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  1. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/53357841 At least the premier league are admitting they got decisions wrong. however I’d love to know what they will do about it, If anything. Also when bad decisions are made, then questioned more in the media via the managers comments, it rightly gets some response by the premier league. But when managers don’t kick up as much of a fuss, despite bad decisions it doesn’t. Like our De bruyne handball v Man City, which wasn’t given. It pisses me off it’s not automatically raised and highlighted by the PL post match as a mistake. It just gets smoother over and forgotten about.
  2. Me too... I felt more nervous playing wolves then any other team this season. And if we are honest, we are lucky to have had two draws against them.
  3. Ashley Cole, The man who sterling asks why he isn’t a manager. Erm because he is adapted.
  4. Im sure within the 8 minutes of added time, we only had grays cross, that the keeper caught as a shot on target. so frustrating 😫
  5. We are just too ****ing nice! and as much as I like kelechi, **** is he clumsy
  6. It was more tongue in cheek 😀
  7. Absolutely! the hate he gets from a percentage of our fanbase is mind boggling. yes he has a bad game from time to time. Sometimes he can come in a bit too much, for my liking. Yes at times he makes the wrong pass, but don’t the majority of players? His runs down the wing and his crossing at times are fantastic. His energy levels are brilliant, and he keeps on going. he’s popular around the club and an important figurehead despite his age. Top players on top teams keep on going, it’s a sign that he looks after himself. The Chelsea defeat last week where he was caught laughing with Barclay, was unfortunate. But some of the hate and abuse again was OTT
  8. It beggars belief the stick he gets, he’s been one of our better performers
  9. To completely digress, I think it would be great to have a star underneath the badge. Just adds a bit of class, in honour of winning the premier league.
  10. Chillwell, Kasper and madders even as a woman, Evans looks male
  11. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 what the f***
  12. I did think that too. Just seems to me he is not so prominent. But as I say, could be nothing in it.
  13. Even in the daily videos there is less spotlight on chillwell recently. Usually he features heavily often smiling and it good spirits. Though I could be looking to much into it.
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