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  1. doubt they are able to sell Coutinho or Dembele so this kid is only one who can bring big profit
  2. yah can tell. have not seen any transfer news from credible source about any incoming player,so everyone is desperate and all these rumors are blown out of proportion would love too get this guy tho
  3. besides crap twitter rumors any actual source reporting interest/talks?
  4. no chance wolves is getting that high in next season
  5. just sell.i cant take another year of that "he is still young and has some talent" just sell and good luck to him
  6. tsintskaro


    swap for Cazorla
  7. This clown did not pass Justin in first half,would have been pretty much a free goal
  8. just watch first signing is Bennet on 5 years contract
  9. lo l that bio I’m French, my wife is half Turkish half Russian, we’re living in Athens and Marseille... okay my man
  10. i dont mind its even better,now we have to focus other targets.if we get Lallana,it means we are not buying actual solid winger and that would have been very sad
  11. he cant make those runs,thats the problem watching him against Totenham was depressing bad player,move on
  12. as i remember there was a guy who had a dream,so make it happen and spend some money free beer on birthday hardly helping
  13. good vision he dont just crosses the ball smart kid
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