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  1. Where Brodgers has really impressed me is his lack of arrogance. He appears to have done away with this idea of playing 2x CDMs and we’re massively benefitting from it 👏🏽
  2. The fact that Soyuncu is actually a better player than Maguire makes it even funnier that we held out for £85m with most of that up front. I’ve never seen a more balanced Leicester side. Ever.
  3. Walking off the pitch, making them play behind closed doors or giving them a fine won’t solve anything. All it will do is mask the issues. Fundamentally, it comes down to education. Take the manager as an example - for him to come out and say he didn’t hear it is ridiculous and gives the racists the ‘ok’ to do it again. It’s institutionalised and that needs to change before it can be eradicated from football.
  4. I agree with your sentiment, although Saturday’s challenge should be treated in isolation. It wasn’t like some of the other rash, full blooded tackles we’ve seen from Hamza. It was a tactical foul which was unfortunate in so much as it caught Salah awkwardly.
  5. If Maddison is fit, he plays. Simple as that.
  6. For me the midfield 3 needs to be one of: Wilf - Hamza - Maddison or Wilf - Praet - Maddison I think we need to do whatever it takes to get Maddison into the middle and with Youri being off the pace (although improving) it makes sense for him to drop out. Praet also gives us more energy. Agree with your wing choices.
  7. I think this sums up the problem pretty well - what is he? He’s not an old school winger - beat a man, whip it in He’s not a workhorse - limited offensively but gives you added protection at the back He’s not an ‘inside forward’ - someone who’s going to cut in and play the incisive pass / assist He’s not going to pop-up with 6 or 7 25 yarders a season either. We’ve given him enough time and chances now. Cash in and get someone else in - we’d be better off bringing Schlupp back
  8. No way! He spoke about you when I was there. I stayed at Books in November 2015 and found out that he supported Leicester when I asked him where I could watch a game...ended up watching it with him in the hostel. The point about him not owning a shirt was more of a joke about the fact that he was topless pretty much every day I was there haha...
  9. If you’re still there, check out Books Hostel in Lapa. It’s owned by a guy called Felipe and he’s a big Leicester fan...he’s mental though and I’m pretty sure he doesn’t own a shirt
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