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  1. Yes - I just got a very nasty shock.
  2. That's joyful. A confident Nacho is a wonderful thing.
  3. Fofana will get a lot of goals. I might even start enjoying corners.
  4. A clean sheet would be nice - this could really boost our confidence.
  5. Absolutely. The oily cheat would have 50% of his game removed.
  6. Nacho isn't confident. A confidenty forward shoots there
  7. It's very nice to see a ref who lets the game flow like this. I hate niggly refs - we have far too many of them in the PL
  8. It may have been scrappy in the end, but it was very nice up until Barnes hit the post.
  9. YEEEEES. Keep the faith. I don't care how scrappy they are.
  10. At least he's getting in on the action. I reckon he'll improve as the game goes on.
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