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  1. That white strip JJB is a stunner. Really underrated
  2. Only just seen the image of hamza shushing the player he absolutely walloped. Top rustling my Loughborough bretherin
  3. Smashing snap tackle absolutely loved that
  4. Made little loaded skins yesterday. maris piper potatoes cooked for 90 mins. chop in half scoop Out mash insides with cottage cheese and spring onion sprinkle with bacon bits and cathedral city extra mature 20 mins back in t’oven quality with a side salad
  5. Thought it was frankie off the Saturdays. Wicked one this. also honestly mods need a word. This thread has seriously derailed
  6. Good left foot finish that other week but other than that I think he’s fairly terrrible
  7. Bam Ford isn’t fit to lace JV’s jock strap
  8. Children of men as a concept was brilliant. Great story line
  9. The hit list is great. Rochelle is a great host and half decent to look at. Warwick Davis’ Tenable was very good and needs to come back. the chase is great. Catchphrase is also great with Mulhern imho
  10. How they gave nacho motm I’ll never know. Lazy punditry
  11. Wow didn’t realise it ended 9-0..... saw it at 6-0..... do the saints have some kind of complex here? Too much of a coincidence to be twice in two seasons
  12. And was absolutely nothing like embodying any negative poor team. If anything he embodied the class of 13/14 and a level of togetherness and playing with a smile on your face with your mates. proper decent player Nuge. Always rated him at PNE and other places he played prior to us. Good servant with us and scored some very good and crucial goals.
  13. Bleach blonde hair is all I remember. pretty sure he scored against us for Millwall too? Standard Molla Wague behaviour
  14. The main fact here is that he jabbed a broken beer bottle in a fellas neck and killed him. Any other facts are largely irrelevant imho. He took a mans life. Whether you knew him growing up and he was the nicest chap going is immeterial. just my two penneth
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