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  1. Bastard look at the state of them barnets
  2. Mine come with a shit paper thin LCFC tea towel?
  3. I wouldn’t turn my nose up to him if we ended up selling Chilwell.
  4. Honestly think this. I played 7 games last night, won 4 back to back, quick passing, good combos and great goals. Then it was like my game completely changed. I couldn’t pass to save my life, gameplay was slow and the oppo scored lucky goals. I can tell when I’m going to lose right at the kick off. I lost two games on the bounce and at the start of both games the connection and gameplay had a slight delay and slow. I knew I’d lose so after two losses I jumped off.
  5. So I opened my rewards quick yesterday and landed Greizmann and Oblak. Checked this morning and had another two player pick packs and got Suarez and Cazorla
  6. Which VDS you using? I’ve heard he is really good.
  7. Can anyone recommend a goalkeeper? I have TOTS Alisson but he’s shite.
  8. Gold 2 with seven games to spare I ran out of time to do anymore games. I wasn’t staying up past 3am to grind games out
  9. Mate I have his highlight card also and was looking to upgrade him if they released a special version of him. I’ll hold onto him for now incase he doesn’t get one.
  10. With Madders winning that competition the other day, does anyone reckon he will get a special card?
  11. Fifa 20? Completed it mate.
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