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  1. This post may be super harsh or snobby of me but I was in the city centre today and I felt the place was full of weirdos and crack heads. It didn’t have a nice friendly vibe at all. Particularly the area around the clock tower and haymarket. It was rank.
  2. he Isn’t a person he’s a character. You must have seen the type. It doesn’t bother me as such it’s just odd behaviour
  3. Motivating others fine, but there’s one major thing that annoys me at any football stadia (and I’m sure it happens at all)...... you get that one guy who walks into a concourse, bar, stand who just gets his arms out wide \o/ and shouts OH WHEN THE BLUES whilst staring into your soul and looks utterly offended that you don’t instantly scream back GO MARCHING IN and then he proceeds to hammer the wall, table or stadium rear wall and continue, on his own, OH WHEN THE BLUES GO MARCHING IIIINNNN. i get that some want to start songs but don’t look offended when not everybody joins in.
  4. The photo I seen isn’t real. There’s no way it’s real
  5. Imagine going to a game dressed up as a snake. And then having a tear up after the game cos the bloke on the oppo side used to manage you. Wow
  6. It has been a bit cold lately
  7. He played like shit had an attitude like shit. Guess what, we treated him shit!!!! around the jimmy floyd hasselbank time we were also in for Robbie Fowler too. He chose Cardiff city as did jimmy?
  8. Oh sheet yeah I remember that now. What a scumbag
  9. Really? Wasn’t aware he had previous. I’m amazed he’s got away with it regardless of any previous. Looks like clear intent to place his foot on Oliveiras schnoz
  10. It doesn’t look accidental to me tbh
  11. Stringers commentary for this is actually quite good
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