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  1. I don’t mind him going for £80m. If we’re honest, he is over rated as a defender and we are arguably a better defensive unit without him. The only negative for me is that we’ve had to concede to one of the ‘big boys’....although £80m does soften the blow and there is an element of Manures pants being pulled down.
  2. I reckon their new owners have a man of their own in mind so have let him wind down his contract. Takeover confirmed, followed by marquee manager announced.
  3. Exactly. People need to get over this s***. If the owners want to have a little bit of gold in our kit to link us back to Thailand then so be it - I think we owe them that little indulgence. It’s not exactly a Vincent Tan mk.II is it?!
  4. Even if we don’t get 7th, the biggest thing that today gives us is confidence that we can mix it with the top teams. If we back today up with good performances (and results) against Man City and Chelsea, it would go a long way to securing Youri and stopping other players from having their heads turned...
  5. Arsenal have never lost a 12pm kick off until...LEICESTER For once, a nice run to end!
  6. Highest scoring English striker...Harry who?
  7. Disagree with your point about Hamza. Think he is a pretty good passer of the ball tbh. Fizzes it in at pace and looks forward more often than not
  8. I think I would. Mahrez cost half the price, was equally as important in our title win and we made £60m on him...
  9. Not really the type of game we need him in. When we play one of the ‘big boys’ he’ll be back I imagine.
  10. Shown more in the games since he’s been back than the likes of Gray, Iheanacho and Ghezzal all season. Not digging them out at all, rather making the point that we need to stick with him for the remainder of the season even if he has a few games where he is anonymous. Real footballer’s brain!
  11. All he can do is put a team out there that is creative enough to forge chances and solid enough to not be carved open. He can’t actually put the ball in the net himself. It’s the same situation as at Newport. Puel-outers are so blinkered and will see fault in every decision the bloke makes.
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