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  1. Keith Weller (and Len Glover to an extent) was the first City player that made a lasting impression on me. I was probably about 6 at the time. I wish I had seen him when I had a bit more appreciation of his talent, but even as a child I knew he was special.
  2. Every time he goes for a 50/50 ball I'm shitting it. Dealt with that nicely though tbf.
  3. It's going to be difficult for Madders as everyone is in neutral now.
  4. Every minute Maddison is on the bench is making me angrier and angrier. It's bad for my health watching this.
  5. If I was Chilwell I wouldn't bother making forward runs. He won't get passed to.
  6. Harry Kane is very good against shit teams. Flat track bully.
  7. Don't forget this is Montenegro - They're probably not quite Southampton's standard.
  8. Must have been out of this world Chiwell got praise from Hoddle.
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