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  1. I'd love to go and see it, as well. Failing that, it would be good if they could make a virtual tour, either a video walking through the real thing or a 3d model. I'm not sure if people are getting carried away. I think the benefit will be significant. You're right - there are many other clubs with impressive facilities, but we are about to join that group. However well we are doing with recruitment before we have a state-of-the-art training ground, we will have more pulling power after, regardless of other clubs' facilities.
  2. I get what you're saying - that shiny, new training facilities might not make any difference to an individual's performance, and I think that could be the case. However, I've no doubt there will be huge advantages. This training ground is a great statement of intent. Potential player and staff signings will see this and see us as a serious club with big intentions. A training ground like this could easily be the clincher when someone has to decide between us and our similarly-sized rivals. In terms of an individual player moving from Belvoir Drive to Seagrave, the benefit, I agree, is less clear. However, I can imagine players being more excited to go into work every day, and maybe finding it slightly easier to work slightly harder, if that makes sense. I think it's conceivable that it could make each player a small amount better on average. Those small amounts add up across the team as a whole. This training ground and our recent success, I think, will lift us above the bracket of clubs we recently thought of as similarly-sized in many people's eyes. A stadium expansion would only cement that further.
  3. You're right. I think it's easy to assume that if you don't get the win, then picking a different formation or starting XI would have done it. That's not necessarily the case. We could have gone 4-4-2 with Ricardo, Maddison and Chilwell in the team and still not won. We could have played that match 10 times, with a different tactic and lineup in each one, and not won one of them.
  4. Can't complain about a point at Arsenal. We'll win there one day... won't we?
  5. They were both in the same team at Wigan years ago.
  6. Oh, right. I had no idea. Good point. We could pretend he's out for the rest of the season, I suppose.
  7. Huge result and performance. Okay, Villa are rubbish, but you could see the confidence running through the players' veins again. Seems so long ago that we last played with such energy and dynamism. Great to see. Having Ndidi, Vardy and Mendy back are huge shots in the arm. Especially with Jamie bagging two tonight. Fair play to Brendan. Made tough decisions re: Ben and Ayoze, and they paid off massively. JJ and Sharkey must start the next game. Much more confident about top 4 now. Fuching chuffed.
  8. Excellent result and performance. We're back, baby.
  9. So, so important to score first. Might be able to pick them off on the break now. Looked like a huge injection of confidence, that goal. Win this, and I think we'll be alright for top 4.
  11. I think you're right. Pretty sure it'll be just the east stand first. If we're still selling out after that, then I guess we'll be expanding the north stand.
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