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  1. I’ve had this for a couple of years now. Great fun in the summer.
  2. If, a big if, it’s say 0-0 with 20mins to go United will go deeper, and get a little jittery, hopefully. We have obviously set up to keep it tight initially, then go more attacking later, if it is all square.
  3. Not the first time is it regarding Archer ? New Zealand l think. I don’t get it at all, some are just unbelievably racist, and don’t care how offensive they are. I wonder if the BLM movement will/has made some racists more vocal, to almost counteract its affect.
  4. Definitely from the Shane Watson school of reviews ! 😂
  5. Time will tell but could've come off sooner l reckon. 280 lead would've been plenty. Game on.
  6. Some are saying England need a lead of 300. That is way too many, l reckon. A final day pitch, 250 could be plenty, providing we bowl well. We can’t afford to bat for more than an hour, plus we may need a second new ball late in the day.
  7. Plenty in this game still. England to bat for about an hour, just over maybe. A lead of 270/280 should be safe, WIndies don’t need to chase victory, and probably won’t. If we bowl well it could be a great day of test cricket.
  8. West Germany v Austria. That game pushed all final group/league games to KO at identical times. They played out a 0-0 game of walking football. Both qualified, eliminating Algeria l think.
  9. He is what England need. Too often we’ve been 30-3. I know he failed 1st innings in the last test but at least he wants to bat time. We’ve got/had too many Denly’s, who look good for an hour and nick off for ‘a nice 28’. We need to have one eye on the ashes too, can’t keep changing the line up. Stick with Sibley, Pope, Crawley, probably Burns. The bowling looks healthy too.
  10. Yeah, this situation is tailor made for him. An hour of this pair will be special.
  11. An hour of Stokes will be fun before tea. Stick 'em in for an hour, 3 down. Box seat.
  12. Chase is getting plenty of turn.....and he isn't known to spin a ball that much. Bess & even Root to get through a few overs l reckon.
  13. Yeah, this is a patience track. 2.5/3 per over. Not sure the Wlndies have that doggedness. They are better but not great.
  14. England hoping/planning on batting once and going big. Only worry, do they have the firepower to take 20 wickets ? Bess could be the go to man
  15. Having been put into bat, WIndies would want to take 6/7 wkts (still could). The run rate isn’t a problem as tests rarely go 5 days. The forecast is ok looking ahead too. New ball is the next hurdle, although with Gabriel struggling, hopefully it negates it to a degree. England’s day, so far.
  16. As long as he does that it's ok. Where the foot lands is key. Part of the foot must land behind the line. On the line is a no ball.
  17. He was overbowled last summer and not very well managed at all. We should be using the likes of Broad, Woakes, Stokes, Bess, Leach to do the donkey work. Wood and Archer should not be bowling no more than 15/18 overs per Test match day. England have 2 special bowlers in Wood & Archer, but are in danger of burning them out, particularly Archer.
  18. Imperative that we score 1st, otherwise they park 2 buses. Fairly confident of a win though.
  19. Yeah, caught some of it. Seemed a bit strange without the atmosphere. Like you say, good to be back.
  20. Hopefully that gets Archer wound up ! He is a great talent, but so laid back. If he isn’t bowling quickly, he just becomes another Broad or Woakes. Wood has set a great example of how to be a bit different. England need Jofra to be ‘different’. lf he has to bowl short spells of 90+mph ( 4/5 overs ), so be it. Forget 6 overs at 85.
  21. He's been great since the return. He seems to command his area far more regarding crosses, particularly corners.
  22. I thought l saw him limping a little after the game.
  23. Bournemouth must go for a win, draws at home are no good for them. Should be an open game, Vardy should enjoy himself. 🤞
  24. There’s a footballer in there somewhere. He never looks happy, or that he’s enjoying himself. l know looks aren’t everything but it’s not a great image he portrays.
  25. If we beat Bournemouth, that’s a very good point. Then we go again.
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