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  1. 4–1-4-1 Kasper Ricardo Evans (Fofana needs to be eased in as he has looked every bit a 19 year old with <50 apps in the last 3 games) Soyuncu Castagne Ndidi Under Tielemans Madders (play him at 8 where he can get more involved. He goes missing when he’s forced to play as a false left winger) Barnes Vardy I’m more than happy for us to change to a 3 at the back when playing against teams where we expect to sit in and play on the counter, but we have to have better wide options than JJ and Th
  2. There is nothing wrong with playing a back 3 in some games but today was not the game for it. Having an extra man to pass the ball to at the back gave us nothing extra and we didn’t need the extra man when we were defending (in theory at least). The setup from half time onwards is how we should have set up from the start and that sits with Rodgers. Such a wasted opportunity and so so unavoidable.
  3. 5 at the back has a time and a place and it’s worked well for us at times. Today isn’t the game for it.
  4. Fuchs off for Barnes and go 4-1-4-1. Need to put some pressure on them because we’re way too passive and conservative and still look vulnerable on the break. So annoying. We lose this and it effectively undoes the win v Man City.
  5. I can’t believe I’ve actually read this. There used to be something quite likeable about Spurs under Harry Redknapp. I think it was because of the British core, the quick, direct brand of football and lack of self-entitlement (at the time). However that soon changed (particularly their self entitlement) which made them unlikeable again and that’s only been heightened by Mourinho taking over. He’s a dour and moany version of the Mourinho that first came to the premier league and has a boring, negative style of football to match. I’d actually hate it if he won the premier league.
  6. What’s the link to Praet here? Are you saying the Praet has bulked up or that he also needs to? Genuinely curious.
  7. Youri has been poor tonight and no surprise we’re not playing well either
  8. TalkSport MO - say something contentious / empirically incorrect. Get a load of rival fans riled up so that they call in. Argue about it on the radio to spark a debate (e.g. for the above, Goughie might counter-argue that VVD and Fabinho are more integral to Liverpool). Repeat.
  9. This is the one for me. Main difference is Ndidi plays against the weaker teams as he allows Tielemans to play further forward by essentially doing the job of two players. Mendy and Tielemans have shown themselves to be a good combo when we want to play the low block
  10. This! For a fringe player, I’d take a reliable, hard working, committed player who gives us 7/10 every week over a tricky, flair-type who gives us 9/10 once in a blue moon. Added to the fact that he’s pretty versatile and he’s the perfect player for the role we have available.
  11. Even if the former is true, it doesn't make the latter false.
  12. WHAT A GUY. Castagne 👏🏽👏🏽 Fofana 👏🏽👏🏽 Under 👏🏽👏🏽
  13. Rodgers might be evolving (to use his word) into a complete manager. He’s understood what his faults were and had the humility to adapt his style off the back of that. Being able to set up to defend and be compact whilst offering a threat going forward is such a good style to master and he’s clearly done it. Add that to his attacking, possession based style and we have two very distinctive ways of playing. Exciting times.
  14. Wish we had Evans out there. Would feel so much more comfortable
  15. I’ve gone 4th (admittedly heart over head) That being said, I think this season will be the inverse of last season and we’ll finish stronger than others with the likes of Ndidi, Ricardo, Soyuncu all coming back to fitness. If we can stay in the top 6 until those three are back and through to the EL knock out stages, I reckon we’ve got a good chance of competing on both fronts.
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