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  1. If we draw we are still 4 points clear with an chance over the next four fixtures to add a couple more points on that. It’s a six pointer and a match that will have a huge influence on whether we finish top four, but it is not must win.
  2. You do realise there are nuances between “not arsed if we lose” and “we HAVE to win this”.
  3. It’s not a must win, but it is huge. Even if we lose we are still in the top 4 with four favourable fixtures coming up. Chill out everyone.
  4. Rodgers has himself spoken about not wanting to give too much away and keeping the opposition guessing before the match. He knows that telling the world about new injuries is giving the opposition a chance to prepare.
  5. He’d have failed his test by then though, if he was due back on Thursday. He did it with Vardy earlier in the season as well. Didn’t mention it in his pre-match press conference but then after the match stated he’d not trained all week.
  6. Rodgers has a habit of this. He knew Soyuncu would be missing for Man City but he didn’t mention it in his press conference.
  7. Still no Tielemans, Maddison or Perez in the training video. No doubt nothing to read into it. Nothing at all. Tell me it’s nothing?
  8. Yeah, I know Rice is out but I wasn’t sure if “We’ve had a couple of injuries” meant Antonio and another.
  9. Moyes said: ”We’ve had a couple of injuries and I don’t think Mick is going to make this game. But apart from that I don’t think we’re too bad.” Not sure if that means Rice as well or whether it means there are other injuries.
  10. I’m not sure we’ll adopt a diamond for this. It’s not something that has worked particularly well in the past. I have a feeling he’ll stick with the back three. Without Antonio they may have quite a fluid attack and the last thing we want is to allow them to run at us like Wolves allowed. Having three CB’s allows one to step out and intercept or close down, as well as Ndidi protecting that space in front of the back line.
  11. Also no Albrighton Surely they aren't all injured.
  12. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/michail-antonio-could-miss-most-of-west-hams-bid-for-champions-league-stlhmcdqd
  13. He wasn’t training yesterday for sure. If it was just a twinge and no damage done I’m pretty sure he’d be training.
  14. West Ham forums seem to think he's out for 4-6 weeks, but no confirmation. Apparently Moyes has a tendency to keep injuries quiet to keep the opposition guessing.
  15. I very much doubt now that we'll go into those final matches with the Champions League sown up. I just hope we can get out of next week fixtures still at least 4 points clear of 5th. That gives us a run of four matches against bottom half teams to extend that cushion and take a lot of the pressure away from those final three. I just did a quick prediction of the run-in and had ourselves, Liverpool, West Ham and Chelsea all end up on 68 points, with Spurs on 67.
  16. You just know Man Utd will lose to Spurs and Liverpool but fluff their way past all of the bottom half teams.
  17. So after beating Sheffield United 5-0 and Man Utd 3-1, with this system, we should have changed it against Man City of all teams? I bet you weren’t say that before the match. No one was saying that before the match.
  18. Going into this weekend I genuinely feared everyone around us winning and us losing. I know that’s unlikely but the fixtures weren’t kind. We’ve already had Chelsea lose and Spurs draw, with two still go matches to go. I’d say that’s pretty decent all things considered.
  19. I don’t think he’ll ditch a system that has looked so good for us after one defeat to Man City. I also think he’ll want 3 CB’s to deal with Antonio, as he caused us a lot of problems earlier in the season. Maddison for Perez and Ricardo for Albrighton.
  20. So much hindsight in this thread. Imagine if we’d taken the game to Man City and they’d picked us off. Instead Rodgers went with a formula that has seen us pick up 16 points in 8 matches against the big six so far this season. We defended well for the most part but struggled to create counter attacking opportunities. Partly due to Man City’s pressing and partly due to the wide players we had available.
  21. League table was always going to look less appealing after this round of fixtures. Just hope a couple of results go our way tomorrow and Monday. I still think it’s going to be tight and tense.
  22. No one was whinging about negative tactics when we set up like that against Man City away, Arsenal away, Spurs away, Liverpool at home and Man Utd in the cup and won them all. It’s not always going to work but it’s been fruitful for us this season. We weren’t bad today, we just need really got going and City played well. Onwards.
  23. At least we have 4 days between each game post Semi-final. Would have been even better if our Semi was on the Saturday, but I'll take that.
  24. It’s a customised shirt. It’s not the new home shirt.
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