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  1. buzzer_b

    Chilwell to Manchester City

  2. buzzer_b

    FIFA 19

    6-0. Absolutely breezing past everyone I’ve come up against. The new Vardy card is an absolute goal machine and bringIng Zlatan off the bench to smash headers in on nearly every cross I’m surprised I’m doing so well, I’ve played some decent players but I seem to be getting the luck. It might all change this time tomorrow
  3. buzzer_b

    FIFA 19

    Brilliant. Just what I wanted to hear
  4. buzzer_b

    FIFA 19

    What’s the gameplay like tonight for everyone? Really can’t be arsed with Fut Champs if it was as bad as yesterday.
  5. buzzer_b

    FIFA 19

    So will there be special SBC’s for these or will these just be in packs for a limited time?
  6. buzzer_b

    FIFA 19

    Tbf once I get Resident Evil 2, which is released on the 25th January, I reckon I will take a break from Fifa. It’s literally can take over you’re life and you feel as if you must play it to keep up with other opponents.
  7. buzzer_b

    FIFA 19

    Don’t know whether it’s just me but the gameplay feels really shit this week. Button delay on majority of games, players feeling slow etc. There must be something deffo in the game mechanics because all of last week my team felt slick on the ball, quick passes etc but this week it’s the opposite. Going into this WL on the back of my best finish and in shit form I can see this weekend being a frustrating and crap one.
  8. buzzer_b

    Stanislav Lobotka

    Never heard of him.
  9. buzzer_b

    Islam Slimani

    With the way are strikers have been this season I would happily have him back on the bench if we don’t get another striker in the window. He’s a different option off the bench, one we currently lack.
  10. buzzer_b

    FIFA 19

    Juanfran and Ruffier from Gold 2. Not too shabby but I think I’m going to stick to Gold 3 because like others have said you seem to get better rewards and plus I don’t have to sit playing the game all weekend.
  11. buzzer_b

    FIFA 19

    Finally got the bastard.
  12. buzzer_b

    FIFA 19

    Fvcking really hope he’s worth it. Eaten away all my coins and my bastard thumbs are killing trying to snipe on the companion app
  13. buzzer_b

    FIFA 19

    Got Man City, Wolves, Huddersfield and Cardiff City to do with only 10k in the bank. I’ve got a few players I could sell which should bring the bank back to 30k but I’m going to have to finish it off tomorrow. Hoping I’ll have Vardy before the WL starts.
  14. buzzer_b

    FIFA 19

    So more redicolous cards to come out. Great.
  15. buzzer_b

    Brendan Rodgers..yay or nay?

    He will show some great character if he comes here....