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  1. There's only one way to settle this.... fiiiight!
  2. We've actually been worse since Gray went off. That may be down to UTD subs though.
  3. Persistent fouling from McTominay.
  4. Atkinson stops another attack for us . He's getting on my tits.
  5. Dea Gea has had to make two very good saves. We're doing OK.
  6. **** off ref. Break up our counter attack. Pathetic.
  7. Choudery is putting the effort in.
  8. I genuinely don't give a flying ****. We all know that as soon as we play a meaningful match against decent opposition we're done. Like in the world cup.
  9. And you can't blame Southgate for arse kissing. He wouldn't get a job as a Premier league manager - he must wake up every morning laughing in disbelief that he has the England job.
  10. Sterling deserves a goal. Only player worth his salt.
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