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  1. Fortnite Battle Royale

    Is this place near the top left corner of the map next to Haunted Hills? Four buildings, all destroyed? If so then that’s where I land. Loot is very good and four chests in such a small area. Usually nobody goes there. Also being close to Haunted Hills which is also a great place to loot.
  2. Mahrez retires?

    What a load of bollocks...
  3. Bournemouth post match 1-1

    Some of our fans make me laugh. Bloke sitting near me today was saying we’re in a relegation fight and Puel needs to go Another one in front of me reckons Vardy needs to be dropped. Fantastic stuff. I mean he’s not going to score without service.
  4. Fortnite Battle Royale

    I had this problem once. Every gun I picked up would make me drop another item even though I had a spare slot. Only happened in that one game.
  5. Would like to atleast see if it would work though, I mean we did try Albrighton and Gray there ffs Okazaki would be there if he was fit so if that was the case I’d have Silva next to Ndidi in the middle.
  6. Why is Gray Starting

    More like over rated.
  7. Adrien Silva

    I thought Silva looked pretty decent I the first half against Man City tbf. Baffling substitution. We crumbled because of the changes at half time.
  8. Adrien Silva

    Not surprised. We busted a ball to get him and now we’re not starting him. Puel on Radio Leicester rubbished the thought of playing Silva in a more advanced role behind Vardy insisting he’s more a box to box midfielder. I could see him doing a job behind Vardy, could be the playmaker in the side to take some weight off Mahrez’s shoulders, or he could be possibly shit there but why not try and see? Wouldnt be surprised if Silva is pissed. We’ve fvcked his chances of another World Cup.
  9. Why is Gray Starting

    Why what’s up with him?
  10. Fortnite Battle Royale

    True mate. Found it quite easy tbf. I seem to be quite good with a sniper rifle it seems.
  11. Fortnite Battle Royale

    Nah no point. Epic Games tweeted that it wouldn’t be recorded all day yesterday if anybody won which is a right pain in the arse. Couldn’t believe I did it two times in a row.
  12. Fortnite Battle Royale

    So because it’s there error us players lose out because of it?
  13. Short corners

    My Grandad was going absolutely beserk at the short corners today. It also really pisses him off when both Mahrez and Albrighton stand over the free kicks when only one of them will take it.
  14. Morgan and Simpson

    Strange decision as both Amartey and Dragovic have looked decent when given the chance. Amartey not even on the bench today, what’s that about? Is he injured?