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  1. If you ever read Foxestalk Marc then just know this.... You never, ever have to apologise to any of us for anything, ever. X
  2. This is one of the best seasons I can remember. So nice to see "the big six" struggling. I know lots of us like to see Wolves, etc losing but really, taking a step back its great to see so many "smaller teams" taking points off the big boys. Amazing. X
  3. Sorry if posted elsewhere but couldn't see it. From BBC.....
  4. Also he's a fvcking hunk in the making with wondrous hair. X
  5. It's ok, Harvey Barnes will get a good slagging next to take the pressure off. X
  6. Our greatest ever player. I'll fight anyone who disagrees. X
  7. It feels patronising if you have a pre-existing inferiority complex. If not it just feels like a decent post from an Arsenal fan. X
  8. Nah, I've always been clever as fvck. I do however have numerous family members with dyslexia and my grandad always felt foolish as he never learned to read and write properly so I'm not a huge fan of grammar nazis (I used to be one myself but grew out of it at about 20). Not having a go at you, you're one of my favourite posters just a topic I'm touchy about. If you must know, I'm just a fat handed twat when it comes to typing and make more typos than your average person. Also, you missed that I should really have typed Barnes's instead of Barnes' and I wrote gal instead of goal. Those, along with those you highlighted, were typos more than errors but either way seemed churlish to point out.
  9. I've struggled with dyslexia all my life, always thought I stupid at school. Thanks for highlighting my mistakes and making me feel like shit.
  10. Just re-watched the match and noticed a couple of things (not the obvious ones, ie Vardy, Ndidi, Evans being immense)........ Barnes and Chilwell seem to be working much better together and both seemed to have gained a little composure in the final third. Barnes' ball to Vardy for his first goal was a thing of beauty, in fact the goal in general was. Praet's faint before launching a vintage Drinkwater style ball forwards was sublime and Vardy's finish clinical. In general Praet looked very good, you can see his quality. He actually looked like the player I was always hoping Silva would be. Let's hope he continues is this vein. Another shout out to Soyuncu, not only is he a grade A character but he's such a great player. So composed on the ball and one of the strongest players I have ever seen. If he was your mate he'd be that one that you loved but were also sh1t scared of. Ricardo again proved he is world class and I wouldn't swap him for anyone. Tieleman's slowly getting back to the level he was last year. Albrighton showing he is and always will be a Leicester legend. If he is happy to be a squad player I hope he retires with us. He is good enough to start or he is an amazing impact sub. I like having genuine options off the bench. Gray too ran his socks of when he came on. He has gotten a lot of stick over the years for his attitude but to me he always seems to put in a shift. He may never reach the levels we expected but he has definitely been harshly treated by a number of our fans. I thought Perez had his best game and watching the game again I noticed that he was involved in most of our attacking play. He assisted the first gal but was a constant menace and you can see his technical ability. I think once he scores he'll go on a run (his Newcastle history also suggest this). I think he'll become an important player for us.
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