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  1. Thanks for whatever you did, all good now.
  2. Not using any blockers but have been getting the cookie pop-up on every page for 2 days now (only on here).
  3. Looks like a particularly weird Rorschach Test - I can see a zombie, the face of a manatee and a slice of pizza.
  4. Social media militancy - school children writing an open letter threatening to boycott the Royal Shakespeare Company due to their ‘sickening’ links to BP. Personally, I’ve never particularly liked Shakespeare but BP have subsidised hundreds of thousands of tickets for people to go and see his plays. If you don’t won’t to go, fair play - It’s the use of ‘sickening’ that most annoys me.
  5. Hopkins was an absolute legend. When it comes to the Blues, I’ve always leaned towards Chicago but there are some geniuses out there. Numerous great artists but CeDell Davis epitomises the Blues for me - wracked by Polio, re-teaches himself to play the guitar with a butter knife.👍
  6. Hound Dog was the man. Unfair advantage having 6 fingers as a guitarist though!
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