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  1. House trump tree scalextric? Or home **** tree Road?
  2. No it's all factual from the great David icke himself, you know, that ex goalie that knows about lizards and the truth.
  3. Well rumble, according to the anti vax movement. Bill Gates chased a bat up a 5g mast above a fruit market he ate the bat but spilt some of its blood onto some fruit Market apples down below, a Chinese bloke ate one of the apples, he caught a nasty cold infection that everybody in the world will get, so that the government and the rich 1% can control everybody. Oh and most shops are shut.
  4. Cos theys stopped using 5g innit
  5. The earth being flat is the evidence.
  6. So are you saying the thought of them two made you cum? Dr Singh will latch onto this.
  7. Use the big hammer, problem over
  8. By that menu chips without chips is free, plus you can stay at home. Win win.
  9. Deffo, he's the average fan, obsessed fruitcake nutter
  10. I dunno, the music's better on thunderbirds plus it's more realistic.
  11. Bond..... thunderbirds for the older kids
  12. Or for added Americanism annoyance the poster should have said the 'actual soccer results'.
  13. Yes, they wore Jack boots and have since invaded Poland.
  14. A bullet through the temple should suffice.
  15. Yes. Vaccines, 5G and the earth being flat, stopped free speech. So the Facebook mob reckon.
  16. Spot on, if you eat right, you don't have to eat less. Wonder if it's part of the reason Americans are dropping like flies?
  17. Next time take your baseball bat, it's for their own good.
  18. Now available in a hospital near you.
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