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  1. Nottinghasm used to be Snottingham didn't it? I expect Scunthorpe are quite glad they kept the S.
  2. For a preseason friendly our passing has been excellent.
  3. I thought it was a bizarre highlight reel.
  4. I hope Perez isn't peaking too soon. He seems to have settled in very quickly. Probably a sign of a quick football brain. Something Nacho doesn't really show.
  5. Albrighton showing he still has value.
  6. Perez should have scored - but I think he'll link up with Vardy very nicely. I'm liking this.
  7. Kane Williamson is bloody brilliant. If it couldn't have been us I would rather it was them.
  8. 5 million people is it? Amazing. And so much nicer than Australians.
  9. And further more - we produced a wicket that suited the opposition - in typical England style - and still won!
  10. Pathetic. Shane Warne - Get back min your bitter aussie basket with Smith.
  11. He was - he was saying don't count them - but those are the rules. It's pure odd luck.
  12. I do feel for NZ - the Stokes 4 overthrow punch - that just doesn't happen. It was meant for us.
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