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  1. You can get points easily against these so called top six if you dont pussy out and start game with some confidence
  2. i agree not only Rodgers to blame.he should get hes shit together
  3. Maddison is the one who can make difference,else shite so far
  4. where can i see whole game?missed second half
  5. i think Spurs will be fine anyway,third place i guess but Poch is gone at the end of the season most likely
  6. they were so bad they did not deserve to have ball on our side of the pitch,but ya 3 point is great Perez should be dropped for sure
  7. drop Perez enough watching this shite
  8. Perez is terrible three game in a row
  9. everyone is celebrating anyway.just watch la liga,they have VAR since last season and everything is fine with celebrations cut this "omg we are losing football" shit
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