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  1. I wish the UK could be in permanent lock down
  2. I went shelthorpe aldi on Saturday 9.30 and got pretty much everything on my list bar Weetabix. There weren’t any cleaning products however I didn’t need any. Didn’t look for loo roll here either
  3. I went shopping this morning at aldi Loughborough and got most of if not all of what I wanted. Only things I didn’t get were pasta, weetabix, porridge, cobs my son likes. This was at 9.30am and I didn’t think it was too busy. Mentioned this to the girl on the tils and she said people had been queueing at 7am it was nuts 8-9am. Yet 9.30am there was plenty for all in reality
  4. Michael Chopra has tweeted about it and it’s still there. remember whittinghams free kick at home in the play offs when they done us 1-0
  5. Fryatt that season was the player Michael Owen wishes he was. Proper rolls Royce striker
  6. In my opinion the line up is the worst it’s ever been. 50 years old and they couldn’t book some properly big acts yet they’ve got a mumble rapper and a pop star four years past her sell by date. if it does go ahead though I hope you have a great time!
  7. I work in healthcare but I’m ****in hard so I ain’t getting no virus. however I am slowly convinced this is the beginning of the end and I believe within 3 months the world will look a little bit like a scene in 28 days later
  8. Expel them from the football league to be fair
  9. It might only be a placebo however they feel they need it. Sorry to destroy your dreams
  10. I like bristol although I voted other cos THE LEICESTER. DEBEH COVENTREH **** UM
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