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  1. I think the premier league will start back as soon as possible but empty stadiums. sky will show every game at different slots to keep the “at home” crowd a little happier. anyone against that now, after a lockdown I’m sure will be craving football even if no crowd.
  2. Plus they’re are many younger “healthy” people that may have cancer, MND et cetera, without actually realising they have those illnesses. meaning they could be higher chance of succumbing to Covid-19
  3. The young are, unless pre existing health condition
  4. Depends if he has a bad attitude towards the virus, of “catch me if you can”, though it would seem that did happen
  5. It’s “Big” problem , very big!
  6. Yes we did, it was, as this one is... my favourite thread
  7. 😂😂😂😂 behave!! only Liverpool have been consistent, this crap run of ours will end. Just a case of when. we are still in a strong position, only man untitled near to us are gaining momentum
  8. It will end though... we will have closer seasons amongst the top 4-6, no doubt about it. the league currently, bar Liverpool, has been incredibly competitive. I’d be amazed if it’s this close next year. also you highlight collective financial dominance across the rest of the world. But you look at other leagues (bundesliga for example) that I feel will perform better than our representatives in this years CL. Doesn’t always but success
  9. No I disagree... we deserve to be where we are due to our early season form. If not for a few bad VAR decisions we’d have more points. but do agree the league has been “dross” in the respects that no one has been able to go on a sustained run other than Liverpool
  10. I don’t find him arrogant. But do see him as a nervous wreck when he has been on TV. know many would be the same, but wonder if LCFC would want someone like that, In an age where fan and media relationship are part of a clubs growth.
  11. Going back to 2013-2014 season, in reference to the media... “They are idiot”
  12. Does anybody know if there are any other stands that can have an increase capacity? obviously not taking into account, safe standing. i ask, as if the east stand is the only one, our attendance will then be capped at whatever the expansion brings in. unless they knock down a stand...
  13. An amazing gesture again by Top. What a guy, and how lucky are we to have him.
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