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  1. Dogecoin being worth more than Barclays / Ford / Kraft Foods
  2. Tragic he went so young - still rate this as the best punk album of all time. Pleased that Pat Smear went on to have such an great career.
  3. Wallace & Gromit is sh*t. Always been awful and the adverts are terrible. Thought it was important to steer this topic back to important issues.👍
  4. Could also be in the best of the 70’s thread
  5. Mate, my knowledge is probably (definitely) more limited than yours. My post was probably more down to worry - it seems that it’s always the ‘behind the scenes’ things that are cut to the bone before the front line services that people will notice are cut.
  6. Put it here because it seems more and more that people are jumping on the slogan without thinking about the implications of their posts. I get really disillusioned when people on social media jump on a bandwagon to look good to their friends without thinking of the implications of their posts. Guarantee that 90% of people that have posted ‘defund the police’ on their social media have done it to look good to their contemporaries rather than thinking about the issue itself. Sorry, rant over.😀
  7. Undercover Police: Hunting Paedophiles - was on C4 at 10 last night.
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