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  1. Raw Dykes


    I don't think he's nasty. He's not the sort of player to strike fear into opposition defenders. He's their dream, in fact - barely mobile and poor in the air. He's not nice, but not in a useful way. He's clearly a disruptive influence. Surprised anyone wants him back. I'm hoping we can fob him off on to Man Utd.
  2. Southgate! Thank you, Man Utd, for providing such entertainment. Genuinely. I'll admit I've been indulging in schadenfreude a lot this season watching their fan channels. Honestly, it just gets better and better. I recommend Goldbridge on The United Stand for a laugh. He was saying how much he wanted Burnley relegated just a second before they scored their first. The Bruno Fernandes saga has been a joy, as well.
  3. Surprised me, as well. I'm sure I read the other day that they want to move into a new stadium. I wouldn't bother if I couldn't fill 11k seats in the PL. Christ.
  4. Agreed. Seeing them throw their toys out the pram when they're 5th in the league is funny. They don't know they're born. Biggest wage bill in the country, as well. Lack of invesment, my arse.
  5. I don't think it's possible to recall a player out on loan outside of a transfer window. We won't be loaning him out if we don't get someone else in first.
  6. Raw Dykes


    Man Utd are buying our bomb squad!? It's official: We've arrived.
  7. Agreed. IIRC, the Ricardo signing was pretty much out of the blue. Either way, I certainly don't remember anyone saying we'll never get him.
  8. The thing I can't work out is why you'd be happy to cut our lead by 3 points just for the sake of seeing Liverpool lose. As a Leicester fan, I just want what's best for us. I really hate Man Utd, but if them winning a game somehow helps us, I'll want them to win it. I just think your priorities are all messed up. We've got a great chance of CL football, which could well do us wonders. It could take us to the next level, and it's entirely possible we won't get another chance in our lifetimes. Man Utd, Spurs and Arsenal could get their acts together next season and/or we could fall apart. Why any fan would want to jeopardise our chance in any way, over something very trivial, I'll never understand.
  9. Perfect result. Was a bit worried at 1-1, but this adds to a great set of results for us. Only Norwich let us down. Very optimistic again.
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