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  1. What a weird thing to say. X
  2. RumbleFox

    Welcome Danny Ward

    Comes across well in the interview and mentions 'keepers being good with their feet a few times. As much as I love Kasper I do think we need a keeper more happy to play from the back. I have no idea whether Danny is that man or not but I wish him all the best. This thread's title and it's general content do not quite mesh so, to readdress that balance, I would just like to say welcome Danny, best of luck. X
  3. RumbleFox

    Jack Grealish

    Indeed I am. Small difference is that mine is a reaction rather than an unprovoked statement but I can appreciate the hypocrisy. I am nothing if not painfully aware of my own failures. X
  4. RumbleFox

    Jack Grealish

    Imagine being 22 and seeing a bunch of fat, balding guys with their bellies poking out the bottom of their t-shirts insulting you and slagging off your hair. I can only imagine the how deep the feelings of pity for those fat in the middle could have-beens would be. X
  5. RumbleFox


    It's all just bollcks eh? Pure paper talk and we lap it up and talk inanely for pages about each one. I'm checking out for a bit. X
  6. RumbleFox

    Danny Ward - 12 Million

    God knows what I make of this. Would hate to see Kasper leave but if I was forced to lose one of our first team players he would not be the worst option to move on, in the sense that he is replaceable. Don't know much about Ward other than he was pretty OK for Huddersfield but 25 is young for a 'keeper and I suppose 12m is the new 4m? Lord knows. As a second keeper pushing for a start he certainly seems a good option and might keep Kasper on his toes. I suppose we are heading towards being MASSIVE so let's spunk 12m on a back up 'keeper and move on. X
  7. RumbleFox

    Jack Grealish

    Seems weird but different strokes I suppose. X
  8. RumbleFox

    Jack Grealish

    Thanks Jonathan Van Ness. X
  9. RumbleFox

    Jack Grealish

    Why on Earth does everybody hate him so much?
  10. RumbleFox

    Jack Grealish

    I would actually love him here, quality player. X
  11. Thanks for sharing, interesting. X
  12. I still can't quite believe Buffon still holds the record transfer fee for a 'keeper of about £33m. That's a mental price for 2001! In hindsight worth every penny obviously but that's a huge fee. X
  13. RumbleFox

    Danny Amartey

    I agree completely, and happy to sell him I just feel maybe "one last chance" to see how he would do with actual proper game time. If he does not make any waves in the Championship then happy to sell, even if we do lose a million on his price tag. X
  14. RumbleFox

    Djene Dakonam

    As someone with an alliterative name I am all for this. Get the goofeh get in! X
  15. RumbleFox

    Danny Amartey

    A season long loan just to see how he looks with regular football would be great if possible as he is one of those players that you can't help but like, can't help but wish he'll come good. I dunno, I just like ol' Dan for no real, definable reason. X