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  1. How does pausing a match end up as being counted as a loss?
  2. He’s being played out of position. Problem is he won’t take Vardy’s place up top unless the main boy gets injured and we haven't played two strikers together for years.
  3. Am I the only one struggling to make coins on this?
  4. Any reliable stream for this? Hesgoal is being a let down today.
  5. Didn’t want to watch the game anyway....
  6. I really hope he didn’t see any positives in that performance because that was horrific.
  7. Hoping you got that ‘Auto save’ tabbed clicked.
  8. Well it’s that time again..... STREAMMMMMMM?!
  9. Are you new here? It’s like that in most match threads.
  10. On a serious note, we were so much better in the second half. Disappointed to not come away with 3 points. Praet looked really good imo.
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