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  1. oakman

    Baby Names

    Just reading an article online and someone named their daughter Bayleigh-Lee. Going for a weird spelling doesn't make you 'unique', it just lumbers your poor kid with a ludicrous name. And I don't understand the obsession with hyphenating names now either.
  2. oakman


    Holborn Dining Room on High Holborn is excellent (it’s in the Rosewood Hotel 2 minute walk from Holborn tube, 10/15 minute walk from Covent Garden). Also, Odettes in Primrose Hill is good if you want to go further afield.
  3. On conviction, are the sentences similar? Sorry to ask what may seem stupid questions but you seem to know your stuff - I find the legal system fascinating and unfathomable at the same time.
  4. Regarding the police officer who was attacked with the machete - they arrested the guy on suspicion of causing GBH. I don't know threshold between GBH and attempted murder but surely a frenzied attack with a machete is an attempt to kill? What's the difference between the two?
  5. Watching ‘From Dusk Till Dawn’ at the moment - what grinds my gears is Quentin Tarantino’s insistence on appearing in any film he has anything to do with. You’re a great screenwriter and director but terrible actor. Please, stick to what you’re good at. (That’s not acting).
  6. Anyone know how to upload images to Instagram via a PC? I used Gramblr for ages but it's no longer avaialble.
  7. Just watched Seasons 1 & 2 of Loudermilk on Amazon Prime. Comedy following Sam Loudermilk as the head of an AA support group in Seattle. Pretty amusing and well worth a watch.
  8. This is near impossible but I’d go for something like this: Don’t Bother Me - Bad Brains Gimme Shelter - Merry Clayton Hey - Pixies A Forest - The Cure Downpressor Man - Peter Tosh Maggot Brain - Funkadelic Jack The Ripper (live) - Morrissey Shine On - The House Of Love
  9. Pixies on 20th September Black Flag on 7th October
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