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  1. I put him in the same category as Morrissey and Mel Gibson. A bit of a tw@t but supremely talented. On a serious note has to be in the top 3 greatest players of all time. Too young to have watched him play live but just a colossal talent. His close control was as good as anyone ever and not often does one person have such an impact on a World Cup. Obviously it’s a team game but that’s the closest you’ll ever get one man winning the thing on his own. Legend. It’s a shame his life went the way it did after the football was over and thoughts with his friends and family. X
  2. Awful so far. Not sure what’s happened. Liverpool just all over us. X
  3. I’m still stunned. Given the rules this season and others given that is 100% a penalty. X
  4. Fvck. Can’t take it. Come on boys. This is MASSIVE. X
  5. I just can’t take it. The hope. I think I preferred it when we were shit. X
  6. I soooooooooooo want us to win this. I’m actually already getting depressed at the thought of a loss. I just can’t stand them. Would love to absolutely smash them. X
  7. Villa are so far away from being good. They’ll finish no higher than 10th. X
  8. I’m not usually one for conspiracies and “the media ignore Leicester” ramblings but they really have gone silent. When Southampton went top it was on national news, they just don’t like us for some reason. I mean I know I shouldn’t care but it does annoy me. Over the last 5 years we’ve definitely been one of the top 6 teams. X
  9. Of course you can have a more talented team individually that isn’t as good a “team” as another overall. And no one found that team out, the “year after” the team didn’t have Kante. The 15/16 team in its pomp would, in my opinion, have beaten this one. I’m surprised any Leicester fan would ever question the utter brilliance of that once in a life time, dream making bunch of absolute beautiful heroes. X
  10. I just can’t agree with that, though disagreement is nothing bad. That team beat all before them. Everyone knew what they would do yet no one could stop them. This thread sounds a bit like all the other fans/teams/pundits sounded that seasons. “Leicester won’t keep it up”. “They’ll get figured out soon”. “They’ll fall away soon”. No one figured that team out, they won the league. Is there an argument that the current team is more talented, of course! Are they a better team? Not in my eyes. Reading this thread and the same old statements made makes me think if this team rolled up to the play th
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