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  1. I remember that Bristol city game, we absolutely battered them!! But 0:0 if I remember rightly
  2. Keep it in - make it quicker, referees to explain decisions, and for more clarity on handball and offside
  3. 2 nil down now, they look disinterested and like they cannot be arsed
  4. Tough one this! derby 0 city 4 (1998 I think), this was just pure ecstasy! newcastle 0 city 3 (2020) first time my 11 year old son had seen us win away, plus it was his birthday. tranmere 1 city 2 (2000) my first Wembley visit, seeing us lift a trophy city 3 Everton 1 (2016) for obvious reasons City 1 port vale 1 (1991 I think the score was correct) my first ever game, was hooked from that day on,
  5. The new Everton ground looks like the London aquatics centre
  6. I felt the video post Sheffield united, was vards being vards, but could easily have been taken the wrong way. But I don’t think there is anything in it. As others have said, think vards is mentoring kelechi in some ways.
  7. Absolutely the extra rest I feel will determine the remainder of our season, and we will be glad of being knocked out of Europe when we celebrate getting into the CL.
  8. Didn’t we offer Ricardo a new contract, that still hasn’t been signed? Im sure this was the case. So I’m not sure Ricardo would be a good person for Sidney to speak too
  9. Our of interest how many different shirt suppliers have we had? adidas puma fox leisure bukta joma le coq sportif umbro? any more, that anyone can remember? edited to add: jako, admiral, JJB, shoreline & burrda
  10. If Durham win today and beat us next week, we will still be top due to GD! These 7 goals will really help
  11. I get the lack of creativity, I understand we played Wednesday whilst they rested. but does that explain how many times we have hit the ball out, misplaced passes, massive gaps through the middle. Cags diving in and being played around...
  12. Wow! I remember this too, what a find! Thanks for sharing
  13. I’m one of those that were fooled and disappointed thinking we had a young unknown vardy in our youth teams
  14. Okay maybe I was slightly wrong to use “in form” but my point still stands. We have lost one league game, not a few in succession
  15. We have just lost one league game against an in form arsenal.. at least give it a few games before declaring that “we’ve struggled”
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