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  1. I'd say it's a great idea. As I said in my last comment in this thread, vaping has made giving up tobacco easy for me. I know stopping smoking can be absolute torture. It can take a lot of mental strength to resist falling back into the trap. There are times when smoking is all you can think about. It's very mentally tiring to keep going over the same thoughts in your mind and feeling like you're always so close to losing the battle. Thankfully, it doesn't have to be that way at all. Vaping is a great substitute for smoking that you can enjoy without the guilt or risking killing yo
  2. If you're in a hole, the first thing to do is to stop digging. Why on Earth would Soton accept a bid of potentially £15m for their star striker?
  3. Why? We're looking for cover for Youri/Maddison. How does Under do that?
  4. I know. I thought Dyer's missus was being knobbed by the Swansea chairman or someone, and not a teammate.
  5. Two things. One is that we are trying to bring someone in, but it's not as easy as you might think. I think if it happens, it will likely be on deadline day or near it, as the selling/lending club runs out of hope of bigger or better bids coming in. The other is that Youri seems to be more fit the more he plays. He needs to play a lot to be at his best.
  6. I think a left-footed right winger would be a higher-priority. Albrighton won the title with us playing on the left. I'm sure Ricardo could be good there, as well. Under's the only left-footed one we have, and it remains to be seen whether we sign him permanently. Maybe, but it depends on how good his right foot is, not his left. He is left-footed. We like our wingers to play on the opposite side to their best foot, as they are usually cutting inside and not swinging crosses in.
  7. I think he's already got a job with us lined up for next season. An ambassadorial role, or something.
  8. Ah, right. Thanks. I wasn't aware.
  9. I think the rumour about the apps-triggered obligation to buy clause is just from people reading too much into why he hasn't played that much. I think it's more to do with his fitness and injuries, plus the 3 at the back formation we used that has no room for wingers, and an on-form Albrighton. He's just been unlucky with circumstances so far. I think he could feature a lot more for the rest of the season. Yes, I believe we did negotiate an option to buy instead of an obligation.
  10. I think someone started a thread recently looking for one.
  11. He's a bit more of a celeb than Sam pissing Bailey! What do you mean?
  12. Agreed. Sharky doesn't deserve to be dropped, his defensive work is important in an away game like this, and also, Under would be more effective against tired legs. Start Kevin, bring Under on last 20 or 30 if needed.
  13. Kasper Castagne Evans Fofana JJ Wilf Youri Sharky Maddison Barnes Ayoze Subs: Ward, Soyuncu, Amartey, Thomas, Ricardo, Mendy, Hamza, Under, Nacho No point messing with it. I think we should be aiming to control the midfield if they're without Allan and Doucoure.
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