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  1. Could potentially be the best player in the league. Could also potentially be a massive crapper. He’s quality though and will be good to see him back on the prem. I think people are forgetting just how good he can be. X
  2. Gerrraafuuckkincunnntttinnnn. X
  3. I reckon Perez should be used as back to Vards/Maddison more than anything, or playing just off him if we change system. He’s not set the world alight I know but his touches and link up play are probably among the best at the club. He’s basically Okazaki but we don’t play that system anymore. He’s a very good player. As for Under, I can’t say I’ve seen him play but he’s exactly the right profile and if he hits the ground running we suddenly look a very well balanced team again. X
  4. Mendy is one of the tidiest players I’ve ever seen. X
  5. Mate I support the statement “black lives matter”.
  6. I disagree, I know lots of BAME who still face racism every day, I witnessed some yesterday with my own eyes actually. But you are right this is probably not the best forum.
  7. Mate the movement is a response to Black people literally being murdered by police and nothing being done about it? I ask again, the sentence is “Black lives matter”. What is political about that?
  8. I am behind it and I am neither young, bored or rich and I’ve never destroyed anything in my life? Apart from maybe the odd tub of caramel chew chew ice cream. Terrorist organisation?!? Jesus Christ haha. I genuinely don’t know how to answer that. X
  9. Mate the reason “Britain has come a long way” is entirely BECAUSE of movements like this, not despite them. X
  10. “Black lives matter”. What is political about that statement? X
  11. Then why are you bothering to have a dig? It’s a wholly positive message. Just because maybe 0.001% of people hide their anti Semitic behind it doesn’t derail the whole thing. Mate I believe black people’s lives matter, I support the movement and I do not support any anti Jewish sentiment or want us to suddenly live in a totalitarian “leftest” state. That alone proves the two things are mutually exclusive. Is a minutes silence on rememberence day “political”? Of course not. I just can’t see the fuss about it all, with all the ills in the world to get offended by a lot of young sportsmen (many of whom are black) getting behind a message of positivity seems weird to me. X
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