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  1. The last half hour was a great advert for the EPL. What an entertaining second half. I know some folk will be disappointed but Wolves and Chelsea will both be challenging for top 6 and for long periods we outplayed both of them. Slow start and a few mistakes but still a young team and still a fairly new manager. We at least showed very good character and it was fine margins second half. We just couldn't quite find the final ball but you could see it was almost there. X
  2. I genuinely cheered into my dodgy stream at that. Probably our best player today. Liking the cut of his jib more and more.
  3. Perez made the most tackles of any forward player last season? X
  4. See you all at the end you miserable fvckers! COYB. X
  5. Amazing show and second series seems a shame good as the first. Although all I could think of when I saw the Manson actor was The Ghost of Christmas Present from Muppets Christmas Carol. Kinda ruined mystique. X
  6. Welcome to Glasgow Andy. You can stand under my brolly anytime.......
  7. Me too! Really not one for ever approaching famous people but think I'd have to with Kingy. X
  8. It really is much easier than I would have thought. Can be stressful at times if money is low but in general I love it. X
  9. Och I don't know that much and I steer clear of most modern watches as some of the fakes are amazing. I tend to try and stick to 50/60s mechanical watches and earlier, including pocket watches. Also I'm not a high end dealer (anything from £10 to about £1000) so often the watches I buy and sell aren't ones that would be targeted for fakes. It is difficult though but I enjoy it. I used to work for an auction house so I have enough seen a lot of items even if I've not owned them which helps get a feel for fakes. I sell Victorian and Edwardian jewellery too which is easier to authenticate and other random collectables and Antiques. I'll never be rich but I make enough to get by and it's better than a real job.
  10. RumbleFox


    I'll never be technically great but if I can strum away to a few of my favourite songs I'll be happy enough.
  11. Some really nice pieces. I buy and sell vintage and antique watches for a living so although I do not really "collect" them I usually have 50 or so in stock. It can be a dangerously expensive hobby if you get carried away.
  12. I bought a huge job lot of vintage tools the other day. Unfortunately I sold them on but if I get anymore I can send you pics in case there is anything that takes your fancy.
  13. RumbleFox


    It's going slowly. :). I'm just not a natural musician unfortunately which kills me as I love music but I think I just need to stick with it. Picked up a nice 60s Burns guitar the other day, really pretty. X
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