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  1. Disappointing, but I wasn't expecting much with so many players missing. Let's not forget Villa bummed Liverpool senseless 7-2 last week. On the plus side, Fofana looks like an excellent signing.
  2. Hamstring. Matter of weeks, I think.
  3. Don't go to footybite and try the ladstreams one. It's illegal.
  4. Decent half considering the injury list. Fofana looks a very good signing so far. Leaps like a salmon, very tidy on the ball and can pass forwards very well. Can't really believe he's only 19.
  5. It's a nice problem to have. This is what squad depth looks like.
  6. I heard a reporter on Talkshite last season saying that we had Barnes on loan from Liverpool. I think he must have confused him with Harry Wilson for some reason.
  7. You obviously haven't seen Tubgirl. And I am envious. Do not google it. You have been warned!
  8. I think it's just a case of looking at who has the least drop off in performance on the less-favoured side. It might be the case that Castagne is 95% as good on the left as he is on the right, but Justin is 96% as good on the left as he is on the right. Then you only lose 4% total playing JJ on the left. It could also be because Castagne is adapting to a new club, in a new league in a new country and is being eased in on his favoured side. It could also be because he is earmarked as the successor to Ricardo, and may only be our 1st choice left back from the point Ricardo is back un
  9. Yes. The B list is just u21 home-grown players.
  10. It's not too early for Thomas in Europe. He doesn't have to be listed in the 25-man squad as he is a home-grown u21 player. There may be one or two easy or dead-rubber games in the group stage which could be perfect for a player like Thomas to feature in.
  11. It is worrying that Amartey's not on there. Guess he's out for a couple of months, at least. Such a shame.
  12. It's just been said before your post, but I think it's unrealistic to expect better backup than Nacho right now. Who could we get who is better who would also be happy sitting on the bench? And how much would this player cost? I think that player would be the definition of a luxury player when there were such bigger priorities. Watkins cost Villa over £30m, and he's gone there to be their no.1 striker. He wouldn't have come here to play second-fiddle to a player like Vardy, who looks as clinical as ever. Our main priorities this window were a replacement for Chilwell, competition f
  13. What better tonic for a disappointing defeat than seeing Man Utd and Liverpool both get thumped senseless in the same day?
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