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  1. MrSpaM

    Tunisia v England match thread

    I was a little bit baffled by the plaudits Rashford was receiving by the BBC team after the game They were singing his praises, then proceeded to show a bunch of clips of him tripping over his own feet and losing the ball, as an example of how great he was Honestly cannot for the life of me figure out why everybody seems to think he's a better option than Vardy. It's not even a case of club bias, Vardy just does everything better
  2. Absolutely baffled to hear so many so called 'football experts' acting like Vardy isn't even in the squad If I hear one more person mention Rashford and Welbeck as our backup options and not even mention Vardy I think I'm going to throw my tv out the window He's one of the best strikers in the league ffs! and people are on about throwing Rashford on in the final 20 minutes for impact instead, are they f**king insane!
  3. MrSpaM

    Playstation VR

    If anybody has a PSVR I highly recommend downloading the BBC World Cup VR app, you can watch every game on the BBC in VR from the stands or from behind the goals. I was pretty impressed when I tried it
  4. MrSpaM

    Russia v Saudi Arabia - Match Thread

    Good finish that
  5. MrSpaM

    Russia v Saudi Arabia - Match Thread

    Use TVCatchup.com
  6. MrSpaM

    Russia v Saudi Arabia - Match Thread

    Awful defending
  7. MrSpaM

    What grinds my gears...

    Recycling can be a bit annoying if you live in the city centre, all you get given is bags, so you've basically got no choice but to have a orange bin bag just sitting somewhere in your house full of rubbish
  8. Doesn't this just mean were going to have a ton of instances where teams think they've scored only to find out it's offside 2 minutes later when VAR has been checked?
  9. MrSpaM

    What on the roads has annoyed you today?

    Was driving in town two days ago on a three lane road where the Charlotte used to be. I'm in the right hand lane, and some utter twonk in the middle lane just pulls straight across infront of me and turns right, didnt evrn indicate or anything, completely oblivious to the fact I nearly smashed right into the side of him as he pulls across sideways infront of me
  10. MrSpaM

    FIFA 19

    I gave fifa a miss last year, if the additions are all ultimate team centric again I won't bother this year either tbh
  11. MrSpaM

    Champions League 2017/18

    Does anybody else get the feeling this whole "Karius had concussion" thing is being taken overboard a bit?
  12. MrSpaM

    What on the roads has annoyed you today?

    The council pay to fill them, when they are reported to them https://www.leicestershire.gov.uk/report-a-road-problem
  13. MrSpaM

    FIFA 18

    I just wish they'd stop acting like EA have done it out of the kindness of their heart or something It's like when they pack a player that was in team of the week the day previous and then say 'I'd have packed a team of the week if it was yesterday!', No you wouldn't! thats not how it works! I swear they're told to say this stuff by EA and fed incentives on their accounts
  14. MrSpaM

    FIFA 18

    Keep seeing youtubers saying 'EA have upped the pack weight finally, they're doing something great for us' When in actual fact they've upped the chances of you getting high rated cards in the world cup mode because they are completely worthless due to the lack of a market for them
  15. MrSpaM

    Bethesda teasing new Fallout game

    If it's online, they are probably testing the waters to see what online would be like in their next game using the new engine I imagine fallout online would be the ultimate troll fest, but I could also see it being pretty epic with friends. Things like forming a raider clan and building a fort together to fight against a rival clan would be some mad max s**t!