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  1. Yes I agree. I think he was targeted for this by opposing teams. If I remember rightly he was at fault to some degree with a couple of goals early on. He certainly seems more stable in defence recently.
  2. He has really won me over. I though he was the weak link defensively particular with heading in our own box, at the beginning of the season. But he has been outstanding since then. well done JJ
  3. Not really Running on that kinda of playing surface is more taxing and tiring than when it’s pristine.
  4. This may sound harsh, but the last thing we need is a backlog of games during the latter stage of the season. I’d sooner play when we can, even if that means we have played X more games then our rivals.
  5. That’s me, I’ll take that 😀
  6. I thought honestly that it was the best refereeing performance I’ve seen in a long time, if not ever. I’d love to see her refereeing an EPL game
  7. I think constructive views are okay, we are football fans after all. But abusing him by saying he’s “crap” et cetera, I don’t think justified.
  8. I don’t think it did... it was the often clumsy challenges, his lack of running into open space, and his mis placed passes that are more of a concern.
  9. End of term Just getting off the school bus, excitedly into the changing rooms for a day at the swimming pool.
  10. I turned off at the comment of “ at some point they will have to sacrifice one of the league or europa” 😂 League cup yes, FA cup sadly... but not the aforementioned competitions
  11. I was constructively critical of JJ after the first few games this season. credit where credit due, he’s been absolutely brilliant since then.
  12. Agree! the hate and detest goes to far. You have acknowledged as many have his form wasn’t great at times so to his crossing. But you as I, have no reason to hate him. But a large portion of our fan base do. id like to know what he has done to “warrant” that dislike? mahrez went and sat in an airport, as such created such a bad vibe that we lost out on potential europa. Not sure how chillwell is disliked more.
  13. Regarding Maguire lack of mobility, I thought this was brilliant! 😂
  14. because we expected to be winning comfortably by the time we bought them on?
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