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  1. How does he feel about being bought every single game by either my brother or I on CM01/02?
  2. 6A1EDE05-9932-4F5A-9591-683717265960.MOV
  3. Him and Taggs were ****ing legendary for a couple of years. Did they not get close to 20 goals between them one year? Scruffy, ugly beautiful bastards. As good a partnership as we’ve had in our history. X
  4. Definitely in my top 5 all time favourite players, loved him. My brother and I still talk about that Chelsea goal where he turned their defence inside out. Met him and Heskey once at a signing in the old club shop and he was huge. Absolute beast. Legend. X
  5. Aye I meant nothing on Netflix. Deadwood amazing though I still think not as good as Breaking Bad or Better Call Saul. In my opinion obviously. For me the only things “as good” would be The Wire and the This is England series. X
  6. The problem with watching Better Call Saul is that it just ruins everything else. Everything else I watch now I’m like “yeah it’s good but it’s not as good as breaking bad or better call Saul”. X
  7. Interesting podcast if anyone has an hour to spare.....
  8. Thunder Road is a fantastic independent tragic comedy. X
  9. Haha done it a few times so you’re not the only one. X
  10. Sounds like you’re a wee bit ahead of me, well done! My best time is bang on 22 minutes. I’m 39 and have jogged periodically in my life but only started doing it regularly and recording times and distances very recently so I’m quite happy with where I am. I think in another life I could’ve been a decent runner as I’ve probably got the build. Just wish I’d started at 15 rather than 35 haha! Good luck with your efforts! The speed work really helps I think as makes “race pace” feel slower and easier. X
  11. I mean it ain’t gonna happen and I’m not even sure it should but this is the type of rumour we’ve been waiting for and if it doesn’t excite you even a little are you even a football fan? Get it done soon Congo, I’m edging at the rumour and want to release. X
  12. Only just got the app, seems good. I’m aiming to get a sub 20 minute 5k but at my age and as someone who only really started running a few years ago it might be hard. Good fun aiming for it though. X
  13. Yeah nothing can really replace a heavy barbell but I’ve been quite enjoying the workouts. Been upping the reps obviously. In fact I did some rucksack deadlifts (probably more like Romanian deadlifts as I found it hard to do full ones without bar) and my hamstrings aching this morning more than when I do heavy barbell deadlifts. I’ve tried to up the reps to a number where my overall volume is pretty much the same. I would say 15 minutes uninterrupted running is pretty good and better than a lot of people. I do 5k max as anything longer I get bored and give up. Trying to get a sub 20 minute 5k but I’m a way off and probably too old to get that quick now but nice to have a target.
  14. I have been running three times a week and doing an at home bodyweight/weighted rucksack workout three times a week (alternating the running and weights). If anyone is interested (I am by no means an expert) this is what I have been doing....... Squats with weighted rucksack (held in front not on back) Weighted Press Ups Bent over rows with Rucksack Chin Ups/Pull ups (these are so good but I cannot find anywhere to do them at home but if you can you really should) Deadlift with rucksack Curls with rucksack Calf Raises 30s Plank (but really tensing the abs as you do it) Then for the running I just go on the days I don't do the workout above and alternate it. One run I do a 5k slowish and the next I will run as many 500m intervals as I can at a faster pace (I usually manage 4) then jog a bit. I fill the rucksack with some kettlebells I have (not that heavy) but you could uses bottles of water, rice, books, anything really. Did some squats whilst holding the 4 month old yesterday which was pretty good. Just doing anything I think is good. You're not gonna get ripped doing that but it hits most the muscles and is a pretty decent workout. X
  15. Yes of course you are right. Doesn't make anything he has said valid though.
  16. Exactly. He talks about "the system" benefitting from this but the only person I have seen since this started who seems to be enjoying and making money from it is him.
  17. I understand what you are saying and I have watched the video in full but I just can't get behind it. I am not usually a fan of ad hominem arguments but David Icke genuinely believes in Lizard people, is a climate change denier and he's been craving something like this for a long time. As I said, that doesn't mean he is wrong in the coronavirus case but his history of beliefs should certainly be taken into account when listening to him speak about a subject. He has also shifted his terminology of the "elite" and now calls it the 1%. Like religion, his words and descriptors tend to shift with advances made by other people then he fits the present to look like his predictions. The problem with "arguing the opposite of the mainstream" is the same problem as creationists "teaching the controversy" of the Big Bang in schools. By arguing that they should teach kids about creationism because it just offers an "alternate viewpoint from that of the mainstream" they are giving both ideas equal standing where in fact one has 0% basis in any scientific fact. Not all controversies or "alternatives" hold equal weight or should be given your equal time. Also his talk of the virus not being as serious as some claim is dangerous and irresponsible and could put people at risk of death. I would rather listen to a doctor than a former goalkeeper and someone who claimed he was the son of God on the matter of a virus. This is anecdotal of course but my partner's best friend's father died of corona two days ago (he was in his 60s and fairly fit) and people like Icke are putting people at risk by telling people not to believe the experts. He knows nothing, he talks around issues and makes himself sound smarter than he is. Sorry it drives me mad even listening to him. Studies have shown people who believe conspiracy theories tend to have certain traits....... "These people tend to be more suspicious, untrusting, eccentric, needing to feel special, with a tendency to regard the world as an inherently dangerous place," ........... "They are also more likely to detect meaningful patterns where they might not exist. People who are reluctant to believe in conspiracy theories tend to have the opposite qualities." and Icke fits every one. I hate the mainstream media, I think they are responsible for many of the ills in our society and they clearly do look to shape the national consciousness and lead us to think in certain ways and we should always be wary of what they tell us and read as much as we can from numerous sources. I spend more time listening to conspiracy theorists and religious fundamentalists (I am an atheist) than I do people I agree with because I think it is important to listen to views I do not personally hold. However I believe the danger is that many conspiracists suddenly lump in experts and scientists with "the mainstream" and start believing the world is flat or so on and I genuinely believe the current climate where experts and scientists are not believed because some guy on YouTube shouts louder than them and "knows the real truth" is dangerous. Look at the anti-vaxxers, people have died because of their conspiracy bullshit. Every scientist in the world bar about 3 states vaccines are vital yet some nobber misconstrues and misuses a half study and suddenly vaccines are evil, viruses we have not seen in 50 years reappear and children die. Anyway, I should change my name to Ramblefox sorry. Everyone should listen to conspiracies and everyone has the right to believe in them but they must understand that people will challenge them and that simply saying "you're a fool to believe the mainstream" is not a valid argument in response. I need to go outside more, I'm a dullard in general but this current lockdown is making me even worse. Sorry everyone. Sorry mum. X
  18. But the opposite of conspiracy theorists is not to blindly believe what a load of politicians tell me or the tabloids or Facebook? It is reasoned understanding. For example, I don’t believe in climate change because Arnie tells me I should or the minister for the environment. I believe in it because 99% of scientists believe it to be true and all available data points that way. I feel like the “don’t believe what you’re told by the man” argument spouted by a lot of people prone to believing in conspiracies is a strawman and a dishonest argument. It’s about reasoned, critical debate and deep understanding of a subject, something David Icke has never displayed. Not having a go at you by the way just conspiracy theorists and the worrying “don’t trust the experts” mob annoy me. X
  19. Did I say one should?
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