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  1. Next up . . . Manchester City (Home) thoughts?

    Will be great to welcome Esteban back to the KP
  2. Matty James - what is the status?

    Had a quick word with Matty after the Everton game on the way down the stairs near main reception. He said he would be back pretty soon and felt good again. He looked slim, well and fairly flew down the stairs after we spoke beating Waggy easily to the bottom. Waggy, lovely bloke, said he was well too.......at least that is what I think he said
  3. Manuel Pellegrini

    Ok agree they are an odd bunch but what about when they meet Rudkin, Whelan , Oddjob and his Dad ! Bit like a choice between the bar scene in Star Wars and the Addams Family
  4. The Iborra Thread

    What a shame we can't see that until January. Backed up by a fit Matty James and a now fit Nampalys Mendy ( loaned out I know but I think it was the wrong decision) we would be potentially be talking about how good our midfield is.
  5. Slimani

    We will have if there is any truth in paying 28 million for Andros Townsend 😳
  6. Andros Townsend...

    What is ?
  7. Slimani

    Didn't hear what he said Rob but if that means that he seriously considers Ulloa as the back up plan then we should pray long and hard that Vardy and Iheanacho play virtually every league game this season
  8. Squad numbers confirmed

    Iheanacho, first I've heard about this....if only there was something on Transfer Talk about him
  9. Matty James to ......?

    Just when you thought we might be able to field a bench without Kingy..........
  10. Carl Ikeme

    Hope you win your fight Carl, all the very best.
  11. New chants and songs

    Huth and Maguire our defence is terrifying
  12. Harvey Barnes

    Sure I read that Under 20's in Toulon, France, are effectively the Under 18team with a couple of additions and are at the Toulon tournament because the U 20 squad are at the U 20 World Cup in South Korea
  13. Rudkin

    Who is the dodgy looking kit man ? Always looked shifty to me so could well be him.
  14. Poorly fan??

    My son in law is a firefighter here in Birmingham and know they do a great job when called upon. If it was your niece doing the cpr she should be intensely proud of how hard and for how long she worked on the man to get him in a position to move him out the stadium. Hope she is recognised for the tremendous work.
  15. Poorly fan??

    I was pretty close by and can say that the woman who did the cpr was incredible. She worked so hard to get the guy back, unbelievable effort from her !