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  1. You need to find another forum mate objectiveness and balance will get you nowhere here 😂
  2. Always amuses me when football managers become victims of their own success.
  3. Yeah that 94 is looking pretty flimsy. Its very good.
  4. Yeah probably, that is all correct but I’d said it’d happen not that it would happen anytime soon 😂
  5. Not really here nor there at this point in time is it. We need him to play right back at the moment.
  6. Dubois will happen I think, extremely easy fight to make and would generate a reasonable amount of domestic cash.
  7. Fcking Kinahan’s going nowhere apart from back in the shadows he was in before silly Senile bob decided to tell the world he was still involved with MTK. And Billy Joe is just a fool wasting a promising career but why change the habit of 90% of his life.
  8. Hamza can sort of play right back can’t he if we really, really need to cover/rotate. I’m sure sharkey could probably do a job as well. JJ not going to be anywhere near as good as Ricardo Is (although looking at the gushing on here after 32 minutes of playing left back in the league cup on here you’d of never guess that that’s the case) but it is what it is, cant exactly go out and spend 8 figures on a replacement now can we. It’ll be good experience for him long term as well.
  9. Can’t be arsed with one. Quite happy to save my penny’s and wait until I can go somewhere without the worry of having it cancelled, getting Covid, I can actually enjoy normal pub and restaurant service and don’t have to treat every stranger in sight like a leper.
  10. Covers Birstall Oadby and Glenfield at least.
  11. He’s not going to listen to me is he.
  12. Something surely up with Maddison, if Rodgers wanted to send him a message he’d of at least put him on the bench not drop him entirely.
  13. I’m dead against “inclusiveness” resulting in the removal of “toxic masculinity” in gaming totally and shoe horning in every minority group imaginable into every game just to be PC. If you want to tell a story about straight white men then you tell a story about straight white men and you should be able to do it without the media asking where the minority’s are. Its absolutely fine in that regard from what Ive played so far, I don’t know what people were expecting really the foundations of the apparent over the top wokeness (which is non existent) were firmly laid in the first game and its dlc. The whole thing feels pretty natural and unforced. I will however say there a few people I know who have done the whole thing who heavily bemoan the story arc regardless of any political stance it’s trying to make so maybe not all of the bad press is born out of political persuasions.
  14. Correct but not in the spirit of the thread pal 😂
  15. Would 100% take an fa cup win over being a 4th seeded CL team getting handed by Dortmund and Real and ending up in the Europa league anyway given we probably won’t even be able to attend the games.
  16. You’ll get your fcking head kicked in if you walk down filbert street?
  17. Don’t think you can really point to VAR as a reason why they won it although it’s definitely been kind to them, they’re probably going to win it by over 20 points. Massive failure VAR this season for me, not so much the tech but inconsistency in officiating. Watching the Bundesliga more often over the last few weeks has shown while it’s still not perfect over there it is far better.
  18. @FIF surely having a platform to talk about politics isn’t something you should be complaining about anyway given it’s one of your favourite subjects and that pesky ban situation.
  19. Don’t think I’ve poked fun of you for literally weeks although for someone who probably has limited social interaction due to that infectious personality of yours I imagine all things are relative In your head perhaps, have homosexuals stopped making you sick yet?
  20. Totally agree however we know not all people follow laws that dictate they will lose their freedom if they break them so to expect everyone to follow government advice that results in hardly any repercussions isn’t going to happen is it. The police should be out writing up fines left right and centre.
  21. Government have been shit lets be honest. I mean you can complain about people gathering, why arent these gatherings being broken up. Morons though the lot of them and should shoulder a massive share of the blame if we end up locked up for another 3 months which would undoubtedly plunge this country into an absolute state.
  22. Ah FIF, going to be some achievement when you get the deleted threads thread deleted.
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