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  1. Lets's make the old geezer run some more. The youngster should take some more time off. FFS.
  2. Changing the subject (and probably in the wrong thread) - I've just seen Troy Deeney on that Amazon football program. What a totally sound person he is. Absolutely lovely man. All is forgiven (particularly when you think if we had been promoted that year we may not have won the ****ing league - and we did you know - we won the ****ing league - I might get bored of saying that before I die [no I won't]).
  3. Most of the season we've been excellent. We were absolute children against Man City and Liverpool and it took us a couple of games to get out of that mentality. Southampton deserved to win, Burnley didn't. If we get our mentality together we can finish 2nd. Man City lost to Norwich (who are the best team to be bottom of the league by the way - but they are still bottom). And I think we are back now - judging by our performance against Wham. Our current state is BEST LEICESTER EVER. Long may it continue. 2nd is on.
  4. I'd rather he showed that sort of attitude in his six yard box at corners personally. Better to be all trousers than mouth in my opinion.
  5. I'm glad you think City will finish strongly. I assume you mean Leicester City as you are on a Leicester City forum. And I agree. I think Man City's squad will be tired because they will prioritise the Champions league,
  6. You would be the same if our positions were reversed. For what it's worth Wolves totally deserve the 4th CL place. If there are two of us there then they really are going to have to stop talking about the top 6. Although then they will be talking about how the Premier league is turning into La Liga and becoming all about the top 2. Which is why we MUST finish 2nd! You've talked me round to it.
  7. If he did say that he's gone up in my estimation. We need more of that sort of thing. (Although he's pushing it a bit with ManU)
  8. That's harsh. Knowing my luck Van Dijke will get a red card.
  9. Most of us do. Let some other team beat Liverpool later (I don't want them to go all season unbeaten)
  10. I just put him in my FPL team (temporarily for the double points). Good lad Henderson!
  11. Gary giving the entitled Man U fans a dig on MOTD . . I hope we don't get into a state like that. edit - they've just shown Ricky Ps goal - what a thing of beauty - and what a ball by Barnes (I do not give shit if it was bad defending). The BBC commentator hates us by the way.
  12. This is a good point - and Everton were unforgivably bad for not knocking them out. I just really really want us to win the FA Cup - selfish, I know, but it's been a dream for years (it was massive in my younger days - sadly not so much now).
  13. I can only think they are jealous of his hair.
  14. I can't see us losing a top 4 place. Maybe if we lost Wilf for the rest of the season and another team went on an extraordinary run, but otherwise I think that's safe - I really do.
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