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  1. https://footballleagueworld.co.uk/exclusive-tottenham-and-leicester-city-monitoring-norwich-city-midfielder/ He's young, versatile and has PL experience. Looks like it could be a good signing and not that costly. Just rumours??🤔
  2. That is too specific. It doesn't really make sense that Ünder would agree to that
  3. Bojan had years of first team experience. Iheanacho never really had a long enough run of matches to build his confidence
  4. Not at all. Pep uses him on the left just because he doesn't trust Zinchenko anymore
  5. And what if other players get injured?
  6. I'm not sure that was the case, big club with rich owners make stupid decisions. On top of that I think it was Pep's first year at club, so he decided to make room for new purchases. Kelechi was only 19 and they were looking for more experienced players.
  7. Option puts the decision in the buying team hands, while obligation in selling one's. That's the main difference.
  8. No, Roma doesn't have a say in this, only Ünder and City
  9. It's not the same. On paper Leipzig and Salzburg are owned by different companies.
  10. I think we should sell for his own sake. I truly believe he's good enough and he'd reach his potential elsewhere. The system we're playing really isn't working for him, he's not Vardy and he never will be. He need to leave while he's still young.
  11. I fully agree, he is a huge talent, but once he tasted the big money there is no turning back. Personally I'd be glad if he joins us.
  12. I think he'd rather warm the bench at MU
  13. 19 – Leicester's start is the 19th time a top-flight side have won least seven of their first nine away league games of a season – none of the previous 18 have finished outside of the top four, whilst 50% of those sides have gone on to win the division that season. Contenders? https://t.co/sue0LMAXPb
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