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  1. I’d never even heard of the morning side arena is it any good?
  2. He was proper bantering some guy earlier. Great laugh out loud tv
  3. JC sports? I believe
  4. Obviously it’s not a good look to be bagging a row of scarves and selling them at any price for personal gain but lord who is there who wants to pay £150 for one? i wasn’t at the game so didn’t get a scarf. That’s how I deal with it. I don’t want one, I don’t deserve to have one, I wouldn’t think about buying one whether £1.50 or £150 sheets. saying that though there’s been cases in the past where some old geezers are going around wearing war veterans medals which they didn’t earn but pass off that they did
  5. I watched yesterday via a stream and on 60 it was Vichai had a dream I heard. The atmosphere sounded banging from 60-70 mins culminating with the goal on 74. Great work
  6. Its........ another goal for Vardy /joke been done a million times today
  7. I can’t stand Wilfred Zaha I just massively dislike him he’s such a Dislikeable person
  8. Correct decision. Hilarious can’t wait for Dyche rant about it
  9. They want to show us on prime time at Boxing Day man we are huge. Up there. The biggest . i don’t know how anyone could say otherwise
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