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  1. Since the helicopter accident the bloke has been a hero. Off the pitch he has galvanised the players and shown unbelievable leadership in what must have been the most difficult period of anyone's career. On the pitch he has been a collosus and looked backed to his best and well deserving of being the first name on the teamsheets and being offered a new one year deal. Hope he ends his career with us and will go down as our best ever centre half and captain.
  2. Just watching on MOTD. Say what you want about Wes but he is a leader, delivering that team talk in the huddle and the passion he spoke with. Proud of all the players, staff and fans today. Next week is going to be just as emotional for everyone involved.
  3. Those that haven't been down to the ground I would encourage you to if you could get down. It is potentially the most peaceful and beautiful thing I have ever seen. The floral tributes and scarves are really overwhelming, the pictures don't really do it justice. Getting to the ground and seeing that free refreshments were provided was weirdly the most upsetting thing, such a Vichai thing to do. Bumped into Mark Robins paying his tribute too, again a classy thing to do from a Leicester legend.
  4. I just completed this quiz. My Score 60/100 My Time 73 seconds  
  5. I think it should go further than that. We need to move away from an hours based form of monitoring work to a production based. I work in an office and the amount of time you see some people wasting just to make up the hours is obscene.If it takes you 20 hours or 40 hours to do the work required then so be it. Flexibility should be the key to any employment really.
  6. I registered and managed to get all 15 right. There were a couple on the international that were really close calls! At least I now feel justified when I get given out LBW on a Saturday and complain about getting a shocker.
  7. Jak 3 - Poor distribution and was too easily beaten for the first and last. Thought he could compete for the #1 Jersey next season after his Arsenal performance. Maybe not. Simpson 2 - Dreadful. Could have been sent of committed multiple fouls, looks so off the pace and overweight. Replacement needed ASAP. Morgan 3 - I have been Morgan's biggest fan, but since his injury he looks so poor. Not sure if a nice rest in pre season will help him, or whether he is finished at this level. Maguire 5 - Unfortunate to concede 5 goals, best of our defenders which isn't saying much. Fuchs 4 - Got burned a fair few times. Not been much of an improvement since he has came in for Chilwell. Own goal summed his day up. Mahrez 7 - First half looked very sharp. Quieter in the 2nd but still looked dangerous on the counter. Last performance of our best ever player. Iborra 4 - Looked okay at the start, quickly became overan and gave the ball away too often. Silva 6 - Looked quite decent in parts, some nice link up play with Nacho. Went missing 2nd half and was a bit soft. Gray 3 - Some flashes of quality, a lot of wastefulness. Defensively shoddy yet again similar to at Palace away. The boy has a lot to learn if he is to make it at this level. Ihenacho 8 - Some nice link up with Vardy again, starting to show signs of a bit of a partnership there. Took his goal superbly well and got between the lines nicely. Vardy 9 - 2 very nice goals, some nice link up with Nacho & general play was very good. Undeservedly on the losing side. Diabate 5 - Always looks dangerous and takes people on. A bit like Schlupp in the sense he is a bit raw and still learning. Would like to see him start regularly next season. Choudury 2 - All over the place, but was out of position. Surprised why he came on when Benny was on the bench if we weren't changing formation. Barnes N/A Spurs 5 - Good going forward, shocking at the back, much like us. Ref 5 - Didn't do anything too wrong, could have sent Simpson off, which probably would have helped us. Puel 5 - Had a good go at them. Strange to bring on Choudury in the 2nd half at right back. Firmly on the fence.
  8. It will be Rooney. because those pair think the sun shines out of his backside.
  9. 1-3. Think they will be 2-0 up at half time and take the foot off the gas. We start a mini revival & score to make a game of it for 15 minutes, which will be nipped in the bud in the 70th minute. Boos a plenty, calls of Puel out from the 20th minute.
  10. Pearson or someone like Pearson are needed for both the short and long term. If you look at it this job is similar to the job that Nigel came in and did in his 2nd spell here. albeit in the division above. Then we had a squad of some talent, but no direction, no leaders and players on big money hardly lifting a leg and us being in the mid to bottom half of the table/ That is the direction we are going in now. When he came back in, he didn't in January quickly turn over 10 players for a quick fix. He added a couple of key additions (Morgan & Drinkwater) and slowly built the team and spirit season on season as we continued to improve. For the short term the next 12-18 months we need to just get that team spirit back, the desire for players to play for each other, the manager & the fans which has been non existent this season. I think it would be dangerous to say that we should just try and replace half the squad. Alot of teams that have a big turnover of players usually end up struggling the following year, at least for the start until all the players have gelled with one another, adapted to a new league etc. Look at our recent signings of the last 2 years how many have slotted straight into the team and hit the ground running, I can think of N'didi & Maguire and even he was dodgy for the first 10 games. That might mean that Fuchs, Morgan etc hang about another year, and though they seem to have regressed slighty this year it will be amazing what some actual directions & tactics as well as the threat of a big white trainer up your arse can do for your performance. Then in the long term we do need to phase out the old guard, but slowly rather than all in one go, slowly try and at least make us have the ability to play in more than 1 way, go back to bringing in players who will develop at their time at the club and could easily be sold for 20 times their original price. It's a fair argument to say we should be looking forwards not backwards, but we need potentially take a couple of steps backwards to take us 3 steps forward to have a squad capable of sustaining the ability to be 'best of the rest.' So with all that in mind I think Nigel would do a very good job here in getting us back on the path that he put us on before he left. I'm sure there are other managers who are capable of it, but I'm not sure our owners and definitely that clown Rudkin are trusted to pick them out. so instead stick with what you know and bring home Nigel.
  11. Great post. We started that season pretty well, middle of the season we had a dreadful run despite playing alright in the most part of the games. Then end of season we looked very good again, thanks to a tactical change from a man who is allegedly tactically naive. Sean Dyche took Burnley down remember, would have been easy to say he isn't up to the top level, but instead he and Burnley have improved for the experience. Now we would love to tempt Dyche away. Team spirit really can do you alright in this league. Stoke, West Brom etc thought the grass would be greener and they will both be playing Championship footy next year.
  12. Just after he signed I was told by a friend who plays 5 a side with one of the fitness coaches that he wasn't impressing in training and that Matty James was ahead him in the pecking order even when he would become available. I assumed this was absolute bollocks but in hindsight he was dead right.
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