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  1. Kasper Ricardo Amartey Evans Fofana Castagne Ndidi Tielemans Praet Nacho Vardy According to reliable Twitter guy
  2. Man City’s XI not on the pitch: Steffen Walker Dias Garcia Laporte Rodri Gundogan De Bruyne Mahrez Aguero Foden
  3. All the BBC Sport coverage basically stopped, all live text cricket updates stopped, seems a bit silly to me
  4. I thought it was a red for Thiago Silva, BT didn’t mention it though
  5. RW is the only place in this team where this is simply not true. A quality right winger would have played the majority of games for us this season.
  6. Yeah I don’t think there’s a straightforward victim in Bowen’s tweets compared to Gray’s. Obviously a word you clearly shouldn’t be using in pubic or private but there’s no malice, whereas Gray’s is full of malice and has a clear target imo
  7. Anyway, I’m glad everyone got their voices heard yesterday before the further clampdown on protests going through the Commons next week. This legislation is seriously scary stuff for a self-proclaimed liberal democracy, whatever side of the political spectrum you sit on. https://www.politics.co.uk/comment/2021/03/11/silencing-black-lives-matter-priti-patels-anti-protest-law/
  8. If political opportunism = the opportunity to highlight the scale of the problem facing women and the constant, everyday harassment and fear they face, then yeah probably political opportunism. People wanted to pay their respects to Sarah but people are also angry and scared about what has happened and how it has been dealt with and how the police tell women the only way they can be safe is to stay at home.
  9. Genuinely would anyone have given a shit if a few hundred people milled around the bandstand in Clapham Common and paid their respects and registered a bit of communal grief and anger about the way women in the community and country feel unsafe at night? Does anyone give a shit about the peaceful vigil that happened in Nottingham and other places? Borough Market is busier and more crowded in the day but the police aren’t trying to disperse that because it’s stimulating the economy, the risk of transmission last night was so ridiculously small until the police forced a confrontation
  10. I was slightly further out from the central bandstand, the people there were admittedly a bit more closely packed together, though as I understand it they got a lot more bunched together and linked together because of the police pushing themselves to the centre of the bandstand and trying to shut off the speakers. The 90% of the crowd outside of the most central circle was more spaced out I’d say, not quite two metres though 😂. In general though the police’s actions turned the atmosphere toxic and they achieved nothing but bad PR, they didn’t disperse the gathering and if anything it went on l
  11. I was at the vigil tonight, was completely fine and pretty socially distanced until the police escalated it. Just really shocking policing, no idea how they thought what they were doing would help the situation
  12. Not that it really matters but Sarah Everard likely walked past my window probably within half an hour of when she was taken, which makes it seem horribly horribly close to home. My flatmates are terrified and it's just a nauseating story all round. I have been happily going for walks around the Common late at night since I've been here, and my (female) flatmates wouldn't dream of it, which says it all really. Of course bad things happen to men too but every woman I speak to has a strong feeling of vulnerability and fear anytime they're walking alone late at night and that's just a horribly de
  13. Anyone else think he’s had enough decent spells now to be considered a good signing, all things considered?
  14. It’s Schmeichel Amartey Fofana Soyuncu Ricardo Tavares Ndidi Tielemans Castagne Nacho Vardy
  15. If I don’t see Big Sid tonight I’ll be raging, those subs are ****ing shite
  16. I oscillate between thinking Rodgers is a genius and an absolute fool, very much the latter at the moment
  17. Not a bad idea from Clinton Morrison, wouldn’t mind seeing Mendy and Tielemans sitting deeper and Ünder in the 10
  18. Would an assist be enough from Sid or are we only accepting a goal?
  19. I really like Hamza but he’s just not very good, even aside from the error he doesn’t offer much in possession when he takes up a number 10 position, doesn’t have the ability to open them up. No idea if Sidnei does but he might
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