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  1. Shame he's had such bad luck with injuries. I think it was two seasons running he played a few games at RB, started playing well before getting crocked. Could be a good squad player here, especially if we're in Europe next season, but if he can stay fit, he could be a regular starter at another PL club. I'd like to see him go on to have a good career, whether that's here or somewhere else.
  2. Wow! That's a joke, surely? If not, they must have time travelled from a few years ago. Chilwell going for half Maguire's fee, to be backup to Emerson. If I was Ben, I'd be thoroughly insulted by that.
  3. It beggars belief, doesn't it? I've seen it all recently. That bloke on The United Stand put only Chilwell in the defence of a combined XI. Who in their right mind would want any of AWB, Maguire or Lindelof over Ricardo, Evans or Soyuncu? I even saw someone saying that, surely, McTominay gets into a combined XI! He was shocked that someone would pick Ndidi over McTomineffinay. These people must assume that if a player is not at a big club, then he can't be that good. I'm sure of it. Rashford over Vardy, though. Wow. It's like saying I'd rather have a turkey dinosaur than a Christmas roast dinner.
  4. I agree. I think the big clubs often perceive transfer targets as too risky until they've proved themselves at a high enough level, by which time they are much more expensive. I think they could all be doing a lot better re: scouting, but I'm not complaining. Often much more than double or treble. We got Maguire for around £17m, and sold him for £80m. Maddison was around £22m, but I can't see us letting go of him for less than £100m. Maybe more. I think you're right to a point. If Spurs did finish mid-table for a couple of seasons, I think they still would be seen as one of the big clubs at first, but I'm sure that would fade eventually if it carried on happening.
  5. Hmmm. I wonder who on Earth you could possibly be talking about. It is odd that some people are only ever on here when it's going badly.
  6. Don't talk daft. Please don't bet on that. We won't be losing any important players mid-season. The players will know that they have to wait until summer if they want out (not likely, anyway, the way we and they are going). Those clubs are not going to want to pay anything like what we would sell for right now. It will take mental money to poach someone like Ndidi from us, especially in January. The club would probably prefer to make Ndidi train with the kids rather than strengthen a rival, anyway. £150m from a foreign club might do it, but I can't see that happening any time soon.
  7. Agreed. I get why most people want a winger. That is the weakest area of the first XI. However, Barnes is improving all the while, Perez is still settling into the club and his new role, and Gray is much improved. Never thought I'd say it, but Gray could actually have a big future here, after all. Then you've got Kevin, as well. I'd normally say that the best way to improve the squad is to buy better than you've already got and relegate existing first teamers to the bench. However, I really don't think the first team wants messing with at the moment. I wouldn't want to risk unsettling anyone at this moment in time. I think we should be looking to increase the squad depth, with an eye on the future and the likely European campaign. I'd go for a backup centre-half, probably a younger player, and a young playmaker, also as backup. Even though we added Tielemans and Praet, we'll still be short of creativity in CM if either of them or Maddison is unavailable. Maybe a young versatile forward, as well.
  8. Doesn't matter. Whether you have a good striker or a shit one, they are still more likely to score given better service.
  9. I think the crux of the matter is application. I agree that xG stats used alone, as you say, to gauge a team's performance when compared to another's, isn't very useful. As you rightly point out, xG stats do not take into account how clinical a team's players are in front of goal - they're not trying or pretending to do that. In fact, it is precisely this that xG stats are most useful for telling us. By comparing xG to goals scored, they give a good idea as to whether a team or its individual players are clinical or wasteful.
  10. So you don't think you're more likely to score when you create more chances, better chances or both? Oh really? When you saw Rashford miss an empty net from about 3 yards out yesterday, you didn't think he should have scored, then? Give me a break.
  11. First was the jammiest goal you'll ever see. Second was a goalmouth scramble you'd see down the park on a Sunday.
  12. There was a video posted on here last night where Ian Wright says he thinks Evans must be in heaven playing in this team. He said he's got a great keeper behind him, Ricardo alongside him - pace, Soyuncu next to him - pace, Chilwell on the other side - pace, and if that wasn't enough, Ndidi mopping up danger in front of them. You're right - I expect he probably is enjoying helping Soyuncu out and passing on his wisdom to a clearly stellar talent. Evans and Soyuncu is a great partnership. Possibly close to perfect. Great balance of youth and experience, and they also each have what the other might lack. One wise old head, and one rapid, flair player. Our central defence is a brick wall that Cruyff turns its way out of trouble.
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