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  1. Just get the deal done and sign him before Tottenham do.
  2. Overhead kicked it into the onion bag?
  3. Maddison’s link up play to Vardy is majestic at times.
  4. Is this a open world game?
  5. He fits into our system beautifully and is the player that can start off attacks with his vision. Hope he makes the move permanent. You can already see he enjoys it here.
  6. Looks like I won’t be going to the Newcastle one then. Cheers.
  7. Thing that pisses me off is people that will happily leave their seat 10 minutes before but will stand right at the entrance to the stand, blocking the way out and stairs. If you’re leaving early, fvck off and go not hang about blocking the way.
  8. Some people don’t want to be sat in long traffic after the game. Get over it.
  9. Will Soyuncu ever get a decent look in?
  10. Two more words: ’Dog’ and ‘Shit’
  11. Happy with this. Club isn’t messing around, just hope we us fans are patient and give him the time required to do his job.
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