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  1. Oh, also hate those wall quote decal things. Just hang a really big Telly, a painting or a mirror if you've got an empty wall. 'Dance Like No-ones Watching' what a load of sh*t
  2. Seth Rogen. Beyond me how he has any sort of career. (And why does he get cast as the 'love interest' in his films?)
  3. The Three Crowns, Oakham - only pub in town that would serve pretty much anyone who walked in the door.
  4. just Reading about a crypto company called Quadriga - the owner died unexpectedly and nobody was able to access the computer containing $180 million worth of clients coins for months. They’ve just got access and the wallets are empty.
  5. Had the same phone for years and I'm about to make the switch from an iPhone to android. (iPhone 4s to Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite) I'm a bit of a Luddite - just wondering how easy is it to transfer everything over? I've got years worth of texts, photos etc. that ideally I want on my new phone.
  6. Can't believe I forgot this masterpiece, guitar solo's don't come much better.
  7. People being described as 'hero', 'legend' and 'inspirational' etc. for doing the most inane, unremarkable things. Just read something about Jess Glynn being 'inspirational' for taking her make-up off at the Brit Awards. People are certainly easily inspired these days.
  8. I only thing that comes as a surprise with these MP's joining the NCP is how much I fancy Heidi Allen.
  9. Totally agree, nice pub and good range of beer - work 10 minutes from Exmouth Market so head down Rosebery Avenue quite often. The Jerusalem Tavern is another good spot but it gets rammed with the after-work drink crowd.
  10. Troubadour Speciale in the Dovetail, Clerkenwell. Great range of beers and decent food.
  11. The Big Lewbowski is massively overrated. Vaguely enjoyable at best.
  12. You've given me hope, I'll battle my way through Season 8 and start on 9.
  13. Started Season 8 of The Walking Dead and I've given up after 3 episodes. It's gone down hill over the last few seasons but I'm still surprised at how poor the show has become. All it's been so far is: Rick on a mission to kill someone, finds said person unarmed and at his mercy, spends an entire episode talking to him instead of pulling the fvcking trigger. Does Season 8 improve at all and is it worth bothering with Season 9?
  14. The guitar solo in 'Aqualung' by Jethro Tull is my all time favourite.
  15. As previously mentioned, the Sir John Sloane Museum is excellent and very central. The Horniman Museum is brilliant for kids but it's down in Forest Hill and a bit of a trek to get to.
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