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  1. Don’t shoot me if I’m wrong but hearing Usyk is boxing Chisora in February, and that’ll obviously void his mandatory status.
  2. Well yes, you’ve also lectured everyone that isn’t what happened, when it was. Any edits made to my post should be time stamped at the bottom. But no I believe it was in the original post, how quickly other people can get hold of information isn’t restricted to how quickly you can get hold of information, and I’m not going to say something like that unless I know it’s been said. Im not obsessed with winning internet arguments, it’s not even really an argument, you’re just wrong. Let’s just leave it at that.
  3. Lovely that you think that but the rules simple, if a ball is deflected on route to goal the original shot has to be on target or it’s an OG.
  4. There were three players down, one of them was a Leicester player. There was no time wasting, no faking, they actually had a counter attack on when they put it out. If the referee is forced to take sole ownership of situations like this because players and fans can’t be trusted to accept certain fundamentals about stopping and restarting a game, which is a sorry situation by the way, then so be it. But let’s make it universal, not just the demands of Lee Johnson. Until then we stick to the status quoe. I do wonder if you would still disagree with me had we kicked the ball out under similar circumstances and Norwich had scored, I doubt it, and that’s the problem.
  5. Something you can only say with hindsight, three players were on the deck it was best the game was stopped. There is no excuse for not giving them the ball back.
  6. You’ve said this twice and if you are right fair enough. However as I remember it Ricardo and Pukki go into a 50/50 the ball then falls to a Norwich player (Cantwell?) who has a break on, he looks forward looks then back asses the situation then voluntarily kicks it out as three players are down. So as I remember it they do deserve the ball back. I can’t see how you are right though, I doubt a full football team would go nuts and an experienced manager would condemn his own player if things went as you claim.
  7. I mean I’m not excusing cantwells reaction but would of hated winning like that should he have seen red.
  8. Hauling him off to put Grey there is perhaps an over reaction. But literally ashamed so many of our fans think he was right to do that. They were right to kick the ball out with three players down, it’s an etiquette in football that has been there for years. You kick the ball out so players can get treatment you get it back on the restart. And Ricardo was one of those three players. Embarrassing to think otherwise, the shoes on the other foot you’d be screaming blue murder.
  9. Crawford double headlining with Commey vs López. So just the two world title fights. Unbelievable really given bt had the nerve to PPV Crawford Khan.
  10. tbf there’s something in it, you look round at the team and the one area that often doesn’t quite tick over as well as the others it’s the wide men. And it’s not like we have a shortage of them. Put it this way if we were doing any business in January it should be that area we look to strengthen. And maybe Greys had his time here.
  11. Ah, the old get good without actually playing phenomenon. Albrightons a legend but he’s been just as hot and cold as the other three this season.
  12. oh there will be plenty still deluding themselves trust me. Difference between us and Liverpool is while we were both shite today they won.
  13. looks like they’ve just had a fresh delivery of evidence. 😂
  14. Yes they were both pretty ineffective. surely Perez was the best replacement anyway.
  15. They played well first half, hung on a bit in the second but hard to begrudge them it. Maddison was non existent, Barnes is failing to deliver when attacking moves are reaching their end, Ricardo was uncharacteristicly wasteful but defended reasonably, Grey is back to being Grey (Pass the ball!) Soynchu was given one of the hardest afternoons of the season by Pukki and didn’t always come off best.... Oh well Chelsea lost and if the shit houses from north London can upset the apple cart tomorrow somehow it won’t have been a bad weekend.
  16. Yes just give it back ffs. At least we have now.
  17. Unbelievable no tv station has picked tonight’s card up. I mean i cancelled weeks ago but why the **** is box nation still on air
  18. Nick Webb was embarrassingly poor.
  19. Game over if you win though (if it isn't already) We've got City the week before unless we get a least a point (or all 3 really realistically) you're about there anyway.
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