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  1. Depression

    Hi all, Been interesting reading some of everyone's stories this morning and a lot of people have been experiencing similar thoughts and feelings to me over the last few weeks. 2 weeks ago I went into the hospital with abdominal pains, and was told I needed my appendix removed which should have been straightforward. Ended up developing and ileus following the op which meant I was stuck in there for over a week feeling low and not feeling like I was getting any better. Now having left hospital been struggling mentally, something that was labelled 'acute stress reaction' by the phsychiatrist which has led to me feeling incredibly down and anxious about going out, seeing people and a fear of not getting any mentally better. Over the last few days I have woken up and not wanted to get out of bed, and look forward more to the night time just so it gives me a release from my brain. Currently I feel like I'm stuck in a circle in which the anxious and depressed thoughts consume me and it is getting to the stage where I am unable to cope and think about taking the easy option out rather than fighting. Pre this hospital ordeal i never had any mental health worries or concerns, which is why this is so difficult to cope with currently as I just want to be back to my 'old' self. Anyone who has been through something similar got any tips/advice in how to cope. I have had lots of people over the last week tell me to stay positive and think about the positive but in my current state of mind this is obviously quite difficult. Thanks in advance.
  2. VAR Issues

    Can see the offside situation getting ridiculous. Linesman are going to be reluctant to put their flag up, as they don't want to deny a potential goalscoring chance, safe in the knowledge that if the goal is scored it will be reviewed anyway should it go in. Could easily get to the stage where there are 3 or 4 of these goals ruled out every game which would make it a bit of a farce. It's like the 'run outs' used in Cricket, sometimes you see batsman out by about 4 yards, but the umpire will always go to the 3rd umpire just because the technology is there. I know this is a trial period, but until these type of questions are ironed answered sufficiently it cannot be a success. The problem is because tonight got the correct decision eventually the mainstream media which effect public opinion has labelled it successful, which is likely to influence the FA's decision makers. People say that there was reluctance with goal line technology, but I don't remember it actually being controversial at all. When something is as black and white as a ball crossing a line there is no room for interpretation. Sadly with any other decision in football made by the referee there is.
  3. VAR Issues

    Agree with this point completely. Defenders and keepers stop almost immediately once the offside flag is raised, and it's too hard to differentiate what 'immediate' means like the bloke after you tried to correct you one. If Iheanacho takes a touch, his chance to score is gone by the sounds of it as the ref would blow his whistle, the offside given and no review available. A 2nd issue is that all goalscoring plays are reviewed, so things leading up to the goal are assessed. How far back does that go? There are times in football where a pattern of play develops over 2-3 minutes, without the ball going out of play. What is included in the immediate build up? We could be going back to a pull of the shirt 2 minutes before the goal is scored in the other corner of the pitch.The reason it works (to an extent) in the NFL is that a play lasts a short period of time, the ball is thrown, the catch is made, all that takes about 10 seconds. In football the game flows so quickly that there isn't a natural point where you can say that it is 'in the build up' to the goal. One thing I would bring in VAR for is for violent conduct & issuing of straight red cards. If the VAR sees something that the ref doesn't off the ball, he tells him he has seen a headbutt, stop the game next time the ball leaves the field of play and have a look. Likewise a bloke flies into a 2 footed challenge, on field ref gives a yellow, VAR man tells him it's a red (or at least tells him to have a look at it again) so the correct decision can be made. Anything else and there is too many grey areas for me.
  4. BDO the official Darts world Championship 2018

    Always enjoy watching it although the standard and atmosphere isn't quite the same as the PDC. Can't see past Durrant, but equally that's a very short price to be backing him at so as a few outsiders I will have Jamie Hughes & Daryl Fitton.
  5. Ex Player in current squad

    Steve Guppy would improve any team in world football, so I will say him. Albrighton & Guppy in the wide areas would be a strikers dream
  6. Expensive Bench Warmers

    Not sure how Ulloa can be described as an expensive bench warmer, his goals to keep us up, and then to win us the league paid his transfer fee back 10 times over. Think it's fairly obvious with his lack of inclusion that Slim is on his way, as is Musa.
  7. Ashes 2017

    Going to set my alarm for the start of the 2nd session. Hoping Root is 100* and Mo is flaying the ball to all parts when I awaken. More expecting England to be 8 down and to watch the last few wickets tumble meekly and trudge off to work tired and grumpy.
  8. Ashes 2017

    I read that this morning, seems like muddled thinking. I know that the conditions will suit the seamers because of the pink ball and what not, but to have Root as your only spin option really isn't enough at this level. Ali is a better bat than Ballance without doubt so shouldn't be dropped, but not having another spinner in seems strange. This is where we miss Stokes the most, you could get away with picking 1 less seamer if he were in the team and not weaken your bowling attack, and ensure the batting is solid. Bairstow should be at 6, Ali 7. Bairstow is a proper batsman, leaving him to have to hang around with the tail who can't play the short ball is useless. Ali is a better option because he will throw the willow at it anyway, so he isn't really adapting his game. I'm hoping to wake up tomorrow to Cook & Stoneman batting, as that would mean they have either put on a massive stand for the 1st wicket, or we have rolled the aussies over. Not sure which is more unlikely at this point.
  9. 'Plaudits for our atmosphere' ?! Not any more

    What is it with people buggering off 5 minutes before the end no matter what the score? We were clinging on and needed the noise on Tuesday and the stands were emptying. Could understand if we were 5-1 down like Spurs last season.
  10. Captain Morgan

    Was about to start a thread but then saw this one and thought it was apt. Surely it has to be discussed whether he is Leicester's best CB of all time? The bloke probably has 2 bad games a year, which brings out the same morons who have said he isn't good enough from day 1. Other than that he is incredibly consistent and manages to make more blocks than any other player I have ever seen. Don't see any reason why we need to worry at centre half, Morgan looks like he has another 2 years in him at least.
  11. Ashes 2017

    Too many passengers in this time sadly. Cook out of nick, Malan not good enough, Woakes & Ball in Australia are not what we need at all, would have been far better taking someone like Plunkett who could bowl fast and short. Tone was set on day 1 when we allowed Lyon to bowl maiden after maiden. Should have got after him and knocked him off his line so he couldn't get settled. I can only see things getting more messy on actual proper quick pitches later in the series. Next test match will determine whether it is 5-0 or not. Lose that and it's inevitable.
  12. The "nonsensical things that Leicester do" thread

    We have scored numerous goals from counter attacks over the past 3 seasons from opposition corners/free kicks when we bring everyone back, so this argument really doesn't work. Us leaving 3 up would mean they leave 3/4 back, and would give us less room to break at pace as our attacking players are already up there, and them defensively being set up well for the counter. Look at the Vardy goal against Everton 2 weeks ago, we broke from deep with everybody back, they committed loads up thinking they have nobody to worry about up top. Boom 20 seconds later gooal. As well it actually makes defending set pieces easier. The more bodies in the box the less likely somebody is to have a free run and header at goal due to the traffic in the box. There is a reason that pretty much everybody in the world does it.
  13. West Ham Away

    How are tickets selling for away games in general this year? Not been tempted by an away this year, but hoping to pick up tickets for West Ham, Southampton & Liverpool in the nect 2 months but only have exactly 220 points. What's the likelihood of securing tickets for all 3?
  14. Everton 2-0 (H) Post Match Thread

    Yet again Wes Morgan comfortably the best defender on the pitch. And people on here quickly want him replaced because he doesn't try and pass the ball like John Stones...
  15. If it makes you feel better...

    I must have been looking through ginger tinted specs then! I just remember us being much more difficult to beat under Megson than Holloway. Can't say with certainty either way and is the most obsolete argument ever!