from the general shock and bitterness, the silver lining for them was the hope this guy would also be leaving.
  11. Need to settle the nerves. We look so out of sync. Hopefully we can bodge an equaliser before half time .
  12. Glad someone else remembers this, I think many people think this came along with Klopp. The way Rodgers had Liverpool burst out of the gates every week was one of the reasons I actually wanted them to win the league.
  13. Half the shock with Celtic fans seems to be the fact he’s left mid-season and that they’re not used to that - it’s only happened when they’ve sacked a manager. Well, welcome to the real world Celtic. As the old saying goes; “they don’t like it up ‘em”.
  14. blimey, is this actually happening?
  15. This is definitely a sign of good things to come, if puel had still been here this would’ve been Lisa Riley and it would’ve been effing raining.
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