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  1. It’s the pedant in me but Richard Ayoade saying ‘we are not an island’ in the HSBC advert annoys me no end.
  2. The New ‘Go Compare’ advert with the character showing clips of himself as a real singer - original ads were appalling and the new one convinced me that the bloke is a narcissistic dick.
  3. Sarah Beeny - she’s an oldie but certainly a goodie.
  4. Working fine again, thanks.
  5. I can access every part of the site except General Chat - whenever I click on general chat I get this message: (kCFErrorDomainCFNetwork error 303.) Haven’t a clue if it’s a Safari thing though? (started about 2 days ago for me)
  6. Oakham born and raised. Hence my username. Have the misfortune of working in London though.
  7. Instead of manic insanity, all we got was chronic over-acting. Also, in the hospital explosion scene, he walks away looking like he’s just had a massive dump in his pants.
  8. Heath Ledger was annoying as Hell as the Joker and would never have won the Oscar if he hadn't gone and died.
  9. Punched Ross Kemp at The White Horse, Parsons Green. (Should specify that it was only after he had punched one of my friends.)
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