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  1. RumbleFox


    Most important captain in our history, many happy returns. X
  2. RumbleFox

    The best of the 60s

    Possibly a cliched choice and I rarely listen to it these days but just put it on for the first time in ages and fvck me what a song. X
  3. RumbleFox


    Happy 50th big man.
  4. RumbleFox

    What grinds my gears...

    Well I had hoped we were all better than that but oh well. X
  5. RumbleFox

    What grinds my gears...

    I wear one pair of socks per day. Sometimes two if I'm feeling frivolous. I wash about 8 pairs of socks per day. How do I continually wash 4 to 8 times the number of socks I use? I think I've broken the laws of physics. X
  6. RumbleFox

    Danny Drinkwater

    Seems a bit spiritual? For that reason it's a no from me. X
  7. Has anyone got the original article? The one that comes up when I click on it has no quotations? X
  8. RumbleFox

    Claude Puel defends his Leicester City record

    Hi there. Not knowing the man, and having never met him then, no, I couldn't tell you why he does anything he does. I can tell you that I understand your frustration and that I understand why some people want him out but all I can say is that it is my opinion that I feel he is halfway through overhauling our squad and playing style and that I am willing to give him time to complete this task before I feel a decision should be made on removing him. For me, the fact that we are 9th (still one of our highest 10% of top flight finishes in the history of our club should it stay that way) whilst he is trying to move on older players and play a more possession based style of football suggests that, whilst I understand some people's frustrations, things are objectively not as bad as some posters think. The fact that we also have one of the youngest squads in the league strengthens my feeling that we should give him a little more time. Having said all of that, I fully support people's right to suggest he should go, just as you should support mine to state he should stay. My only gripe (not at you but at certain "Puel Out" folk) is that often their posts regarding getting rid of him are not backed up with any facts or reasoned at all. In terms of "boring Puel" or "tippy tappy football", I disagree but I can see why some people don't like it so cannot really challenge. I just don't like the "Sack him, go back to France" stuff that some posters insist upon. X
  9. RumbleFox

    Claude Puel defends his Leicester City record

    If you're reading this forum Claude (though not sure why you would unless you enjoy self harm) just note that quite a few of us are still behind you and can see what you are trying to do. Best of luck. X
  10. RumbleFox

    Brendan Rodgers..yay or nay?

    I do not want Puel sacked and hope that we stick with him but, if it did happen, Rodgers would be nowhere near my wish list. Would be happy with Jardim though although he does seem to move clubs a lot? X
  11. RumbleFox

    Thread Management

    To be fair I do agree but then I was suspended the other day, given a posting limit and my posts were deleted with no explanation so maybe I am as biased as me old mucker FIF. On a more serious note, I think the moderators do a great job in general but the way they delete/ban/never explain does cause massive frustration. They very rarely explain any decisions they make. Again today I have seen swearing, insults and casual racism, all unpunished, and yet I get banned and given a posting limit for (as far as I can see) pointing out that we would not be "lucky" to finish on 45 points and quoting actual statistics regarding our likely points total. Sorry, rant over. Up the FIF. X EDIT: I have reached my posting limit for the day and found a cheeky way round it by editing this post. Enjoying reading this thread and @Mark it is really interesting reading your explanations and I think sometimes posters need to read these things as, without them, often it is hard to see why certain things are done. Most of us are quite reasonable posters and understand when things are actually explained. On that note, and realising grovelling on a public thread is going to increase my nobheadability, I was wondering if you might lift my posting restriction (I would message you privately but the posting restriction prevents this). Failing this an explanation would be helpful as to why I have one and why some of my posts were deleted when I can't see I am all that bad of a poster? I may be slightly obtuse but surely discussion is good and I can't see I have done anything warranting a restriction/ban. As I said, if you feel you cannot lift my restriction, just an explanation as to why would be helpful also so that I can adjust my behaviour if necessary. X
  12. RumbleFox

    Brendan Rodgers..yay or nay?

    Can't quite believe he is only 45?!?! That's only 7 years older than me and he looks a riot. For that reason alone it's a no from me. X
  13. RumbleFox


    I always thought Silva looked like he had a certain "something" and it is a shame things didn't work out for him but it looks like his chance has gone and probably best for all parties if he is moved on. I wish him the best. As for CHOUDHURY, (I am not usually one to correct people's spellings (don't like the grammar police) but when it is someone's name it is a little offensive and not hard to look up) I think he has a massive future at the club and could become one of our better players which would be great to see. X
  14. I'm Puel in all the way, just hope he can ride the storm. X