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  1. Yeh the PS4 used to slow all your downloads down when you started a game, the PS5 doesn't seem to do that from what I've noticed so far. One thing I have noticed though is that the PS5 only lets you have one download going at a time, whilst the PS4 let you have 3 I guess thats the compromise for faster download speeds, that they only let you download one file at a time
  2. Can't say I've experienced that personally, I've barely heard mine make a noise at all since I switched it on yesterday
  3. Really impressed with the controller, feels like its in a completely different league to the xbox one Only tried the astrobot game so far as the rest are downloading but im pretty impressed overall already Glad to see the downloads use your full bandwidth as well, makes a nice change getting 60mb/s downloads instead of the 10mb/s i was getting on ps4
  4. I got my series s today with gamepass ultimate. Looking forward to playing all the xbox games I've missed over the past 3 gens. Been playing gears 5 this evening for a start :)
  5. Still think its a complete cash grab on Microsofts part, no need for it to be that expensive at all I suspect they'll drop in price fairly quickly
  6. I think the issue they had was 1TB ssds are fairly cheap at around £80, but when you start going up to 2TB the price ramps up to around £220, so it would have made the console way too expensive I've seen the 1TB addon space for the xbox series x is about £200 which is absolute extortion!
  7. A gaming monitor will have a better refresh rate than a TV, so of the two id probably go for the monitor
  8. I dont think you need a 4k screen to enjoy the new games, the framerate difference is going to be much more noticeable than the resolution
  9. Game said they are putting up more pre orders mid morning tomorow, I got an email about it today
  10. I've gone ahead and pre ordered an S to have alongside my PS5, gamepass just seems too good to pass up when I can just spend £250 on a console and still be able to play the new xbox stuff as well, plus I've never played any of the past xbox exclusive games, haven't even played Halo 1 As for the Bethesda thing, I can't honestly see them making Elder Scrolls and Fallout exclusive to the xbox and PC now, the reason those games did so well was because they were available on every system, I can't see Microsoft wanting to miss out on the money they make from PS5 sales I can
  11. If its got an hdmi input it'll work
  12. Still not as expensive as some SNES games were back in the day, people are quick to forget how expensive games have been in the past and how much they've actually come down in price since the early 90's
  13. Pre orders just gone live on amazon, just got mine
  14. The console listing has dissapeared off amazon in the past hour so I'm guessing the proper listing will go up on there tomorow
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