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  1. I have made an agreement with myself to be contemptuous about every post that says Madison is not very good. Marvellous player
  2. He's back pretty quickly from an cal. I suspect he won't be ready for a first team start for a little while longer
  3. With Knight, it's two steps forward, one sideways. Maybe King should check out Wycombe as well.
  4. What is he worth now? I could not see another club meeting our valuation of him.
  5. You forgot John Moss. He's the worse. Makes up rules as he goes.
  6. Buchanan who set up Justin"s goal plays for Derby. I didn't know that Derby players could do that.
  7. England have failed to push on after dumping Martin Kelly after just one cap. What a player! His cap had everything to do with being world class and nothing to do with being a Lverpool player.
  8. Didn't Dier dress up as Ryan Bennett and play for us?
  9. Didn't Dier dress up as Ryan Bennett and play for us?
  10. On second thoughts, he'd have Mason Mount instead of Vardy
  11. Gareth Southgate"s all time England 11 GK: Danny Mills RB: Vardy. CBS:. Kyle Walker, Trent AA, LB: Phil Neale Midfield:. Danny Mills, Kieran Trippier, Steve Whitworth Forwards:. Gary Stevens, Glenn Johnson, Aaron Wam Bissaka
  12. Panzo play for Dijon. He was loaned by Brugges from Monaco last season. In the summer he was linked with a few Championship clubs including the mighty Coventry. Although not playing at the same level as Justin, coaches in the England set up found clear proof that he should be preferred: he was at the Chelsea academy.
  13. I wouldn't be surprised if more players are ruled out of the game due to Covid. There are a lot of players coming into contact with a lot of people during the international period.
  14. N'didi is the better player. Mendy has been playing brilliantly.
  15. We are top of the league. We have had several English players playing regularly. Apparently, none are good enough for a large England squad. Obviously, Vardy has retired. If we can progress five places up the table , perhaps our players would be considered!
  16. Liverpool miss the opportunity to go top.
  17. A social media post I think
  18. Great decision by Rodgers. Thomas left on a clean sheet. He has put in very good performances recently; today his touch was poor and he looked uncertain. My trust in him is growing. Before the game I posted how much stronger he looks now than at the end of last season. He has been well coached seemingly. This season , he is developing well. Rodgers looked after him today. I think Traore would have been too much for him.
  19. Weren't people posting the same about Soyuncu?
  20. He is much better now than at the start of the season. He's close to becoming top level
  21. Strong management from Rodgers at half-time replacing Thomas who was struggling. Held his nerve. I am not Mrs Rodgers incidentally.
  22. Maguire was one of our most limited players (I still wanted him to stay). He would be fourth choice now. He's fourth choice for Man Utd. They just haven't got first, second and third choices.
  23. You are one classy gentleman. It shows the progress the club and society have made. If your Mrs complains, she is merely being precious and old-fashioned and not realising what a lucky little lady she is. The Leicester Fosse squad would be proud of you
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