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  1. To be fair, Rooney can pick out a pass. X
  2. Great cross from Chilly. X
  3. I know it is all mindless conjecture but I honestly believe that "THAT" team (the one that won the league) would have won the Champions League had it started straight at the end of the season and we had the same players. That is what was so amazing about that team. When it wanted to it could beat anyone. People talk about managers and whether Pearson or Ranieri was more important (both were vital in my opinion) but deep down I just think that that particular group of players had something special, something more than the sum of its parts that kind of transcended the manager and even the fans. It was like when they wanted to they could take it to another level. It's like when you hear Joy Division interviewed and they just come across as four northern lads, not particularly special, who liked football and girls but when they got together they produced music way beyond any of their capabilities. Those 11 main players that won the league had something magic between them that no one will ever be able to fully explain. It truly was beautiful to watch and we are lucky that it happened to "our" team. Anyway, sorry I am rambling. X
  4. RumbleFox

    Claudio to Fulham

    GOAT. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/av/football/36183010
  5. RumbleFox

    Claudio to Fulham

    God I love his face. X
  6. This thread reads like the rantings of folk when we hired Ranieri. People are weird. X
  7. RumbleFox

    Claudio to Fulham

    I genuinely wish him the best. Legend. X
  8. RumbleFox

    Claudio to Fulham

    I think he just meant keeping them up?
  9. RumbleFox

    Rachid Ghezzal signs.

    I love you. Yeah I get what you are saying. I think the problem probably lies in the extremes. There are people that go OTT all the time and clearly have an agenda against a certain player/manager or just like to wind people up. These people then get a reaction from posters like me (which is usually warranted) but it sometimes happens at the wrong moment or someone more reasonable gets the response that has been building for 100 shitty posts. Same the other way round, some people are painfully anti any kind of debate but then everyone even slightly positive gets lumped in with them. Same as life in general I suppose, the nobwangers on either end ruin it for everyone esle. Nothing frustrates me more on this site than people slagging off players or managers (especially when it gets personal) without any level of constructiveness or thought. The real issue is why do I bother pulling people up on it? Because, probably, I am self righteous, slightly obtuse and have too much free time but I can at least be honest about that. Your post didn't really annoy me implicitly in what you said I more felt it was slightly harsh on the original poster as really all they seemed to be saying was "some people judge players way too quickly". I like your posts in general too and I am never too nobby to discuss things or retract things or look at things from other views. X
  10. RumbleFox

    Rachid Ghezzal signs.

    Look, I am fully aware I am one of the most annoying posters on here, probably in the top 10, but I feel my point is valid. No one is "Shutting down" discussion. People are just frustrated with over the top criticism. Nor did anyone ever demand that all we do is simply "just talk about the weather". People are annoyed when players get slagged of personally or unreasonably. No one (well not me) minds constructive criticism. You also ignored the part where I stated this quite clearly in my original response. I do not disagree with a lot you have said but I think some people (not you) come on here and just stir sh1t up and slag players off with no constructiveness and often with personal insults and then when challenged respond with "This is a forum you are trying to shut me down" which is so frustrating as a debating method. Anyhoo, as you pointed out, this is a discussion forum so thank you for discussing with me. X
  11. RumbleFox

    Rachid Ghezzal signs.

    Trouble with this kind of comment is that it is a straw man that people who unfairly slate players always use as an excuse (not accusing you of being one of those people). I do not think anyone has an issue with discussing a player and with constructive criticism. The issue is with the "he's shit. Sell him. Absolute garbage. Terrible. Sell him" type stupidness that some posters go for. By all means criticise any of our players but at least do it in a manner which makes sense and does not make you lok like a 12 year old (again. not accusing you of being one of these posters). X
  12. RumbleFox

    January Transfer Window Thoughts & Rumours

    Kasper Ricardo Maguire Evans Chilwell Ndidi Loftus-Cheek Rashford Maddison Gray Vardy
  13. RumbleFox

    Rachid Ghezzal signs.

    This thread reads like the bile fuelled ramblings of an incel monthly meeting. Some of you. Good lord. One of our best players today, well done. X
  14. I actually think he'll become one of our best players. He's got real quality and drive. X