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  1. Just saw this on sky sports news. Signed new contract until summer 2022. Good news!
  2. I remember a few dustbins flying around the car park too. Can't remember too much about the game fortunately.
  3. We have had loads of crap results in the FA Cup over the years - as have most teams. I was at the infamous Harlow defeat and I'm still mentally scarred!
  4. At the moment I just can't work out what kind of striker he's supposed to be. He's not showing enough pace to play off the shoulder of the last man, he rarely gets a shot away when he has a chance to, he's not strong in the air and his decision making is really poor. His first touch is awful too currently and he doesn't seem to attack the ball at crosses. He may just be devoid of confidence and he's still young but he's just not contributing enough for me.
  5. I'm not saying they were right nor that it was everyone. But there were definitely those chants. I loved the Bloomfield era. For me this is one of the reasons that I'm willing to give Puel time. I can remember my dear old dad saying to me at the time "people should be careful what they wish for" and sure enough we ended up with Frank Mclintock, the sale of Frankie Wortho and a freefall to relegation. I'm in no way comparing Puel to Bloomfield but I can see what he's trying to build and we are comfortably mid-table unless that changes and unless there is a better option I don't share the view that ANY option is better. Ps for anyone of a similar era "Weller walks on water"
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