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  1. What a player. A living legend. We're blessed to be Leicester fans in the era he's at the club. I suppose some of us have paid our dues watching the likes of Elvis hammond (ankle) and Geoff Horsfield lead the line, and Vardy is the just deserts.
  3. I agree with all of this except for the bit about Slimani. I think we need to just forget about him. He's rubbish. He's not going to get near the team, and we're not going to be able to sell him for any decent fee. I really hope we can sign Tielemans permanently. I'm not going to get my hopes up too much, though, because there's bound to be a lot of competition. We definitely need him or someone similar, though. You're absolutely right - the bench is our main concern. I think the first XI currently is roughly as good as it needs to be, but there's nowhere near enough quality on the bench to change a game. I think an upgrade on Gray, some good cover for Vardy and another creative CM/CAM (as well as Tielemans/someone similar) would do us wonders. Some cover for full backs might also be needed.
  4. I thought we were just talking about motorway services. I used to see Ian Marshall in Somerfield in Barrow quite often. Long time ago now, though. Saw Matt Elliott very recently. About a month ago, I saw him coming out of a house on Cossy Rd. in Sileby. I gave him a thumbs up as I drove past, and he smiled and waved.
  5. Totally agree. Only a matter of time before they start to slide.
  6. I once saw Darren Ferguson with (I assume) his family in the EMA services car park. It was after the wife beating business.
  7. There were other Championship clubs after him when we signed him, so I doubt he'd still be a non-league player. However, I doubt many managers would have stuck by him to the extent NP did, and he could easily have been knocking around the lower leagues or even giving up altogether.
  8. I rarely remember dreams much anymore. However, I did wake up laughing at one I had not too long ago. I was living in a house and Fish from Marillion moved in. He was clearly down on his luck. He looked a bit thin and scruffy. I noticed that my milk kept going missing from the fridge, and this had never happened before he moved in, so I knew exactly who was to blame. I confronted him, and he said, "Yeah. I'm sorry - I just love milk so much that I can't resist drinking it when I see it." As it turned out, though, as I suspected, he was completely skint and needed the sustenance. I know one Marillion song, and I can barely remember what Fish looks like. Hadn't thought about him in years before that.
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