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  1. The "Prepare To Feel Old" Thread

    Could have been the fact you could see them in mosquito coast chugging pints with a fag on the go most weekends when you went out if you felt like connecting with the squad
  2. Best Baked Beans

    Partial to the ones with the bits of chorizo in personally
  3. Albrighton. Underrated?

    It's a sign of a decent crosser if they can do it without looking, hitting the far post with your back to goal isn't exactly easy, even when your just having a kick around with your mates, never mind in a premiership game where you're being pressured by defenders and have literally milliseconds to decide what to do with the ball He's 'slinging it in' to the far post because they've obviously done it in training and he's expecting somebody to be attacking at the far post when he's got the ball
  4. Is the City of Leicester a dump.

    Whilst Bristol is a nice city, it has a huge problem with squatters, something we don't really have in Leicester Bristol looks desirable from the outside, but many young people who come from there can't afford to live there and are forced to move elsewhere or live illegally in squats At least Leicester is affordable
  5. Albrighton. Underrated?

    Isn't every cross a 'hit and hope punt'?
  6. God Of War

    There's a great moment on this that fans of the series will love, think it's just over half way through, can't really say much without spoiling a huge moment in the game, I had a massive grin on my face though
  7. God Of War

    Liking it so far Combat has changed a lot, it's more like dark souls combat now, which makes the enemies a lot more challenging The graphics are really nice, suspect it would look amazing on a 4k tv
  8. Wenger out

    Troopz will be pleased
  9. God Of War

    Anybody picking this up today? Getting rave reviews across the board, picking it up after work
  10. You got some good prices for those, that Dragon ball z game on the mega drive is pretty rare, that can go for 40 quid on its own
  11. unrest in the squad

    I'm starting to wonder what sort of manager our players actually want if this is true It seems like the only manager that's had any respect from the players in recent memory was Pearson
  12. Who do you want Summer 2018

    I'm starting to warm to the idea of us buying JJS tbh, don't like the guy but I think he'd do a cracking job in our midfield I honestly can't believe i'm saying that...
  13. What grinds my gears...

    What's next, the travelling community kicking off because Papa Lazarou from The League Of Gentlemen isn't an accurate representation of travelling life
  14. What grinds my gears...

    And now all of a sudden he's offended, 28 years after Apu first appeared on the program...