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  1. Didn’t even score the wee shit. Release him on a free. X
  2. With the squad we put out it’s not a bad result away from home. We move on. X
  3. What a finish. Early brain fart aside, we’ve looked easily the better team. X
  4. I think, even at full strength, that’s pretty much the team we’d all pick. X
  5. Haha yeah I’m still positive. I always try to be. But can see why some folk might cry at that lineup. Cometh the hour cometh the men though. X
  6. That team haha. And that’s me saying that and I’m like the most positive annoying twat on here. X
  7. I fell asleep before the end of the Wolves match last night (it was 1-1 at that point). I dreamt the final score was 4-1 so I think I’m psychic. I also dreamt we beat Burnley 3-0 so there’s no need to panic tonight, we’ve got this. x Mind you, I did also dream that I sh1t the bed which fortunately didn’t happen so you never know. X
  8. Whatever happens, even if he stayed another 2 years and didn’t score another goal he’d still be the GOAT. He’s the greatest player we’ve ever had and probably ever will. He just needs a rest and we need to adjust our expectations I think. Hopefully he can play a different (diminished) but still important role in the years to come. X
  9. Ryan Giggs isn’t even in the top ten highest scorers for Wales national team. Dunno why I just looked that up but surprised me. X
  10. My nob ain’t really a bad size. X
  11. I feel like my official Leicester calendar is mocking me this morning. X
  12. We’re down to the bare bones that’s for sure. There may be people to blame for that (sports science, recruitment) but in general I think it’s bad luck and a crazy season. We’re still in a good position but Brendan needs to find a way of playing (and winning) soon else we’re in real danger of falling away again. I wouldn’t particularly lay blame at anyone if that did happen. We still cannot compete with Man City and the other big boys in terms of squad and you just have to look at Liverpool to see what a few injuries to important players can do. Having said that I’ll be fvcking beyond gutted if
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