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  1. Yeah. That's not what I'm saying. I'm saying if we were to sell Youri, I'd have a midfield of Ndidi, Soumare and Maddison if it meant we had a good RW, another good backup winger and another experienced CB. Out of interest, who would you realistically replace Youri with if he leaves?
  2. We could do that, but as things stand now, it seems to me we've got Youri, Soumare (probably) and KDH all competing for the same place in the team. Perhaps Soumare can also cover Wilf, but I don't think that is his preferred position. If we did sell Youri, I'd rather we got in a winger or two and a CB than try to replace him. I think those are higher priorities with Soumare (probably) and KDH added to the squad already. I do understand that people will be concerned that Soumare and KDH can't be relied on to be as good as Youri has been, and I agree with that. Still, I think we'd be
  3. Haha! Cengiz/Genghis last season, Attila this season. Who are we getting next year?
  4. Besides, I believe emergency loans are strictly for keepers and only when all your senior ones are crocked at the same time. All other loan recalls have to be in the January window, I think.
  5. Soumare? I know he's not exactly the same type of midfielder as Youri, but it's Youri's place in the team that he'll be considered for most. I agree with @Gerard - we're adding two CMs this summer in Soumare and KDH. If Youri leaves, we won't need any replacement, let alone an expensive one. I'd much sooner get the RW or CB we need.
  6. Raw Dykes


    I think clubs are free to buy/sell players whenever they like, but there's not much point of doing so outside of a transfer window as the player can't be registered at the new club. I think players out of contract might be different as they can be registered at any time provided there is space in the club's 25-man squad.
  7. I think it's both club and country. I think it's 8 trained in the country, including 4 trained at the club.
  8. Some are masterpieces, though...
  9. You've reminded me of a dream I had years ago. I was working in an archive. It was a huge 5-storey building with shelves all over the place. A lot of the flooring was just grated, so you could see all the way to to top or bottom of the building. It was pretty run-down in general. Pickers would go around with a trolley and collect files off a list. I dreamt I was there in a sort of Supermarket Sweep/Running Man hybrid TV show. Small teams would stealthily go around with a Mad Max-ified trolley collecting things from the shelves, but would attack each other if they were spotted and try to steal
  10. A trend that is so played-out it seems like it's mandated by law or something. Shameless bandwagon-jumping. I made myself laugh at the shaving robot one the first time I saw it. As soon as the bloke in the chair said, "This thing's gonna..." my childish mind filled in the rest. This honestly might be my favourite ad ever. It's just so refreshingly bullshit-free.
  11. Raw Dykes


    You are right - they are as rare as hen's teeth in football. However, this is a bit different if each side has a player the other is interested in and would be willing to sell. It's rare that that happens, but this could be such a case.
  12. Raw Dykes


    I really don't want to lose Cags, but we might be able to do a good deal with Barca if they throw Trincao into it. If we can't get him to sign a new contract this summer, then we're better off selling him in this window than risking him going on the cheap next season. As much as I like him, I would be pretty confident that we could replace him well without spending too much. Especially in today's market.
  13. Money can be found, indeed. Chilwell was sold for £50m. We're not in a position to compete with the rich clubs when going for the same players. They can blow us out of the water on wages. That isn't to say we're stuck in the second group of the PL, though. We've won the cvnt and very narrowly missed out on top 4 the last two seasons. What we're doing is working.
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