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  1. When’s our game against them then?
  2. It was like a Sunday league highlights reel
  3. Swapping the family sta...... and forget it
  4. Zara was sensational. The twins have cracking chebs so fair play to them
  5. I might transfer and support Watford now
  6. The silence in the stadium during this was deafening. If that makes sense. An absolute privilege to witness this moment and I will cherish the free scarf forever. It currently hangs on my sons wardrobe and when he’s old enough he will learn all about what this man did for us. thanks for posting this. I’m not crying, you’re crying
  7. 0-2 to them. Both goals in the last 5 mins. Mass exodus and boos all around for a team sat 2nd in the league. entitled cockwombles
  8. It’s just one of those games. If we score it’ll be off someone’s arse
  9. We are making villa look like Barcelona here. They’re doing an absolute number on us and we look clueless
  10. Is the first vid de laet against derby?
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