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  1. I liked him. Not much of a neck as I recall. He used to get a bit of stick from some folk around me. Undeservedly.
  2. Seems decent enough to me. In fact the more I find out about the deeper my respect grows.
  3. I voted league cup 97 - it was the first time football made me weep (I was very, very drunk at the time).
  4. Sky are showing the 15/16 season tomorrow at 4pm - after that I'm out.
  5. Poor old Chilwell - he's even getting stick on the Barnes thread. Meanwhile... Barnes played well last match didn't he? Probably helped we were against a fairly poor team.
  6. I always call Bilbao, Atletic Bilbao. Spain is a complicated country.
  7. Forgot about the Cup Winners cup (before my time - just) PS Michael Owen and Klopp are sooooo bitter.
  8. How is it that I am happy that Simeone (who got Beckham sent off in the WC) and AT Mad - who have twice knocked Leicester City out of Europe (once by blatantly cheating) - have won that match? I blame BT for turning a Leicester fan into an Athletico Madrid fan with their appallingly biased coverage. (And of course Liverpool and their fanbase for being unlikeable *****)
  9. Apparently Wijnaldem "rose and nodded it in" thank you Michael Owen for that blinding insight. I don't know what I would do without you.
  10. Hang on a minute - if Liverpool are the best team in Europe, and they are out of the European Cup, does that mean that the winners of the European Cup aren't the best team in Europe - I've gone into a horrible Michael Owen brain **** feedback loop.
  11. "They literally blew 'em away for 90 minutes" ...erm no they didn't - in any sense.
  12. Michael Owen can **** off as well.
  13. Quick question - Isn't the point of the co-commentator to supply deeper insight into the game from a former professional footballers point of view? How the actual **** has MacManaman done that this evening? He was just a shitty Liverpool fan gobbing off when Liverpool were winning and silent towards the end.
  14. Fanzone - that's what I was thinking of. Sadly this is a high budget version because these willy pullers are getting paid (by BT and therefore me - hits unsubscribe!)
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