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  1. He’s clearly doing something right; if I was shite at a job and it was well known, I wouldn’t expect to move on to a potentially better job. He maybe just a yes-man who gives the managers he works for what they want, rather than what they need. Friends in high places and all that.
  2. When the news of Brendan leaving Celtic hadn’t yet been confirmed, I popped onto Celtic Talk to see the reaction. Apart from the general shock and bitterness, the silver lining for them was the hope this guy would also be leaving.
  3. Need to settle the nerves. We look so out of sync. Hopefully we can bodge an equaliser before half time .
  4. Glad someone else remembers this, I think many people think this came along with Klopp. The way Rodgers had Liverpool burst out of the gates every week was one of the reasons I actually wanted them to win the league.
  5. Half the shock with Celtic fans seems to be the fact he’s left mid-season and that they’re not used to that - it’s only happened when they’ve sacked a manager. Well, welcome to the real world Celtic. As the old saying goes; “they don’t like it up ‘em”.
  6. blimey, is this actually happening?
  7. This is definitely a sign of good things to come, if puel had still been here this would’ve been Lisa Riley and it would’ve been effing raining.
  8. Exactly the same here - my mate is a Swansea fan and he thinks he wouldn’t be interested (did I hear Ian Stringer saying he’d previously applied for the job?), and would be looking at a job like West Ham, Everton or even Spurs should Poch leave. I’d love to see what he could do here, but would be surprised if he left Celtic mid-season.
  9. Well said, officer Crabtree 😉
  10. Where would we be? Who cares? Having another manager doesn’t automatically mean we’d be further up the table; we may well be lower. Struggle to see how anyone can have a proper moan after that performance, we were undone by our own lack of composure up front and clinical finishing at the other end. I think the future is bright (especially if Tielemans keeps that up).
  11. Bang on, and incredibly well written. Maintaining Premier League status and evolving the club may not initially be exciting, but if the vision the owners and manager have does come to fruition, we’ll be more forgiving over some of the dross we’ve had to sit through.
  12. I can’t say I know much about him but reading up on him he seems to fit. FourFourTwo have him as the 12th best manager in world football. Didn’t see where Gary Megson was placed. https://www.fourfourtwo.com/features/fourfourtwos-50-best-football-managers-world-2018?page=0%2C3
  13. Don’t think I’ve seen so many starred posts since that fateful day in October. Good to see people coming together again.
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