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  1. The only consolation is that we’ve performed pretty well against the ‘big 6’. Man U - could work in our favour that they have top 4 wrapped up and have a hellish week of fixtures with our game sandwiched in the middle. OGS has already said he is going to be rotating and shouldn’t be blamed for any impact on the top 4 race. 2-0 win. Chelsea - absolute lottery coming off the back of the cup final. Could have a hangover (either way) or could be fired up. 2-0 loss Tottenham - if we need a result going into the final game then I would rather be playing Tottenham
  2. In fairness, many teams struggle with this. When you concede the first goal (let alone the first 4 goals) its going to make it harder as there is no incentive for the opposition to come out. I’m not saying this to you Le Renard, but I think what people need to realise is that the opposition will set themselves up to beat us. They’re not gonna come out and leave loads of space as that plays into our hands. We have shown that we can beat teams who sit in, equally we have shown that we can still play that way ourselves (e.g. Man City A). Last night just had too many individual mistakes
  3. Only hope is that West Ham lose to Everton. I think 2 wins could do it but I just don’t know where they’re coming from at the moment.
  4. Rodgers has gotta take some of the blame here. 2-0 with 30mins left and we have a chance. Taking off ndidi was always going to leave us open.
  5. Stick with 3 at the back. The formation isn’t the issue, it’s the application of it. We need more energy, quicker passing through the lines and to be a bit more clinical. We had the chances against Southampton, we just didn’t take them. 3-1
  6. I don’t think Madders was good last night but only thing I would say is that you need one of the front players to come deep against 10 men sitting in otherwise we just have a flat front line.
  7. You didn’t enjoy the title win then...
  8. Harsh red but I can see why it was given. If he didn’t take Vards out he had half a chance of getting onto the pass. Add to that he caught him over his ankle..
  9. Nah, he’s worth the risk given that there are so few games remaining. His performances haven’t dropped off at all really
  10. He had a bit of shocker first half. Misplaced passes, couple of slips etc which I can look past. My worry is that he doesn’t look like he can go past a man, nor does he initiate a 1-2 to get beyond the defence. Needs to learn to do this as we need our full backs to be an attacking outlet, especially against defensive teams.
  11. Yep, draw for me. We win against Palace (hopefully) and we go 6 pts clear.
  12. Yeah of course you would as we have a league title in there. Take that out of the equation and we’d prefer to be in Spurs position of regularly qualifying for the Champions League. If you swapped our league title for the FA cup, would you still say the same? I suspect you would (and tbf I probably would too) but I think that is because I’m taking into account our respective trajectories. If it was a straight choice for this season (considering what happened last season), I think I would take CL over FA cup.
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