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  1. Our game is on Talksport so suspect they have it as an exclusive pick of Premier League matches
  2. To be honest it probably is Ünder considering the options we have but I still feel we have more chance doing that than moving Youri from where he has been brilliant for most of the season. The only other option is to bring Barnes in behind Vardy and play either Albrighton or Cengiz wide
  3. Tielemans is the reason we can transition the ball from relatively deep through to final third quickly. Move him forward and we are relying on Wilf and Mendy/Hamza or do that job and they simply don’t do that. The result is slow sideways passages of play involving Evans, Cags, WIlf, Mendy which allows the opposition to get every man behind the ball as we laboriously pass our back line, back and forth. The result is that we have a slow transition that provides the opposition to press hard which none of the aforementioned players deal well with and leads to an eventual a
  4. Even a light session in Prague sounds wonderful after no pubs for months !
  5. Can’t find a picture I had but the walkway/concourse at the back of the upper level of the Double Decker was incredibly tight and I’m not sure you would even get a safety certificate these days
  6. He is in the Director's Box on a regular basis and cheers every Leicester goal (not at the moment obviously)
  7. Maybe it’s just a reflection in the level of belief. If they feel they can get top 4 then guarding against injury to some of the top performing players becomes a natural thing, especially looking at all of the games to come.
  8. Perhaps the manager, players and the club now really do feel they can finish in the top 4 and qualifying for the Champions League has the most importance for the remainder of the season
  9. Perhaps we are playing with a very false striker
  10. If you are able to come over to Solihull under the current travel restrictions I am happy to give you a slap
  11. He’s doing ok thanks, bad headache, muscle/body aches and very tired. Looked very sorry for himself when we dropped all the shopping on his doorstep but that may have been a sympathy ploy to avoid paying 🙂 Him being ill was the only reason the phone was on 😤
  12. I had to record the game as had to go out and do a full weekly shop for eldest son who has Covid as of yesterday. So I avoided all media and sat down at 4pm to start the “live” game. I was 5 minutes in when a friend from London who is a lifelong Gooner texted me with “ You’ve made my crap weekend go from absolute s#it to utter joy, love you Leicester City and Happy Christmas” ..........brilliant ! Mind you it made for a more relaxed watch
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