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  1. West Ham lose and Chelsea/Liverpool draw and it’s not a bad point. Annoying that we are again looking over our shoulder though
  2. Fair play for leaving this in here...good read but I was so baffled until I got to the end haha
  3. I thought he looked like Dimmy too. Saw bits I did like (coming short and offering for the ball, showing up all the time) but also saw bits is didn’t (throwing himself to the ground expecting the free-kick). Might be unfair but I got a sense that he feels he’s made it (a la Gray) rather than someone who’s gonna work hard (a la Barnes). Hopefully I’m wrong and happy to be told I’m wrong by those that watch the youth team more regularly.
  4. Can definitely see us starting with that front 4 more regularly from now on. Had so much balance in that first half, and it shows just how dangerous we can be as an attacking unit when we have a threat on the right as well as the left. Luke Thomas was great and looks to be the perfect foil for Barnes, much more of a natural pairing than Barnes + Chilwell ever were. Nice to increase the cushion on 5th, but I’d feel even better if WHU started dropping some points.
  5. Spurs, Man City, Leeds, Man U, Arsenal, Wolves and then us is their next 7...that’s pretty bloody tough!
  6. This is the feeling I get aswell. Given BR worked with him previously, he should know one way or the other, which suggests he has doubts. edit: unless us not having the cash is a genuine reason of course.
  7. I don’t know if this is the right place for this, but it has to go somewhere..Barnes and Madders 😂😂
  8. Oh, that’s what it was! My bad, thought it was ‘sloppy’ but it was actually ‘sneaky’
  9. It’s an opinion buddy. My opinion is that we were sloppy in possession. If you don’t share that opinion then that’s also fine. It would be a boring place if we all thought the same. Not sure why you’re so touchy about it tbh.
  10. Ok, fair comment, let’s try again. The sloppiness I was referring to was how we protected possession of the ball (or didn’t as the case may be) which I thought was clear from saying: “Amartey did well enough given his time out, but it doesn’t detract from him giving the ball away cheaply.” For me, this is why we were pinned back in our defensive 3rd rather than specific tactics. Anyway, in future I’ll just say “we gave the ball away a lot” for the avoidance of doubt
  11. Yeah, IMO Amartey, Albrighton and Youri were the worst offenders for giving the ball away. As for ‘sloppiest all season’, I can’t think of a game where we struggled more to get out of our defensive third from giving the ball away. Can you name one?
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