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  1. Oh, right. I had no idea. Good point. We could pretend he's out for the rest of the season, I suppose.
  2. Huge result and performance. Okay, Villa are rubbish, but you could see the confidence running through the players' veins again. Seems so long ago that we last played with such energy and dynamism. Great to see. Having Ndidi, Vardy and Mendy back are huge shots in the arm. Especially with Jamie bagging two tonight. Fair play to Brendan. Made tough decisions re: Ben and Ayoze, and they paid off massively. JJ and Sharkey must start the next game. Much more confident about top 4 now. Fuching chuffed.
  3. Excellent result and performance. We're back, baby.
  4. So, so important to score first. Might be able to pick them off on the break now. Looked like a huge injection of confidence, that goal. Win this, and I think we'll be alright for top 4.
  6. I think you're right. Pretty sure it'll be just the east stand first. If we're still selling out after that, then I guess we'll be expanding the north stand.
  7. Pathetic. Got to start firing soon to avoid disaster.
  8. Still feel as cheated as ever by refs. The big clubs seem to get many more favourable decisions than everyone else. I like the idea of using technology to clear up offsides. There's no doubt that these decisions are way more accurate with VAR, but it takes far too long to work out in its current state. It does suck all the joy out of celebrating a goal. I think it needs binning and looking at again once it's possible to give an on/offside decision in a matter of a few seconds. I'm sure the technology already exists. I'm sure it's possible for a computer to recognise where players and the ball are on the pitch and give offside decisions instantly. I've got no idea why someone is manually drawing lines on a 2d image. Ridiculous, really. For every other decision it's being used for, I don't think it's made much difference at all. Obvious red cards still go unpunished and clear handballs are ignored. Until we get refs who aren't so unashamedly bent, VAR is a total waste of time for everything other than offsides. Bin it. For now, at least.
  9. Disappointing to have lost. Expected it before the game, but thought we played well. Shafted by shitty reffing. We'll have much better chances for points in the coming weeks.
  10. Fvcking disgusting that they gave it. SAVED!! GET IN!!! JUSTICE!!!
  11. I'd take a point in this one. The CL ban has the potential to ruin morale for Man City, and they might rest players with Madrid in mind, but I'm sure it will be a tough game no matter what. Looking at the table and our fixtures, I think we can look forward to getting back on form soon. We've not really been firing on all cylinders for a while now, but I really don't think we're far off. We're still in a great position, and I think we've got a lot of excellent chances to play ourselves back into form starting straight after this match. I reckon around 65 points should be the target, and that means 4 wins and a few draws will probably do it. From 12 remaining matches, we should be pretty confident of getting that to finish top 4.
  12. Yeah. I never get quoted, either. Weird.
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