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  1. Not gonna happen but would love us to sign Saint-Maximin. I just like the way he plays and he’s the best dribbler in the league. We really are missing someone who can beat a man. X
  2. Apologies for being slow to reply, I have a posting restriction and had met my quota for the day. I don’t recall calling you racist? Anyhoo I’ll maybe take a look in another thread. PS @Mark could you please see fit to lifting my restrictions? I have very little life at the best of times but during lockdown I’m even more pathetic and FoxesTalk is a fun outlet. I can’t really see why I have a restriction in the first place? If you could lift my ban that would be great. Sorry for asking in a post but I’ve messaged you three times without reply. X
  3. Och the Israel thing is messy I agree. That some of the left cannot condemn the nation without making it anti Semitic is painful to me too as a lefty. I have an Israeli friend who received abuse over here from members of the left which is depressing but just as some Trump voters are KKK some BLM folk may be idiots. However as an ideal and given the current climate I cannot hep but see the BLM movement as positive, timely and something to cheer. I think the taking the knee has been an incredible gesture and happy to see it continue. The problem is often nobbers on both sides but moaning about what is on the whole a very positive movement seems very churlish. Black Lives Matter. Anyone who finds anything about that sentence offensive has to take a look at themselves. X
  4. Which is exactly my point. Shoving a 6 footer in simply because he is 6 foot is pointless.
  5. Can you explain how the black lives matter Movement is racist? I’m not trying to be obtuse I’m genuinely intrigued. I’m nothing if not willing to change my mind if presented with evidence so I’d be keen to hear yours? X
  6. I agree that football shouldn’t get involved with party politics but what is political about saying that black people’s lives matter? X
  7. Yeah I understand and obviously height can help but when the study was carried out a couple of years ago the tallest teams were West Brom and Huddersfield and the shortest were Man City and also Liverpool were 4th shortest. Empirically, according for the study there was statistically zero significance on results of height. X
  8. You know Man City are the shortest team in the league? Not saying height can’t help and actually I like the thought of trying 352 also but there was a study recently that I can’t be bothered finding that showed there is zero correlation between a teams’ height and performance. X
  9. I’ll add to my comment just to annoy everyone further. “I really like Nicola Sturgeon and I voted FOR Scottish independence in the referendum”. Do I get a prize?
  10. I really like Nicola Sturgeon. X
  11. Really hope Man City win. I don’t want this Liverpool team breaking records. I don’t even know why I dislike them so much. I’m a petty man. X
  12. I know it’s childish but fvcking love a spurs loss. X
  13. No it was definitely a Leicester one and definitely to the tune of Go West by Pet Shop Boys. X
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