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  1. Liverpool ain’t winning all three. They’re shite. X
  2. So underrated. One of my favourite “just chill out and watch a shitey film” films of all time.
  3. Lost my grandad a few years ago. Biggest man in the world. My hero. Wish he could have watched that yesterday. Luckily he managed to see us win the league. Miss you Grandad. X
  4. You just sensed he was doing it all for Vichai. Like I don’t know if anyone’s seen The Quick and the Dead? But Sharon Stone’s character isn’t anywhere near as fast in the draw as Gene Hackman but she beats him in the final shoot out to avenge her father. Gene’s like “but you’re not as fast as me” and ol’ Sharon says “today I am”. That’s like Kasper. Today he was. Today he was the best ever. Sorry. Rambling. Basically, nice one Kasps. X
  5. I’d go Raneiri MON Brendan Pearson Raneiri in some ways is the worst of the 4 but what he did will never ever be surpassed and he’ll always be number one purely for the fact he gave us a miracle. And he’s just got such a nice face. MON edges second for me. It’s probably because I was younger back then and it’s easier to idolise players and managers when you’re young but that side still holds a special place in my heart. For yesterday Rodgers has to be third. What a day. In purely football terms he’s probably the best manager we’ve ever had. A
  6. To be fair he was deffo offside.
  7. I actually don’t care about top 4 now. Fvck it. That’s done me in. X
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