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  1. Chelsea have apparently just matched Man U's bid for Lukaku.
  2. He looks like a mobile, ball-playing Easter Island statue. Him and Huth will be great.
  3. Sven Bender Rob Holding Simon Kjaer I reckon you could get any of them for half the price of Gibson.
  4. King Arthur is one of the worst films I've seen in a long time - basically 'Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Arrows' with a ridiculous David Beckham cameo. World building and Jude Law weren't too bad but everything else was pretty poor. Off to see Colossal tonight.
  5. Definitely miss out Dallas and go to Austin instead.
  6. Sequel - Set 10 years after Prometheus.
  7. Saw Alien:Covenant last Thursday - pretty enjoyable and a big improvement on Prometheus.
  8. Simon Kjaer
  9. £5 EW on Hadrian's Approach & £5 EW on Doomsday Book. You Beauty!
  10. Hire Slutsky, he might be able to get Musa back on form.
  11. The Larry Sanders Show Father Ted Office (UK) Office (USA) The Inbetweeners Peep Show The IT Crowd Spaced Reno 911! Frasier
  12. I've got a feeling he'll be impeached within the first year.
  13. Matt Allwright