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  1. I’d give my middle testicle for this to happen. X
  2. As an aside, and with the knowledge I’ll sound slightly tin hatty..... Does anyone else think that England managers are “encouraged” to overlook players not from “the big six” in order to encourage said players to push for transfers knowing they’re less likely to play for England if they stay put? X
  3. To be fair their net spend over the last 5 years is bigger than ours, Liverpool's, Chelsea's, Spurs' and West Hams. Not saying he should go, he is a very good manager and has worked wonders there but they do spend fairly big. X
  4. One of the strangest posts I've seen on here for a while. And I'm old enough to remember Thracian. Bravo. X
  5. But he admitted it and changed it quickly. Show me a manager who’s never made a mistake? We’re second in the league and still in both cups so I think you’ve over egged his “”tactical naivety” just a tad. Of course he’s not perfect but I can’t find his performance since joining us “worrying”. X
  6. Tielemans playing deep? We look very good so far. X
  7. Logged in just to like this post. Top quality and agree with everything you said. Not seen such a well reasoned, logical post on here for a while. X
  8. To be fair Mendy has played well pretty much every time he's been called on. He's a quality footballer. X
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