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  1. Raw Dykes

    The Car thread

    I'm sure you'll be fine. It's piss easy. I doubt you would have done this - I thought it would be obvious, but apparently it isn't to everyone - you operate the throttle and brake with your right foot, and your left foot does fuch all. Automatics aren't for me, but they are great when you're stuck in traffic, especially going up hill.
  2. Raw Dykes

    Vaping ban

    Oh, yeah. That famous old proverb.
  3. Raw Dykes

    Vaping ban

    Just to add to my last reply - it's a good idea to avoid getting too low on liquid in the pod, as you risk burning the coil this way. It might also help to only fill the pod about 80% max. Just something I read in the instructions. I'm fairly certain a new pod (about £3 or £4. I did read a comment on a video where someone said you can even replace the coil itself, rather than the whole pod, so it maybe even cheaper than that, but probably more hassle than it's worth) will sort your problem out. Just be careful not to burn the coil out, if you weren't doing so already.
  4. Raw Dykes

    Vaping ban

    Turns out I hadn't, either, and I invented the bloody thing.
  5. Raw Dykes

    Vaping ban

    That's the fella.
  6. Raw Dykes

    Vaping ban

    That's okay. No worries. I'm happy to help. Bad luck! That's a shame. I don't know if you know, but you have to make sure the coil doesn't burn out. That can happen if you try to use it when the coil's dry. All you have to do to avoid it is to leave it alone for a few minutes for the coil to soak when you first fill a new pod with liquid, or, I guess, if you've left a pod empty for a while. Whether this is the problem or not, I'm not sure, but I am fairly certain it's the pod part that's to blame (the main part just powers the pod, which contains the coil), and the good news is that they are cheap - about £4. I got 3 for £10 on eBay. I'm sure they'll have them in Vape HQ. It's good to have a spare, anyway, as they do burn out eventually, no matter how careful you are with them. I doubt the liquid is to blame, although some can apparently wear coils out quicker than others. I usually spend around £3-£5 on a 10ml bottle. Vape HQ's own brand (pure, I think it's called), Vampire Vape (Heisenberg is the tits), and things I find on clubvape.co.uk (edit: vapeclub.co.uk) (I recommend WFFL almond & caramel).
  7. Raw Dykes

    Liverpool A Match Thread

    Great result!
  8. Raw Dykes

    Liverpool A Match Thread

    The lift gets stuck. I offer to climb through the hatch to get help. Little does he know I've gone to eat rotten vindaloo and surstromming washed down with rancid goat's milk. "Couldn't find help, but I did find this..."
  9. Raw Dykes

    Liverpool A Match Thread

  10. Raw Dykes

    Vaping ban

    Good for you! I hope you like vaping as much as I do. Let us know how you get on, and if you find any good juices. I'd recommend trying Vampire Vape Heisenberg, which you can pick up at Vape HQ shops. Great if you can't afford to wait for delivery.
  11. Raw Dykes

    Emiliano Sala Missing.

    Yes, I think so. It was a light aircraft with a single prop, and it only had two people on board - Sala and the pilot. It's quite shocking that this can happen, really. Why no co-pilot? Why is there seemingly no emergency GPS signal alerting the coast guard to their exact location at the first sign of danger? Surely, people on board a light aircraft could wear some sort of waterproof device that is constantly tracked by the coast guard with today's technology.
  12. Raw Dykes

    What grinds my gears...

    Thanks. I hadn't seen that. Everything Matt Berry touches is gold. Even ads.
  13. Raw Dykes

    What grinds my gears...

    Oh, god. That advert gets its wretched claw through my ears to my soul every time. I can't bear it, and it seems like it's been on for years now. Is it the worst one since the godawful sofa shop one with blithering idiots playing air guitar to Nickelback's 'Rockstar'? That was sent here directly from the depths of hell.
  14. Raw Dykes

    Vaping ban

    To be honest, the huge plumes of vapour that some vapers produce annoy me, too, and are totally unecessary. I use a little e cig thing that produces a very small cloud - less than a normal cigarette, and it satisfies me - a recent 20-a-day smoker. Yes, it could easily be cut down. I don't know why they think huge clouds are important.
  15. Raw Dykes

    Vaping ban

    It's good for finding e liquids to try. You can search the clearance section, sort by price and look at reviews. I've found some great flavours on there. They deliver very quickly, as well. It's always been here the next day so far. Free delivery over £20, I think. Vape HQ is worth a visit, as well, as you can try flavours out there.