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  1. I would like United, Chelsea and Leeds think it will be: West Brom Sheffield United fulham
  2. Yes and no..... total cost maybe around £70m, but I wouldn’t be surprised to pay (let’s say) £35 for tarks, then a small fee for Fofana upfront an the rest next season. Then loan him back to ASSE
  3. Schmeichel could be heard shouting, watch Riyad around the back! Still no one picked him up 😫
  4. Because it’s Man City and not west brom or Burnley?
  5. Just tell me man, will you or won’t you? the suspense is killing me 😀
  6. Thought this too.. and in general, feels like he isn’t mixing too well with the other players. Not that he necessarily needs to, he maybe happy, but I feel he is not currently
  7. Don’t think anyone’s making him the scapegoat, unless I’ve missed the post. Think most (if not all) would agree that he was at some part to blame for the goals conceded. Scapegoat in my opinion would be blaming someone unfairly, I’m not sure that’s incorrect on today’s performance. Though you’ve have some valid reasons why it was tough for Justin, here’s hoping he won’t get brushed off the ball quite so easily next time 🤞
  8. I thought he was our weakest link tonight and a big part of the two goals conceded. also we got sloppy again at times, a la post lockdown. offensively though I thought we looked great
  9. Silly question but do we only have one medical team doing the medicals?
  10. I see what you did there 😀
  11. First 20 minutes....post lockdown Leicester, errors, sideways passing, no driving forward. from then On........ pre lockdown Leicester, free flowing, crisp passing, more clinical. only concern Is Barnes finishing, I’d hope to see more clinical. But his runs forward were excellent
  12. Wasn’t that ghezall madders was referring too?
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