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  1. RumbleFox

    Wolves (A) Match Thread

    Great ball.
  2. RumbleFox

    Wolves (A) Match Thread

    Forgot how much I love Okazaki. What a genuinely lovely wee fvcker. X
  3. RumbleFox

    Wolves (A) Match Thread

    We are the GOAT. X
  4. RumbleFox


    By the way I realise passing completion does not necessarily = good distribution I just think the language was a wee bit harsh on the 21 year old lad. X
  5. RumbleFox


    Whilst Mendy certainly is the better passer I think you have gone slightly OTT here. I wish people would be more rational and less hyperbolic sometimes. Not only because I am a sad loser and it annoys me but also because it ruins your own point. Mendy's pass conversion rate is better than Ndidi but Ndidi's passing (so far this season) is actually better than last so to say this season he is "plumbing new depths" just seems a weird comment based upon pre-held beliefs rather than the facts? The reality would be to say something more along the lines of "Whilst Ndidi is young and is showing signs that his passing is actually better this season than last it is still a weak point in his game. He is still behind Mendy in that area and his game would benefit if he improved". X
  6. RumbleFox

    EFL Cup - Wolves (A) - Tues 25th Sept

    Has anyone noticed it's a strong line up? X
  7. RumbleFox

    EFL Cup - Wolves (A) - Tues 25th Sept

    To be honest I'm just looking forward to the privilege of being able to see our team test themselves against the greatest all round club team to ever play the game.
  8. RumbleFox

    Adrien Silva

    Great post, I felt exactly the same. Something about him screams quality and he does look to have a certain "something" on the ball but he hasn't produced for us yet. I think he would improve with time in the team but I would not drop Ndidi or Mendy right now. The only other option (without changing formation) would be to try him out in one of the spots either side of Maddison as he is one of our better passers and could possibly create chances. Before anyone starts, I know he isn't a winger but other than that there really isn't a place for him in the team at the moment. X
  9. RumbleFox

    EFL Cup - Wolves (A) - Tues 25th Sept

    Fans of all teams have their idiots so apologies for the ones on here who can never see any grey and just go full on mental in one direction or another. Wolves look a very good team and they are doing well. It is, however, a little premature to be talking about how good a team is after so few games. I personally think you will finish in the bottom half (but not go down) which is still great for a team's first season. Just staying in this league is an achievement. Where I think some of the issues highlighted on here stem from is that the media seem to pick random teams/players/managers each year to either have a love in with or to destroy and Wolves have certainly been getting maybe ever so slightly more praise than they are worth (even though you are worthy of lots). I still think you will struggle and if you lose a couple it will be interesting to see how you cope but best of luck and I hope you stay up. X
  10. RumbleFox

    Time for a Puel in thread.

    That is literally this whole thread in a couple of sentences. You are blessed with a rare talent. Thank you. X
  11. RumbleFox

    Time for a Puel in thread.

    Cannae be assed to read 21 pages of drivel. Can someone summarise why in shitting crikey anyone would want him gone? X
  12. RumbleFox

    Random, yet mildly interesting, stuff

    I just, quite literally, shat in my pants due to illness. X
  13. RumbleFox

    80s Classics

    I agree completely (and we are both such w@nkers, haha). Also agree about the output. Those first three albums don't really have a bad song on them and One Day I'm Going To Soar is, as you say, more like an opera/musical. I went to see them tour it and it definitely felt more like a piece of theatre than a gig. I think the lingerie album (My Beauty) got overshadowed by people weirdly freaking out over the cover as it has some great tunes on it. It isn't as good as his other output but worth a listen if you are a fan. I always thought this in particular was really great, up there with a lot of his best stuff..... You are bang on about the live performances too. I think, at their peak, they were one of the best ever. Can't think of many live performances I like more then this.....
  14. RumbleFox

    80s Classics

    This is the one off the new album I think it great.... You have to skip to about 3:50 as there is a load of shite at the start but think this is a great live performance.
  15. RumbleFox

    80s Classics

    Nice to meet another fan!! Yes I know that album well, I went to see them tour One Day I'm Going To Soar in Edinburgh and think it is probably my favourite ever gig. I agree that album is as good as anything they ever did really although This Is What She's Like, Listen To This I Love You and Knowledge of Beauty probably are my favourite songs (along with There, There My Dear) so maybe Don't Stand me down is top of my list? Not sure actually as the first incarnation (....Soul Rebels) were fvcking amazing as is the second album. I think I like all of their first four albums equally actually. I agree with you on the newer album, not quite as strong and some of the songs are a little weak, although I like a couple of the folk covers and the Bee Gee's To Love Somebody cover is great. Anyway, gonna go listen to them all now, haha. I always feel Dexys get a hard time. Whenever I say I like them people always just go "Come on Eileen is OK but annoying and they wear stupid clothes". People don't tend to delve any further which is a shame as I honestly think they are a more "serious" band than 99% of others. For me they "mean it" more than ost other bands I know. I always loved this one too as I feel it kinds of sums up Kevin Rowland's obsessive quest for purity and excellence in sound (yeah, I know I sound like a w@nker)......