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  1. Still can't see a quote saying? Can you copy and paste it for me?
  2. I blame the media for pretty much 90% of the ills of society. It's like when you get a politician on the news and the reporter constantly asks the same question over and over just so they can get a soundbite headline to play 17 times every hour. You can even see they are being fed the whole thing in their earpieces "Keep pressing him, keep going til he admit he kills children. Don't listen to what he says or change your tact, keep going. I'm foaming at the mouth here in the anticipation of fvcking up someones career". X
  3. I think it's too late now, the damage has been done. This thread will likely nose dive into a Puel In/Out debate unfortunately. I can't see much in his quotes to get annoyed about but then confirmation bias is probably involved in how I view it in the same way it is definitely involved in those who are taking offence. X
  4. That is how I read it but the thread has now turned into a Puel In/Out one with people like me on one side defending him and folk on the other thinking he is using the tragedy for his own advantage which, when you look at the quotes, is an odd viewpoint but the internet is in full motion no and now nuanced debate shall be had so I might just duck out and have a wee cuppa tea. X
  5. Ha, no problem. I am a nob but a polite nob willing to admit when he is wrong. X
  6. I read it completely wrong and apologise. X
  7. You are exactly right, the article states that (ie the author of that article states that). I don't mind people inferring that Puel means that but quoting him saying "us fans" seems weird and unreasonable? Anyway, I am an obtuse nobber so I'll stop for now. X
  8. I too have a feeling Puel might not last the season which, in my opinion, will be a mistake but he hasn't won over a lot of the fans and he doesn't seem like doing so unfortunately. X
  9. So he never mentions "us fans" even though you put quotation marks around "us fans" in your original post? The only "people" he mentions directly are journalists. But. hey ho, the world is interesting because people see things differently I suppose. Nothing in that article offended me but if you see it differently I can't really argue. X
  10. When you say lucky what do you mean? What are you basing that on? X
  11. Quote me the bit where he says "us fans" have forgotten. To me it seems a decent interview and Puel, as always, comes across as a decent guy. I can admit that he might not be the most exciting guy on Earth but can't see anything in this interview (I mean in his actual words not in the prose or headlines) to have a go at him for? X
  12. RumbleFox

    Wagner leaves Huddersfield

    Like him a lot, done a great job for them up until this season and seems a great guy. I wish him the best. But anyone genuinely wanting him to replace Puel is basically admitting they have no interest in position or points and are totally deluded when it comes to Puel. It is mental to think he is a better option than Puel. I genuinely cannot understand it. If someone can explain to me why they want him over Puel I am very keen to listen as I just can't see it why other than you have such delusional hatred for Puel that your judgement is clouded? X
  13. RumbleFox

    Nacho where he belongs

    Had. A. Mare. X
  14. RumbleFox

    Who then......

    Haha, you know I love you and, as I said, I like Jol but I feel much safer with Puel. I just see no point in getting rid mid season (I don't want to get rid at all) when we are on for a safe mid table finish. If we decide to replace him the summer would be optimum surely? X
  15. RumbleFox

    Who then......

    I think some folk are gonna have a field day with that one. I always liked him as a person, seemed a nice guy but to sack a manager who has us 8th and replace with Jol would be like something from The Onion. X
  16. RumbleFox

    Who then......

    To be fair, as a "Puel In" person I can still allow myself the game of imagining who I might want to replace him if he was moved on. None of the names mentioned on this thread do anything to excite me other than 1. There is only really one person I would do a little sex wee over if we got him and that would be Simeone. He would never come but, if there was even the slightest possibility, we should do everything possible. X
  17. RumbleFox

    Who then......

    This guy.......?
  18. RumbleFox

    Who then......

    A true legend of the game. X
  19. RumbleFox

    Who then......

    Even if I wanted to get rid of Puel, which I don't, just getting rid now and bringing in "someone connected to the club" is an odd suggestion in my opinion. As I said, I'm happy to keep him but surely even the Puel Out folk can see he's not getting us relegated and if one wanted to change manager the summer would be the wisest time after an actual researched, sensible candidate could be found. But, as I said, PUEL IN. X
  20. Three good signings (one of which looks like the best RB in the league right now) , two that look good for the future, our first decent back up keeper in years (albeit a bit pricey) and two that maybe are misses is still good when you look at how many signings usually come good on average at all clubs. X
  21. That's a good lot of signings when you look at it. X
  22. To be fair Ole has done a great job. Was always a very likeable footballer and nice to see him back in the Prem. X
  23. RumbleFox

    Wolves (A)..next up.

    Kasper Simpson Wes Maguire Chilwell Maddison Hamza Ndidi Ricardo Vardy Barnes
  24. RumbleFox

    Southampton Home Match Thread

    Probably our strongest line up at present. Let's do this shit. X