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  1. Claudio receives his message book

    snakey. the players being snakes
  2. Championship 2017/18

    Forest always win the league in august. Wolves do look good mind. 9 pointer on Saturday
  3. Speed Awareness Course

    That depends if you're 3-2 up with 8 mins left mate
  4. Mark De Vries couldn't bare to hear it
  5. Claudio receives his message book

    Nice one. Cheers Claudio for what you helped us achieve. Sorry about the whole snakey thing though yeah?
  6. Championship 2017/18

    Aston villa
  7. I remember when they released it in 05/06? It was our goal music for a bit I'm sure. Absolute pap.
  8. Speed Awareness Course

    But only speed if you have fo
  9. Play LSF between minutes 70-80 over the tannoy. Sorry public address system
  10. Speed Awareness Course

    Yeah all the people on these courses wear grey trackless, swig carling cold and have a 40 a day habit with kids named Mercedes, Porsche and Bugatti. sub human scum
  11. Poddy, poddy 123 or manhunt were class
  12. How Was Your Day?

    What? No city shirts with Albrighton on? Fcks sake man
  13. What grinds my gears...

    But he still can't afford a 70 inch telly or a 40 a day habit
  14. Championship 2017/18

    Have forest won the league yet?
  15. World Athletics Championships - London 2017

    Apparently Huddersfield have already won the prem