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  1. So does anybody know if Tilly is still alive or?
  2. What part of the asking price don’t City and Utd get? It’s either £80m or he’s not for sale. He’s a talented, English centre half who is on a decent contract atm. If they are not willing to pay what we want then we should reject. We do not need to sell, even though Harry isn’t worth £80m
  3. Not a fvcking chance
  4. Maybe because our players are better and more talented than Wolves and Everton’s?
  5. I would be happy to see Ricky play a more offensive role. He’s brilliant going forward.
  6. I think she would probably prefer a kiss on the top of the Eiffel Tower rather than a kiss on top of the Old John.
  7. Doesn’t matter. He will be playing Champions League football every season, winning domestic trophies every season and on between 100k/200k a week. Tell me that would be hard to turn down?
  8. That would be so EA to do something ridiculous like that
  9. Can’t wait to see the shitty selfies with him and Lingard. **** me...
  10. Since when did Celtic start handing out 150k a week contracts?
  11. So this FIFA Street mode is single player only?
  12. There’s still hope...
  13. I’d be very happy with him here. Get it done.
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