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  1. I’m sure there have been other threads too, of good deeds, that bought very little response. Sure our owners have done a number of local great things, that had just a few comments on here. I just think “society” has become entitled, and it’s expected wealthy people should give. Or the council should pay, or so and so should do X.... just my view 😬 to completely digress from the point of the topic 😳
  2. Just look at how many replies in this thread.. says it all. brilliant stuff LCFC 🙌
  3. turkish14

    Teams breaking their “ducks” against us?

    As you posted this, I was just amending my topic to include players, as I vaguely remember players doing the same.
  4. And/or players.Is it just me... or do teams on X amount of no goals scored/wins et cetera always end against us? And players on barren runs then score against us. watford hadn’t won in 6 games, beat us today.. Sure Crystal Palace has their first away win against us. am I making this up or can the stato’s out there confirm?