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  1. tsintskaro

    Alireza Jahanbakhsh

    hot topic? time to drop some documentary
  2. tsintskaro

    Namplys Mendy

    not sure how this will work.this guy has no defensive abilities and cant really create anything.no use whatsoever.he is french Adrien silva
  3. tsintskaro

    Ahmed Musa

    this may really happen lo l
  4. tsintskaro

    Ahmed Musa

    wish this guy had a documentary so foxestalk users could put that video on future teams forum
  5. tsintskaro

    Ahmed Musa

    there are weird gifs in twitter comments https://twitter.com/lLoka_NFC/status/1018858837410009090
  6. tsintskaro

    Ahmed Musa

    He is just 25 years old thats why he costs this much.future investment club legend as well
  7. tsintskaro

    Alireza Jahanbakhsh

    i have a strange feeling that this deal is not even close being done
  8. tsintskaro

    Alireza Jahanbakhsh

    wish there was documentary about this guy
  9. tsintskaro

    Yerey Mina

    defense is great but not sure about midfield only guy who is able to create anything is Maddison and he never played pl before.so,i dont like this
  10. tsintskaro

    Alireza Jahanbakhsh

    whats your thought about Asghar farhadi's new movie? was gonna look for reviews but better ask here
  11. tsintskaro

    Alireza Jahanbakhsh

    so he is Mahrez replacement i guess not really hyped,i dont believe in players from dutch league but hope it goes well
  12. tsintskaro

    Jordan Lukaku

    yes,we really are more sufficient and qualified when saying things,not like US ones
  13. tsintskaro

    Jordan Lukaku

    from what i have seen,he is trash
  14. tsintskaro

    How much is Maguire worth?

    he is young,englishman and plays for country in world cup and at least is not rubbish so doesnt matter what is hes actual value club should not sell him less then 70
  15. tsintskaro

    Mahrez replacements

    ya they all look good in Eredivisie,but a lot players coming from that league did nothing in better league and clubs i am really curious what these guys will do outside of netherlands