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  1. Is that Jimmy Bullard on the left ?
  2. Adam Leventhal is an ex Sky Sports News presenter and a lifelong Watford fan hence the Troy Deeney connection
  3. Any performance from Ricardo since his “major” injury is nowhere near the level that he produced virtually week in week out before his “major” injury. If, and I mean if, Ricardo gets anywhere near the performance level he was attaining prior to the very “major” injury and IF BR thinks that his role could be in a fluid right back and right wing interchange with Castagne then I think we have an extremely effective attacking partnership to look forward to. IF we sign Gosens and he can form an understanding with Harvey Barnes down the left then our options are going to give us an amazi
  4. Just seen the post from Blueman above mine, very apt
  5. You need to be careful mate. 3 times in a week will make her think you have something to hide
  6. Whoever plays at wing back, right or left, is going to be nullified by opposition IF we continue to pass backwards and sideways at slow pace. The wing backs are left to operate with no space as the whole outfield opponents are back in defensive positions and therefore a man closing down the wing channels. You are right that unless we play more quick and incisive passes, quickly and with purpose, then we will continue to see this largely laboured build up to the attacking third
  7. I had my first jab on Monday 15th at 4pm Had no side effects other than a bit of a headache which started at 4am next morning and felt a bit tired most of Tuesday but right as rain by next morning. My wife was a bit more wiped out by it than me but not terrible i know of people who have felt dreadful for days and equally I know many who have no side effects or very very mild so my view is that it’s just random as to reaction.
  8. Without looking through pages to see if anyone has mentioned him AND not really forgetting he played for us but poor Marton Fulop died 5 years ago in November last year. With everything going on with COVID it certainly passed by my thinking, very sad. Great goalkeeper for us and only 32 when he passed.....RIP Marton
  9. I’ve even conditioned my non football supporting wife to call them that. She has actually called them that to the faces of two random Florist fans we’ve met on a holiday and at an event and she’s still not worked out why I was pi**ing myself.
  10. RIP Legend Considering the state of the pitches, heavy footballs and some horrific tackles and challenges allowed back then, Frank was a genius, a cultured footballer and a true entertainer. A man who loved life to the full, thanks for the memories Elvis and you’ll go straight in to the team up there
  11. Man Utd are expecting 5 injured players back for European duty, those being De Gea, van den Beek, Pogba, Cavani and Martial. If they aren’t back for that you would think they will be for our game, bugger.
  12. Get him to sort out his contract, keep him around the first team every day and see if he can bulk up a bit during the summer. There is definitely something there.
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