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  1. Call Of Duty : WW2

    Honestly wouldn't surprise me if each of the new DLC's will have an extra war map, the game definitely needs more of them, it's the best mode and they should be supporting it with more than 3 maps
  2. Suitable RPG for 10 year old

    Maybe one of the samurai / dynasty warriors games? Rpg elements but also easy to learn hack and slash They aren't too violent either
  3. England squad

    These players have absolutely no idea how to play to Vardys strengths up front
  4. Nigel Pearson working for KP again

    Wonder who he's on about with that comment
  5. Call Of Duty : WW2

    They've seriously toned down the killstreaks this year, they aren't nearly as lethal, apart from the v2
  6. Call Of Duty : WW2

    If you want it new the cheapest place was Tesco They've got loads of copies in the big Tesco on narborough road
  7. Call Of Duty : WW2

    I'm hearing good things about the BAR but it takes a while to unlock
  8. Call Of Duty : WW2

    Well I was using sub machine guns up until yesterday, was finding it really hard going, people just wouldn't die after emptying a whole clip into them Now I've switch to using an automatic rifle with 3 attachments, and people die in 3-4 shots It's making me wonder what is the actual point of the sub machine guns, I've used them in every other cod in the past and they've been great, now they're like pea shooters
  9. Call Of Duty : WW2

    Still can't get online this morning
  10. Call Of Duty : WW2

    Probably going to pick this up after work I actually enjoyed infinite warfare even though I didn't play it that much, hoping with the WW2 setting this'll be something a bit different though
  11. Title Winning seasons mementos

    You would need about 40 dvds
  12. Harvey Barnes- Barnsley (loan)

    What would be the point of recalling somebody who won't even make our bench Unless he's got a chance of starting games he should stay where he is
  13. Anyone noticed Danny boy?

    He played well when he had the world class Kante next to him He seems a bit lost when he's not got that quality backing him up
  14. Everton 2-0 (H) Post Match Thread

    Really can't moan about that. Second half wasn't pretty but we defended well so who cares. Clean sheet and a win, happy days
  15. A big part of Southampton playing 'sideways football' was down to their squad, or lack of it When he's managed other clubs he's played counter attacking football, they just didn't have the players to do it at Southampton so had to play more defensive