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  1. Pep could replace Brendan when he gets poached for the Barca job next year after helping us win the domestic treble
  2. It comes in a box for you to eat it out of. You leave the Big Mac in one side and pour the fries into the other. You’re a monster
  3. Is it true the lionesses have their own bespoke kit?
  4. My sister eats McDonald’s takeaway on a plate. I want her out my family
  5. Wasn’t really his fault he wasn’t though? Kante smashed it Tbf and he never got a look in. He wasn’t terrible here imho
  6. Wow what an over reaction. We should be pleased it’s milkshake and not them being slashed at the throat really. Let it continue i say. Milkshake never hurt anyone, unless they’re lactose intolerant then they’re ****ed
  7. Jonathon woodgates middlesborough
  8. Seeing the tributes outside the stadium. Gray scoring the winner at Cardiff. Being at the Burnley game and the sheer silence of the whole stadium watching that 6 minute or so video on the big screens. The walk for vichai. Ricardo goal against Man City.
  9. Great banter from frank lampards derby county singing that song in the dressing room. Leeds are hilarious
  10. SystonFox


    I voted Watford cos we don’t have any
  11. The arsenal dressing room picture is the best thing ever to happen to this club. That welbeck winner late on won us the league the way I see it. As well as Huths header at spurs and Vardy finish at Sunderland. Just thinking of these moments brings a smile
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