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  1. I was sitting in the side stand too, can’t remember for sure but think we had the away end too. My abiding memory of the afternoon was seeing planes fly across the ground seemingly every minute as they went in and out of Heathrow.
  2. Livid, no mocking from me as I go regularly with my wife and is a great experience at a wonderful venue.....have to admire the skill on show at the ROH as I do watching this fantastic team we have, enjoy. Going to see The Nutcracker at the Royal Albert Hall on the 29th....close to seeing it this afternoon at Vile Park with the challenge on Ricardo
  3. Oops like my youngest granddaughter has been at that blokes leg with one of her felt tips
  4. Need to be careful.......Man City will be in for him before you know it
  5. I completely agree about the noise when the goal was scored and was the loudest I have ever heard at any match I’ve been at
  6. I’ve had 5 generals anaesthetics in the last 6 years and confirm, like others have said, that you need not worry at all. The moment it enters your vein to when you go to sleep is a matter of seconds and it’s a lovely feeling. You will wake up in recovery feeling a bit out of it and groggy but they will have given you painkillers and anti sickness meds during your op. Don't worry or wind yourself up it will be fine.
  7. I think they will just suggest that Man Utd thought better of paying a grossly inflated fee for HM and say that Leicester City have ruined a dream opportunity for a player who wanted to better himself at a bigger club blah blah blah
  8. May have been because Ndidi had already been yellow carded
  9. This is about as likely to happen as me saying to Rachel Riley “ Now look love, please stop banging on about football, I’ve told you I don’t want sex ...again... move over to your side of the bed, can’t a bloke just get some me time ! “
  10. His press conferences will definitely be better, ironically he will deliver both quality and intensity
  11. I knew Billie from a long way back, been on holiday with him and our girlfriends and remember a great two weeks in Ibiza with real fondness. Will be missed. RIP
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