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  1. I dont want to trash talk, because at least he is trying, but looks like he has lost his magic
  2. Comparing him to Kante tells you how delusional can you be from time to time
  3. And some of you wonder why sky(they are shite but still) pay more attention to other and actual big clubs
  4. lets see how Chelsea does with this new manager,either them or us for 4th place other teams are irrelevant
  5. to be honest i was never convinced Mendy is the one today he looked like a kid in men's game
  6. so whats the problem? they are shite to be honest, especially if you are not bottom side we have higher chance to win and it does not mean we are not gonna lose thats it the optimism
  7. i mean how does optimism on foxestalk affect on actual game?
  8. Most valuable player right now for me
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