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  1. Championship 2017/18

    True, but that won't be enough if Fulham win the last two games of the season.
  2. Championship 2017/18

    That's it! Derby 3-1 Cardiff! Going to the wire.
  3. Championship 2017/18

    Nice shot by bombscare, there.
  4. Championship 2017/18

    I had a feeling Derby would win this because of Colin's reaction to the called-off original fixture.
  5. Championship 2017/18

    Really struggling to get a stream. Just realised I can get Radio Derby on the telly. 3-1 Derby! Ram that up yer fat arse, Colin!
  6. Championship 2017/18

    Derby v Cardiff Can both teams lose, please? I'm getting deja vu!
  7. The Car thread

    I love that car!
  8. What Game Are You Playing At The Moment ?

    You've just got to get over to the right end of the stage. I think some or all levels have different routes stacked vertically. I used to love the early Sonic games when I was little, but you're not wrong - they are flawed. I remember thinking that it was clever that he ran so fast, and I assumed that if you were good enough and practiced enough, you'd be able to sprint through the level without stopping and impress anyone watching. As it turns out - that's not possible. They missed a trick.
  9. Unpopular Opinions You Hold

  10. The Car thread

    I think age may be a big factor in becoming a convert. There's 3 middle-aged blokes I know who either own or want an auto, who I know or am sure would have never dreamt of driving one years ago. Maybe the same fate awaits me, although I can't imagine it right now. I think the manual override thing should appeal to me. I know that thinking logically, that is more or less a manual. It's just not the same in my mind, though. I'm aware of this. It does nothing to change my mind, though. It's very much like when everyone was walking round with their arse hanging out their trousers, looking like they've soiled themselves, while also making them look like they've got stubby little legs. It just makes me sure that I'm right and everyone else is wrong. I'd honestly sooner have a classic car with a manual gearbox than a brand new automatic. I did borrow a Toyota Rav4 automatic while I was repairing my last car. While it was easy and comfortable, I just didn't find it fun at all. I occasionally drive just for the sake of it, but I never felt compelled when I was borrowing that, even though the engine was twice the size of my own car's. I really enjoy driving. I see changing gear as part of it, and I want to do it myself. I'm concerned that if we give the inch of control of the gearbox over to the machines, they'll take the mile of doing the whole shabang themselves. Are we willing to place our lives in the hands of a little piece of silicon? There be dragons. Mark my words.
  11. The Car thread

    Got a VW Golf mkIV 2.3l V5 recently. It's pretty old - 16 years, but only done 35k. Mint. I absolutely bloody love it, and love it a bit more every time I drive it. I had been driving a 1.0l Lupo for years before, so just being able to overtake is a huge bonus. It's pretty thirsty if you thrash it (around 23 mpg), but not too bad if driven sensibly (nearly 40 mpg), the tax and insurance is more than I'm used to, but just the sound it makes means it's worth every penny to me. Surprised to read all the positive comments about automatics. I can't see myself ever owning one, unless I lose my left foot. I know they're more economical these days, but I'll never be able to shake the image I have of them. I've always thought they were for people who were unable to drive a proper car, people who didn't enjoy driving, or people who were just downright lazy. The only time I ever think I'd like a slushbox is when I'm stuck in traffic for a long time heading uphill. Other than that, I want to be able to pick the gear. I want to be able to test the economical or acceleration limits of the car. Are all you pro-automatics over 50? Do you enjoy driving? Do you own slippers? Care to defend yourselves? I've always thought automatics have about as much cred as fuching Coldplay, and I can't see that ever changing.
  12. Championship 2017/18

    Yeah. It didn't make any difference to Forest whether they won or lost, so in that game, I'd rather Cardiff slipped up in their promotion push. If Forest were fighting for something, then it would be different. I agree - I'd like more midlands clubs to be in our division to make it more interesting for us, even if that means they have to enjoy some success to get here. I miss seeing us thrash sorry Derby twice a season. There almost certainly won't even be a WBA or Stoke in the PL next season. It'll be just us and Wolves, unless Villa or Derby win the playoffs. It is nice to be the best midlands club, but some derbies would be good, especially in nothing seasons like this one. Fuch Cardiff. Can't stand them.
  13. Championship 2017/18

    It's not so much that I want Forest to win as I want Cardiff to fail.
  14. Championship 2017/18

    Buggeration. Forest have been the better side, but are 2-1 down.
  15. Championship 2017/18

    Get in!!!! Cardiff 1-1 Forest. Cardiff very, very nearly made it 2-0 just before.