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  1. Lost 0:7 v Manchester United ladies. Looking like Man Utd and spurs to go up this year. after a decent start to the season, looks like the ladies team are faltering a bit.
  2. Lol I’ve just edited!! I thought id take a look at the Leicester team that night, couldn’t find any records of the 5:0 win against the “posh”... then realised it it was indeed Cambridge. (There near enough geographically)😉 I was 11 then, don’t remember too much about it, accept for being in the corner of the kop next to the old main stand.
  3. Not sure whether it was the Play off semi final against Cambridge in the Kop 1992... or when I seen us against Crystal Palace in the FA cup, or port vale in the league around the same time. if anyone can be arsed to check dates for me 😌😳 Edit: palace FA cup was 04/01/92 so that came before Cambridge on the 13th May 1992 port vale November 1991, remember we lost 0:1.. so that was my first game..
  4. I don’t understand why a valuable asset like sala was on a plane with one just one pilot. I know it’s normal for these planes to only have one pilot, but with sala onboard? what if the pilot had a stroke, or heart attack? With our sad event, there was at least 2 pilots should one have succumbed to an illness mid flight. not to mention the type of aircraft in this case, which I’m led to believe are far less safe then commercial or smaller business jets. Just beggars belief in my opinion.
  5. I woke up at 6am, sky news saying plane had gone down flying from Nantes to Cardiff, straight away thought “didn’t Cardiff sign a player from Nantes the other day” went onto their message boards, and posters were concerned then. As the hours go by this looks devasting news. hope and praying it’s not ☹️
  6. This is funny no doubt about it, and it has to be Vardy by the walk. now maybe I look into things too deeply... but did spidey know if it was Puel and others walking towards him? Obviously he knew someone was, but Puel? if he did and it was deliberate to “scare” the manager, I think it says much about their relationship. Puel laughed but then an awkwardness (I thought) set in. Spidey realising he maybe went to far (or the manager wouldn’t appreciate it) then changed focus by shooting webs at the players. it looked a tad uncomfortable to me, but I could be talking 💩
  7. I started a similar topic last year.... its certainly bizarre 😬
  8. Funny thing is that some of them in blue moon, think we have done likewise over Mahrez
  9. Thanks for this, I’d been thinking myself why was he so highly rated. Looks like The way he has scored goals was in acres of space with just keeper to beat.
  10. He says 7-10th, and used the word “maybe” yes we we have lost 3 class players, but I don’t think that’s what’s missing this season per se. Nor do I see those players as the reason we won’t finish (for example) 7th. Its more I think to do with consistency not just with us but with other clubs.
  11. Wasn’t aware of the disparancy in wealth between king power and roman or sheik mansour. Obviously that plays a big part. but if we except we can’t compete, then would you accept 7th every season behind the “big 6”? This season I would, and I think had we not won the league in recent times the majority would accept 7th every season. But does the league win change that?
  12. Gone are the days of players living in Tudor road and winstanley drive (the one exception these days being Vicente Iborra 😀)
  13. Yeah agree, I think a more steady approach is best. Which I guess means if we finish higher than 9th this season were on the up 😀but longer term top 6 we need to aim for as hard as that will be.
  14. It can be done. I’m sure I read that Mahrez lived in London. Kasper in Lancashire/Cheshire way. guess it depends on what the players view as hassle and convenience. Equally there will be players that will prefer the peace of the countryside then city life. So though not to dismiss the notion that we are not attractive due to location, I think it’s more balanced personally. my initial view still stands that if we are prepared to just take 7th-mid table every season based on our history, then to me that’s quite dull.
  15. Chelsea couldn’t until Roman came in, likewise the same at Man City. Depends on the wealth of top and weather he is prepared to throw the same kinda money.
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