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  1. About that Praet pass vs Brentford.... how does the ball slow down towards the end? It’s NUTS
  2. I always used to like the chant “the championship is upside down.....” i know it’s only 2 games in but I hope they’re having full on meltdowns
  3. Fellas who drool over Adidas shoes usually on Twitter are the strangest bunch
  4. Genuinely I’m not. I work in healthcare so take great pride in infection control that’s all. i don’t think it would be a bad thing for it to become normal behaviour to wear a mask in public or at mass gathered events. I understand and appreciate it’s a major ball ache but the last thing I want at a gig is someone’s spittle over my watered down pint of carling in a plastic cup
  5. However that answer is probably common knowledge and doesn’t take a geniuii to work out
  6. To answer your question. Eventually the virus will just die out, whether that is because everyone has contracted it and it’s nowhere left to spread or whether it is because the virus becomes weaker who knows. Within 5 years would be my approximate guess
  7. I don’t mind it never ending in that sense. I don’t want you coughing over me at any time. I’m by no means a hypochondriac germophobe but wearing masks and gloves to help stop spread infections sounds great to me. Be it SARS, Covid19, AIDS or the common cold I’m all for it.
  8. When I went with a group of mates we stumbled upon a bar which was basically a dungeon and it was the best night of my life. they had a band on and he was doing covers we were shouting for wonderwall all night and they finished on champagne supernova (probably the only oasis they knew!) and it was unreal. Absolute quality. Some of the hidden gems in that town are great. Would go back today if given the oppurtunity
  9. I still wish him all the best and it baffles me some of our fans enjoy his demise. He is a human being you know. Yes he made mistakes and he was probably a bit cuntish but he’s still a fella with feelings. No hard feelings it’s only a game
  10. If I (my sperm version of me) was beaten to the egg by another sperm would I (providing I was male) a) still look exactly like me b) look a bit like me c) have the same characteristics as me d) have the same personality as me e) none of the above and I would be completely different
  11. As if rudders or Brendan hasn’t thought of it
  12. Why people tweet @lcfc “sign a winger” like they’re a fully qualified prem manager themselves
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