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  1. I understand Carina wins
  2. This should always be the case regardless. Stay in the left lane unless over taking. but lately I have noticed a lot of road users flashing people, particularly in the “fast lane” of the motorway to get out their way. Flashing someone won’t help is all I’m saying. It just makes you look a praet
  3. SystonFox

    Your decade

    Pretty good I think. got married two kids purchased own home prospering career in a growing company wonderful friends Couple of bad knee injuries ran a marathon ran a tough mudder done alpha wolf this year gained a lot of weight lost a lot of weight gained a bit of weight trying to shift the weight into 2020 leicester city rollercoaster ride of every emotion family ups and downs As I imagine with any family. probably wouldn’t change a thing tbf
  4. People who come screaming up behind you in any lane of a motorway/dual carriageway flashing at you to get out the way. **** off you ain’t the po po. now I’m sure some may say it could be a matter of life or death etc but I am not to know this so don’t endanger fellow road users by driving like a see you next Tuesday
  5. What kind of delay are we talking in the actual stadium?
  6. Fans suffer. They’ve prob knocked off work an hour early for it too. What a life
  7. Maybe not directly at Amazon I can’t seem to find it but it was on football away days on Twitter. They’re just being tampons tbh
  8. Crystal Palace fans have held up a banner having a dig at amazon. Absolute bunch of snow flake wet wipes. basically holding up banners for likes. So cringe
  9. Dave whelan broke his leg in an fa cup final once. Little known fact
  10. Can we play in our grey kit with dean Hammond and Andy king in cm?
  11. I thought this before but I’m growing to like him. I only really knew of him cos he had a bust up with Flintoff on ALOTO and I’m still not sure if that was staged or legit.
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