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  1. Ohh so it's not been covered to keep it fresh to eat then?
  2. Think it's 12 points just to stay in the division. It's as if my team have an hangover from being relegated from 1. I managed to survive though by playing like an absolute arse hole in keeping the ball and playing possession football. Beat this lad 2-0, he then added me as a friend and messaged me to say good game
  3. The struggle is real when you get relegated from Division One. I'm literally struggling to stay in Div Two now. Need one win out of two games to stay up.
  4. @Finnegan and now I'm getting dicked in Division Two
  5. He still has a part to play. Keep him unless a ridiculous offer comes in.
  7. Yep. Probably been spending his pocket money on packs.
  8. Division One players are so quick at launching attacks man. I can see exactly what they are attempting to do but it is as if my players don't respond to stop them. There obviously alot better than I am at the game but it's so annoying.
  9. The difference in quality in Division One to Two is so high. One mistake and you really do get punished in Division One. Everybody seems to know how to do that shit block dribble crap which is really annoying. And majority of players in Division One seem to be so much stronger than if I was in Two. 5 games played, won 2, lost 3. 1 loss was because I had to quit as I had to nip off and the game was long.
  10. Willian grafts more than Mahrez but I think Mahrez is more effective imo.
  11. PEP: 'Tell you what Kele, we're after better strikers than you pal so we're going to fvck you off. But Ex Champions Leicester are sniffing about so if you decide to up your game and score a shit loads of goals for em I promise I'll buy you back in a couple of years time. What do ya say kid? '
  12. Hard as fvck. Must be me though, I'm shit at them
  13. Just did the TOTS sbc. Had to hand over a Gold Kane, gold Costa and a few other decent cards but got this. Happy days.
  14. This springs to mind again
  15. Mate this used to happen all the time to me when I got to Div 2. My team would smash through the leagues to 2, as soon as I stepped into 2 my team turned retarded and I went all the way back to struggling in Div 3. Fingers crossed I can hold my own in Div 1 but no doubt everybody I will play now will have teams full of TOTS players.