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  1. I think most people would agree that football is too unfair. One of the few things great about American sports is how they are set up to avoid monopolies. I think it's great whenever the corrupt system football has is beaten, e.g. our title win with a team built for relative peanuts, or the fact that every PL club is more or less rich enough to be able to refuse to sell players to the elite few. Sadly, I'm sure there are plans to stamp this out so that the rich can get richer again. I just hope they don't manage it. I can't see a draft system working in football. There may be a way to do it, but I think it would require drastic changes, and I don't think changing the pyramid system should be considered - it is great that any club, no matter how small, can dream of one day climbing their way to the top. There are other simple ways to make football fairer, however. I think a salary cap is an obvious choice, but it would have to be a global thing, in order to avoid all the best players fleeing the country. I think having a max length of contract for young players would be a good way of stopping clubs like Chelsea from hoarding all the best young talent and never playing them. Maybe a max number of young players you can sign from outside your academy up to a certain age might work.
  2. Yeah. When was the last time a woman left the toilet seat up for anyone?
  3. Excellent! Especially the Slimani one.
  4. Weirdly, this was the video that followed on YouTube...
  5. Aguero's getting on a bit now. Maybe start around £12m?
  6. He wasn't. That's just based on minutes played.
  7. True. I'd be happy to see (almost) any club outside the big few win the PL. Maybe less so now that we've done it!
  8. It was the point, because they added the bit about clubs with more titles than us. They were saying it was embarrassing because it's factually wrong. It's not. I get tired of hearing "but they have won the league" about that song. It's irrelevant. If they were just saying the song is embarrassing full stop, I'd agree it's not the point. I don't disagree with anything else you wrote. I also happen to think that it's stale, arrogant and unfunny. Anyway, it's only supposed to wind up the opposition fans, and I'm sure it works, because they must know deep down they will never experience what we have.
  9. It's still true, though, if it's aimed at a club like Huddersfield, Wolves or even Everton. I doubt it's been directed at Liverpool or Man Utd., has it? The fans you're saying that to aren't going to be singing about a league title they won before any of them were born, are they? And it's highly unlikely they'll see the day their team wins it again.
  10. I can't fault him, really. It's the club's mistake for offering the contract in the first place. I'm sure more than a few of us would do the same thing. I know people will say that pros should want to be playing every week, but if someone gets a contract that will set them, their children, grandchildren, etc. up for life, then they'd have to seriously consider taking it, even if they know there's a good chance they'll be warming the bench for a few years. If that player has already enjoyed a good career beforehand, or still has time to establish themselves as first choice at another club after, then I think they'd be mad to turn it down. If the club was in financial trouble, then that would muddy the waters somewhat, but it's still not the player's fault he was given more money than he's worth.
  11. When Jenas says Dele, is he talking about Debbie Alli?
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