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  1. Great name. For that reason alone it's a yes from me. X
  2. The greatest place on Earth.
  3. Growing up I always hated Derby, always saw them as our biggest rivals. Think it's because we were pretty level in the early 90s and everyone in Burton supported them. I've lost the hate over the last ten years or so but it would be nice to spark up the rivalry again. There's not enough mindless hate in my life. Bring up the rams so we can silence them again. X
  4. RumbleFox


    Strong find in chazza shop today.......
  5. Well, opened this thread in unison with unzipping my flies ready to debase myself and have been left sorely disappointed. "Fan cam" not quite what I expected it to be. I mean, I still managed to cover myself in my own sticky self loathing but the guilt I usually feel after has been magnified exponentially in the knowledge I reached critical mass whilst looking at John Candy's face. X
  6. Strong team, we can take these. Really hope we see Simpson and Okazaki up front together for the last 10 minutes. X
  7. Good player. Hope Harry stays but if we get a mental offer then I think we would have to take it and Tarkowski not a bad replacement.
  8. I honestly cannot see why everyone is so up in arms about this. He made racist tweets (the whole "yeah but he's black so it cannot be racist" thing literally sounds like a direct quote form David Brent) and was fined 5K which is pretty much nothing to a professional footballer. I would have agreed with the annoyance had he received a big punishment or ban but this amounts to a slap on the wrist. X
  9. Hah, as pathetic as it sounds I actually miss being able to post. X
  10. So in the end all the people offended by people being offended was pointless as he got the slap on the wrist I think was about right in the end? X
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