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  1. no one is better than Ndidi in this squad
  2. Hamza best player you ever seen yes or no?
  3. they are S H I T 3 as i said in first half lets goooooooo
  4. Gent,Milan and whatever from lasts.Dundalk maybe
  5. i want to face Milan so i can trashtalk my friend for a long time
  6. He finally got confident and made that turn.he never did things like that before
  7. Tielemans is MOTM after Vardy and Justin did very well after shitty start
  8. imagine if Barnes gets past that Garcia once
  9. This really hurts dont wanna sound too desperate but i am not impressed with Mendy enough and i think he will be tore apart against better sides pls no
  10. Get rid of Amartey Albrighton runs a lot and does nothing.classic.
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