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  1. Explosion on Hinckley Road

    Think that shop is open that time on a Sunday so I'll be amazed if nobody has been hurt Never seen so many police cars before, all around hinckley road
  2. Loan Watch 2017/18

    Slimani is out for another fortnight injured He's due to be back for the game against us, that he can't play in Be lucky if he even plays for them at all at this rate
  3. EFL, LCFC and FFP

    When you actually look at the rules concerning FFP, we must have not gone that far over to only be paying a 3 million fine, that basically means we only went over it by 3 million, which is the price of one player nowadays When you look at QPR's 40 million FFP fine a few years ago it's really barely anything were having to pay up I'd be very interested to see the state of Wolves outgoings this year
  4. Leicester City-Champions Party

    It's like i'm watching a video from a different dimension or something Still can't believe it happened!
  5. I'm Old Enough To Remember...

    I'm old enough to remember the complete gamble of trying to meet one of your mates at the clock tower when mobile phones didn't exist If they didn't turn up your only option was to try and ring their house on a pay phone, and if they weren't there you were just screwed!
  6. Mobile Phones

    My contracts up next week and was thinking of using one of these sites to upgrade. My mates used them in the past and it's been fine They seem to have much better deals than direct from suppliers
  7. Forum Valentines...

    Subway doing 2 for 1 on 6" subs today if your stuck on where to take your mrs tonight https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/subway-buy-one-get-one-free-bogof-on-wednesday-14th-february-2878539
  8. The "do they mean us?" thread

    Blasphemy! Shinji's a legend already
  9. WTF was Puel smoking at half-time???

    Nailed on contender for overreaction of the season
  10. Policing abroad

    Police in Copenhagen were really good, escort was nice and relaxed and we were able to carry on drinking all the way to the ground Our fans were pretty well behaved in the most part though, so they didn't really have a reason to do anything
  11. I like how The Times are claiming we 'blocked his move' like he was welcome to walk for any amount of money offered to us Tesco 'blocked my move' for a new 4k tv yesterday because they weren't willing to let me buy it for half the price that was on the shelf, selfish Tesco!
  12. Your Chill Out Tunes.

  13. Crypto Currencies : ponzi or legit

    I'm still a bit gutted I didn't take up my mates offer of mining bitcoins back in 2009, he's made an absolute fortune off it Wouldn't touch it now though
  14. Like I've previously said, I don't begrudge him the move whatsoever, and Man City is a club I wouldn't mind him going to tbh I just don't really see how people can have a go at our fans for being upset our best player was excluded from playing in a very important game purely because of some transfer nonsense that should have been sorted weeks ago I won't boo Mahrez, Him and Vardy are still my favourite Leicester players, and will continue to be. But I can fully understand why people might be upset, regardless of where the blame lays
  15. Are you honestly suggesting his agent hasn't been speaking to man city prior to yesterday, when Pep has already admitted he tried to get him last summer and failed