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  1. Ha ha my thoughts exactly! It’s like watching FIFA how the ball at times seems glued to the players whilst They are running through the opposite defence. Strange game
  2. Desperate for 1 adult, one under 12, and one over 65 for this, if anyone can help? 🤞
  3. I found the constant interruption so irritating. But some good points made
  4. I’m looking for one adult one under 12, if anyone sells
  5. Argh I have 302 points, don’t think it will get to friday
  6. ..........until we get our seasonal spanking at Selhurst, then it will be “we are shit” blah blah blah not a pessimist, but realist 😀
  7. Please please at least 3 more goals without conceding, we then have the away winning record in the premier league
  8. To be honest that’s how I view it, but he must cringe (or maybe not) when he hears it
  9. Talking of “hating forest” I really dislike that chant for Wes... can it not be changed to “he hates derby” he’s Forest through and through. Makes our fans look stupid
  10. Now my children have chosen to stop going theatre school, saving me £200, I get to keep my £1-3 scarf 😀
  11. Absolutely brilliant! And in my opinion a worthy and just, thing to do. though I do think the “Khun vichai” wards would be a bit easier to roll off the tongue.
  12. I’m Playing devils advocate here.... unless they have come into financial issues post purchasing tickets. either way it’s all guess work.
  13. And another judgement And/or assumption... check my topics and previous post via my profile. I don’t remember starting another thread, other then regarding ticket info. So Your wrong there. thank you for taking your time to place a comment here though, means the world to me.
  14. Lots of people on here trying to take the moral “high ground”.... you feel (quite rightly) you want to voice your views by airing them on this thread. yet when posters have put other threads on ways to honour vichai previously, there were no more than a handful of replies. That was too much of an effort to contribute to the thread. did I get offended? No, I just understand that many of us can be fickle and many have their own agendas, plus views and own experiences of how grief should be managed. live and let live
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