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  1. My initial response was, of course, lighthearted. Of course I agree that we should practice corners but I do feel that fans often believe them to be a better scoring opportunity than they are. From what I can see, approximately 3% of corners lead to goals. Yes we could get more goals and therefore maybe more points if we practiced them more but I believe training on other aspects of the game to be more important given the relative paucity of goals from corners in general. I certainly don’t think our corners are as bad as most of our fans think. So I agree and disagree with you haha. X
  2. More short corners are scored than long ones actually. Can’t remember the exact figures but have read about it a few times. X
  3. I hope more than anything on Earth he scores a worldie overhead kick from the halfway line before he leaves. Love the big cvnt. X
  4. Calm down everyone. We’re gonna win this by 2 clear goals. X
  5. I admire the way Leeds play and they are fun to watch and undoubtedly Bielsa is a good manager but the level of praise he gets is clearly OTT and it is a bit galling listening to their games. They are 3-0 down and Talkspot talking like Leeds are on top and flying. “Leeds only just getting started and could still win this”. It’s like they are desperate to believe their own hype. Then again it probably serves me right for listening to the abomination that is Talksport. X
  6. Hate Kane but he’s my FPL captain this week so come on you big mouth breathing tw@t. X
  7. @Babylon - Morgan Getting on and should probably retire but keeps showing up every fvcking season. X (In a nice way).
  8. Hah all this top 20s that you’re posting are sooooooooo “40 year old white man” it’s painful. And I say that as a 40 year old white man. X
  9. Just watched the 2020 Top of the Pops thing. I didn’t know one song. I’m so out of touch. When did music become so sanitised and homogeneous? And that Christmas number one? What the hell what that about?
  10. Aye Keane’s an unpleasant nobber for sure I agree. X
  11. I have no idea what you mean but good point well made. X
  12. Schmeichel 4th best shot stopper in the calendar year also.
  13. The wee man still ahead of everyone else in terms of true interceptions for the year 2020. He’s the GOAT in his position in my opinion.
  14. I like Praet a lot, technically very good and I think he was one of our best players at the start of the season. I also think Tielemans looks better with him than with Maddison. The problem is fitting him in I suppose. We either play him instead of Maddison which seems unlikely and probably would blunt our attack or we put him at RW. I wouldn’t be against playing him as a wide forward in games against the better teams as he’s technically better than any of our other wide men. However I do understand people’s concerns with playing him out there. He’s a valuable player to have and I’d probably s
  15. Didn’t quite realise just how hench Antonio is. Jesus. X
  16. Let’s just get Costa in, him and Vardy would be the most annoying trolling frontline ever. X
  17. Crazy he looks so comfortable in defence when he was a striker for Copenhagen. X
  18. Why are some players just so likeable? Big Dan just has something about him. Great to see him back. He’s definitely useful to have in the squad. X
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