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  1. Well Played Zaha, pen was laugh out loud funny from start to finish but man u deserve nothing out of this regardless
  2. 😂 Remember when folk said Man U pay off the FA 😂
  3. That’s a very best case scenario way of looking at it 😂
  4. Swear you are missing numerous potential qualifiers in there, some of which will be above us coefficient wise, where are Olympiacos?
  5. Not quite it’s a bit more complicated. The Qualifers in the CL are split up in to two brackets, ones that are Champions of their leagues and ones who place high in better leagues. Known as “champions route” and “league route” and the two cannot play each other. If you lose a third round qualifier and you are through the “league” route you go straight into the group stage (AZ, Benfica, Rapid Vienna) If you lose your third round qualifier via the “champions” route, then you need to play a final qualifier, but those six teams can only draw each other in the last play off round. Hence why they have been highlighted a different colour. Thats my understanding of it anyway. I can’t guarantee it’s 100% accurate 😂
  6. Doesn’t really matter. Outside of pot 1 it’s all just assorted dross anyway. Well, decent European teams but nothing a top half Premier League team should fear any degree more than the other. If we are going to do well It’s a waste of time chewing your finger nails over whether you get Braga or AZ in your group. Theres a few tasty teams in pot 4 as well. Difficulty will be massively determined by luck over seeding. Teams won’t be wanting to see our name drawn against them from pot 3 though should we remain there and that’s the important thing.
  7. He’s Got to have nearly 100 caps and 30 goals from the wing man, for Croatia, he got plenty of game time for the best club side in the world last season, surely even the most hardened clueless fool has to get be up for this. ......your’re probably right though 🙄 p.s this isn’t actually going to happen.
  8. For Ivan Perisic? Any of them, he’d be the best winger at the club by an absolute country mile ffs.
  9. I’ve enjoyed it, the one thing I took from it is it’s easy to laugh at them with half their attacking players out but when your watching something like that you get the “fuchs sake that is actually a nightmare to deal with” realisation of it all Mourinho has actually done a reasonable job all things considered. Plus I hear Gareth Bale will be co starring in season two 👀.
  10. Theres really not, I can see the, both sticking out ok sides they’ve just both got deeper depth and therefore capability in doing so. I mean sure if we stick out a full strength side we might win both games but is it really worth it to get to a Quarter final which will no doubt be against another member of the big six and start to interfere with a ludicrous end of year fixture period. Use the squad, hope for the best, if we go out, oh well. It’s just not worth taking seriously this season. I’m Normally a big advocate of going all in in all comps, but Covid Europa league combo has to be the exception.
  11. FA cup tbc for me, no Euro fixtures in Jan so maybe can look at the draw and asses it nearer the time. But league cup defo, the early doors schedule is mad and Liverpool Arsenal in short succession just ain’t worth it.
  12. **** it off this season, tragic ****ing draw and we need to keep the legs. Use the squad by all means but I don’t want to see us anything like full strength. The Europa league is a demanding competition with higher rewards.
  13. He’s payed shit loads more by every other company he works for. This is why it makes me laugh, he could easily do without doing MOTD at all, his BT contract alone is reportedly triple the amount. Yet because the BBC have to print his earnings that’s what gets the scrutiny, it’s pretty funny really.
  14. Did It? Someone could of told me that before now. You lads ain’t even heard the one about Kylian Mbappe yet, practically a done deal.
  15. Tbf it was much improved from Zverev in that department 😂 he still lost but he did at least to look like a professional tennis player throughout.
  16. Behave man, you’re all spoilt watching three of the best of all time. Of course there were nerves, maiden grand slam win up for grabs. Still some absolutely disgustingly good shots played especially by Thiem.
  17. Shut up Gavin. Great game.
  18. Got to give him credit he’s holding on so far. I was fully expecting a trademark meltdown. Great game.
  19. Glad I listened my gut over you Rach 👀😂.
  20. Got a few quid on Sasha and still considering the cash out 😂
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