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  1. He had better season last year as i remember
  2. Even tho he will be injured half of the season he will be great add
  3. Ake is way better than this guy,shouldnt even compare
  4. emm.you need better music kid,lyrics are boring
  5. Maddison looks like only hope so far
  6. Milan fans are not impressed with him tbh
  7. Who would have though that Iranian guy Brighton bought would have been a flop such a shame
  8. When winger makes no impact offensively it means that he is doing something wrong,right?
  9. He is fine but how he plays this season,surely will not be enough for next season hopefully he can progress unlike Gray
  10. Their way of fighting against Racism or homophobia is very dumb and is not gonna change anything positively
  11. "he got a lot of potential" is not helping anymore as already said he will be soon 23 and have been to club enough time with enough play time he is not that good,sadly but truly
  12. no need of left winger i guess but this kid is 19 and he plays for Gent georgian messi is too much,but still
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