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  1. You start paying national insurance when you earn over £157 a week Between £157 and £866 you pay 12% of your wages Anything you earn over £866 you pay 2% of your wages
  2. Depends on whether you signed for them when they were delivered or not, because if you did, you can't really get away with saying they never turned up I'd return them personally, save you getting billed 2 grand later down the road when they do their books
  3. TBH for 30 hours wages I'd just cut my losses, guy sounds more trouble than it's worth, which is probably what he's hoping for, but without a contract your a bit screwed
  4. Asia Trophy finalists, you'll never sing that
  5. If you own a PSVR and the move controllers you need to buy SuperHot VR Pretty much the best game I've played on it so far, incredible
  6. Saying 'If you buy a pint at the ground you get some points on your season ticket' just sounds like a very confusing way of doing things, now your collecting two sets of points, one for merchandise and one for matchday tickets, and it's bound to confuse people
  7. Sounds like Everton are on the verge of loosing Ross Barkley now, he's not travelled with the squad today
  8. I just checked it again, he was on £300,000 a week at man u, and is now on £150,000 at Everton, my bad
  9. Says in the paper he took a 50% pay cut on what he was on at man u, which was £600,000 a week
  10. Considering they are paying £300,000 a week to Rooney I'm surprised they are offering Gylfi less than us
  11. It's well confusing! they shouldn't even be calling them points if they aren't the same thing as the matchday points!