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  1. Turning this off. It's a repeat of last year. Fuch football.
  2. That was a separate occasion involving some youth players and women's team players, wasn't it? I think this one might have happened after the Man City game, if rumours are to be believed.
  3. This could quite easily derail the season. It doesn't seem like you understand how serious this is. We could miss out on CL again because of this. You'd think they might realise how important it is after last season, but apparently not. I'm furious.
  4. I agree. My dad says he hates gangster films and I think that's the reason. I've said he has to see The Godfather - it's a real masterpiece of cinema - but he's not interested. I really don't think it does glorify the subject. I certainly didn't come away thinking I'd love to be involved in organised crime, constantly looking over my shoulder. Wouldn't get a moment's peace!
  5. You'd take a point from a 'must win' game. Okay. I'll assume this is intentionally funny.
  6. Why not just go for first and get it done sooner?
  7. That wasn't what you were saying at all. You were saying it's better to have an opinion of a player and stick with it, rather than ever change your opinion based on the evidence. You were saying that it would be immature and hypocritical to do so. It was nothing to do with abuse.
  8. Would Brendan have trusted KDH enough to put him in the first team without seeing how well he's done in the Championship, though?
  9. Turning this shit off. Thanks, Wolves. Fuching useless.
  10. He was injured on 28th Feb, and is meant to be out for 6 weeks. He could be expected back in training in about 2 weeks time from now, I think. It's not an exact science, though. Often, players have come back later than Brendan has said they should be back, and Praet was back about a month sooner than initially expected. If I had to guess, I'd say he could back (at least on the bench) by the Palace game on 26th April.
  11. NEVER trust Brighton to get you a result.
  12. Ah, right. My apologies. FWIW, I don't think it's a bad idea. I suppose it should be a decision for the fans to make.
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