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  1. LCFC247

    Who has had an underrated transfer window?

    I can see the photofit now...
  2. LCFC247

    Derby Away Match Thread

    Turning off.. before I break something
  3. LCFC247


  4. LCFC247


    Has to GO NOW!!!!
  5. LCFC247

    Liverpool (a) match thread

    Yeah... I'd still watch.
  6. LCFC247


    Live stream from 9;30pm...
  7. Are we playing in the new kit on Saturday?
  8. LCFC247

    Kasabian @ King Power 28th May 2016

    I couldn't click any quicker. no joy!
  9. LCFC247

    What's Wrong With People?

    There is NO room for negativity. NONE! The players overcame a fair tougher test at the end of last season & they can & WILL do it this season! Now lets hear no more of this defeatist b**lshit. OK?
  10. Great interview from Ranieri... no point slagging the ref now. I liked the calmness of the players as well. They have the right psychology in the camp I think. It's as much a mental battle now as a physical one.