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  1. just read comments and i guess i made good choice not to watch game and instead went to nice place with a cute french girl
  2. i was not impressed with him in last season either even tho he had great statistics
  3. He is just not good enough and today it was bright and clear
  4. This. Those runs are mostly hit or miss but the end is always same - wasted chance. if you watch Ricardo making a run,he does it so well.He is reall threat and you always expect something from his dribbling when it comes for Barnes,you know corner is most he can get
  5. their team was worst that season,so maybe yeah
  6. boring but ill take it Praet did not impress Justin did want to see Gray starting next game
  7. Tielemans should rest he made so many mistakes yesterday,Praet in maybe even start Gray
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