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  1. Do we not have the same points gap from ourselves to 5th as we did pre slump (post villa 4:1) or maybe a point or 2 in it? we have got to this point unscathed. Yes we hand dropped to third, but top two wasn’t really likely. other teams are having bad runs..
  2. I think most of us see it as it is... we’re playing shit...but getting the odd win but so are the chasing teams... were in an incredibly strong position still, despite some poor games. just some perspective
  3. I don’t agree the players are not committed... mental strength and psychological aspects make a difference (i would love to know if they still employ psychologists) when players are confident, and physically fit, they have better sharpness and make better decisions without thinking about it. It’s becomes normal. when negativity and doubt creeps in, those runs they would have made previously, they no longer do. That quick 1-2 passing can go out the window, for a safer ball back. they become more reliant on others without realising it. this is sport, it happens. But the “stronger” ones move on quicker and have acceptance. Or the help of a sports psychologist. or a lucky ricochet can make the world of difference. we need a bit of luck, awesome support on Wednesday and hope they are getting that intensity back from the work the club do behind the scenes.
  4. We’re potentially 11 games from confirming champions league football next year, we’d all have taken losses against the teams we have lost against at this point having an 11 point lead. its one of the most competitive and bizarre seasons that I can remember in premier league history. obviously we need to start winning more regularly, having negative fans and crowd won’t help.
  5. Mate this isn’t fifa!! do you expect us to not have games like Everton at home and Watford too. liverpool are the outstanding team. Everyone else has struggled and been inconsistent. teams have scored last minute winners and conceded last minute winners. teams have played others off the park, others smash and grab. This is the premier league, the toughest most competitive league in the world. yes we are playing shit, no one Denies that.. but other teams are not closing on us. analysing all those games above and in most cases finding fault and making out that we should be battering them, isn’t realistic. so for now relax, get behind the boys on Wednesday and let’s hope we can turn this around.
  6. .........and that is why, as the author suggest, you need to come down. yes we’re shit currently, but who below us look consistent enough to threaten us currently? were lucky that the gap is pretty much staying the same.
  7. This I agree with... it’s all too slow and pedestrian. question is, why?
  8. I think he didn’t play well on Wednesday, hence the criticism. Though unfair in my opinion as I just think he’s knackered and needs a rest
  9. Not when he has looked leggy and fatigued as he has done. all players irrespective of value, need benching at times. Thought he looked class when he came on.
  10. Yes im Inclined to agree. Brentford are also on fire at the minute, and will be incredibly tough at home. so free pass in my opinion
  11. This!! i was as frustrated by anyone over chillwells performance today. But the vitriol and hate from the stands was and is absolutely disgusting. We will play our part in not only him playing worse, but if I was madders seeing my friend get that kind of abuse by my own fans, I’d be thinking why bother staying.
  12. I thought the same too, absolutely bonkers!! plus having Steve Walsh mention if we win by 3 goals, we will achieve the premier league aggregate record, on the big screens whilst their players were warming up. madness
  13. With have 8 days now to get the players as ready as possible for Burnley next Sunday. its then 5 games in 13 days... Sunday-Wednesday-Saturday-tuesday-Saturday before a 13 day mid season break. these next 5 games could de rail our season or help propel into the Carabao final, FA cup 5th round, and help cement our place in the top 4. massive 5 games in my opinion
  14. Yes I’d agree with this
  15. Then on top of that, our moronic fans booed him then jeered the good things he did. the idiotic mob mentality was out in force today
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