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  1. Don't know about you guys, but from at the table, it's starting to look like last year all over again😕
  2. Never going to happen. Unless they're talking about 100M + Naby Keita and even then I'm not sure we'd even consider it.
  3. He is 29 and played most of his time in League 1. I'm not sure BR would be into that
  4. https://www.hitc.com/en-gb/2021/03/31/if-an-offer-arrives-agent-suggests-club-could-sell-reported-20m-everton-and-leicester-target/ Is he any good?☝🏾
  5. https://plpotm.easports.com/ Let's show our support. Vote for Kele!!
  6. You mean half of their players
  7. It's all true, but if you look at previous good runs, everything looks so accidental. Every once in awhile he had a good match but it's like he never really fit in. In recent matches there's something different about him. He's calm and decisive and most importantly he lost that bewildered facial expression he used to constantly have. Something tells me we're going to see a very different Kele from now on, wether it's with us or not.
  8. TBH we probably won't find a striker like Vardy, he's truly a rear breed. Not just quality wise, but style as full. I can't really think of one striker who could do what he does, not even among the world class ones, maybe Suarez in his prime. It's about time we adapt our system to another type of striker.
  9. Because he's not a defensive midfielder
  10. He was great that's a given, but personally I'd feel much comfortable with JJ on the pitch. That being said, he surely give BR something to think about.
  11. No one can really hate Vardy. It against the laws of nature😁
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