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  1. Adrien Silva

    Let's hope so. He certainly has a point to prove. I'd guess we might need to tweak things to accommodate him, Iborra and Ndidi? As a midfield goes that sounds pretty damn good.
  2. Court case against Vichai/KP

    Well I am happy to pay taxes and whilst I don't want to pay more than I owe I certainly would never try and dodge any tax. I think from an "ideology" point of view it could be seen as a moral issue whereas maybe less so in the "real world". The system we live in relies on people paying into a central pot for the "greater good". I would argue that if people (especially the very rich) actively try and pay less than they "owe" to the central pot it could be deemed a morally "not great" thing to do. Whether the government misuse that money is for me a separate issue. The idea of paying taxes to support the community is something I believe in strongly and I have been and always will be happy to pay my part.
  3. Court case against Vichai/KP

    I don't think I have ever actively tried to pay less tax in my life? And for a number of years I have been self employed. And I would argue that it could be described as a moral issue, at least partly? Not saying I disagree with you completely I just do not agree with you completely. X
  4. Ex-Leicester City player news

    Every single bad thing that has ever and will ever happen to this club is Rudkin's fault remember. X
  5. When you want to respond to someone on a thread but realise they are right. I have written, deleted and rewritten this response 17 times but cannae really argue with your assessment. X
  6. Waiting for the FT classic "but e's left uz nah so why we fvcking talkin' about him get over it you plastic twats" as if having even a passing interest in someone who used to be at our club but is no longer makes you somehow less of a fan. X
  7. Haha, you are right. As much as I love Pearson I was ready to read this and overlook the fact he was a proper hard core Brexitmeister but pleasantly surprised. I wish him all the best. X
  8. I love you Big man. Always have, always will. Good luck. X
  9. Demarai Gray

    Albrighton is a legend for us. I love him. Gray is very exciting and could become a legend. I like him. It's not one or the other and they seem to be pals and get on, it's just us fans that start slating/wanking over each other's posts depending on our own, presupposed bias. I am very pleased for Gray and I also think that Albrighton is very, very unlucky to hat have received an input after all he has done. Up the Foxes. X
  10. Demarai Gray

    Gray has done absolutely nothing wrong since he joined us. He has stated on a few occasions that he is frustrated at not playing and he has a face which some people deem as "mardy". Other than that I genuinely cannot see why some people have an issue with him. When was the last time we had a young, English player knocking on the national team's door and producing genuinely exciting (if sporadic) performances at club level? If he says "I am better than that nobhead Albrighton and deserve to be starting every week" then of course he is out of order but to say "I am frustrated that I am not playing" how on Earth is that wrong? You have to do some serious mental gymnastics to turn that into a bad attitude. He may have a bad attitude, I don;t know, but what I do know is that none of you know that he definitely has based on any of these comments. Look at the headline - Gray "slams" club. It;s all just media bollox and we are better than that. Keep it up Gray and good luck with England. X
  11. England squad

    I like Loftus-Cheek and it is nice to see young players given a go but if he was a Palace player and not on loan from Chelsea would he be anywhere near the squad? What has he done this season? I know there are lots of injuries but I feel for English players that play for less fashionable teams. There is never any "outside the box" thinking with the England team selection. I wish him luck and hope he does well but the English national set up needs a shake up. X
  12. Is Iborra the best looking Fox of all time?

    Everyone stop and read this..... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Junior_Lewis Someone has enjoyed themselves. 11ft 2in. X
  13. Is Iborra the best looking Fox of all time?

    How tall was the man, the legend, Junior Lewis? X
  14. Expected Goals

    ON AVERAGE though the team that has the most clear cut goal scoring chances will score the most goals over a large enough sample size. Of course, based on individual matches (or even groups of matches in a smaller sample) all kinds of freak results can happen and football is beautiful for this very reason, it is highly difficult to predict. If it were truly random though a different team would win the league every year. Odds show a likelihood of what is expected to happen, if it did not work then bookmakers would not exist as they make a living from it. I find it difficult to understand (though I am a bit simple) why some people think you either have to believe in stats all the time and they are never wrong or you think they are shit. The truth is nuanced and more interesting. Over a large enough sample, given enough matches a picture can be created that allow us to say "x outcome" is statistically more probable than "y outcome". Of course this does not mean that "x outcome" always wins but that doesn't mean the stats are wrong, just that people have misunderstood them. Anyway, I realise I am a massive dullard with a tiny, tiny penis so I will stop now. X
  15. Is Iborra the best looking Fox of all time?

    Sorry I don't understand?