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  1. turkish14

    Adrien silva

    This 👌 eveything is so predictable, and dare I say it “safe”.. we have no one that is either good enough or confident enough to get on the ball and drive forward. Because this doesn’t happen, the wide players don’t seek out runs into space or pull markers wide to open space. can our players do this? Possibly... but it shows a real lack of confidence if this is the case. if so what is going on with the sports psychology and management team.
  2. turkish14

    Getting darker....

    That sounds a good explanation, cheers 👍
  3. turkish14

    Getting darker....

    Thanks for the replies.. it seems I am indeed going mad and imagining something that didn’t happen 😀 My sessions finish at 16:30.. it could possibly be that last year they finished at 16:15.. though as strange as it sounds I can’t remrber what time we finished last year.
  4. turkish14

    Getting darker....

    Am I going mad? okay so I know as we head towards the winter solstice we loose light daily. But it seems to me like it’s getting darker earlier than in 2016-2017, at the same time. At 16:30 now in mid-late November, it’s as dark as it was last year at 16:30 in mid December. I know this (or believe this) as I coach at an after school club, and I’m having to make provisions earlier this year. another parent said the same thing to me. I’ve tried to google and find out if it’s darker earlier this year, but answers are the usual “it’s getting towards the winter solstice what do you expect. its not like it’s overcast. Is it just me?
  5. Did well up until the game on Saturday. When the video clip came on, me my son and my mate 😥 desperately desperately sad.
  6. turkish14

    Ok two questions regards Top

    The questions asked so far in this thread, though important, I don’t think are questions that I worry about. my question is will Top be around the club as much as Vichai and will he have the charisma and personality of Vichai? Its that unique bond and presence from Vichai to the staff that helped to make our club, what it is. Personally I feel Top will continue in his fathers footsteps.
  7. turkish14

    Fans selling Vichai memorabilia on eBay

    The highest I seen was 60k but then it was taken off..(see below) As I say there are lots of fake bids to up the price, with the winning bidder having no plan to pay. In there mind to screw over the seller. The reality is, it drives up the genuine bids. All the seller then does is offer the bid diwn the list of bidders. my mates was taken off because someone complained, so eBay used their “profit from death” policy to remove listing. But there are others still up currently. My mate has spoken to the eBay staff to complain and has written a formal response too. He is awaiting their reply.
  8. turkish14

    Fans selling Vichai memorabilia on eBay

    I deplore anyone that removed a programme that wasn’t in their seat. I completely understand reactions to that point. the bids in excess of 50k are likely to be fake buyers too.. those that state where the profits going (I.e hospitals) are more realistic. P.s and if true, I’m sorry for the circumstances your in, so soon to xmas too. ☹️
  9. turkish14

    Fans selling Vichai memorabilia on eBay

    Not if they have just been made redundant. Going from wages to not at lot with a young family and mortgage. If only life was that simple..
  10. turkish14

    Fans selling Vichai memorabilia on eBay

    Well that’s a stupid comment 😂 people pay for season tickets, not being able to predict circumstances changing. Believe it or not
  11. turkish14

    Fans selling Vichai memorabilia on eBay

    What makes you think those selling on eBay don’t care? My mate was crying his eyes out on Saturday at the ground. You’ve made a sweeping judgement right there. Also do you not think that some of those anti, (those selling eBay) have complained/grumbled about some of the clubs polices before, despite all the good the club has done. People moaning about not getting a “free beer”, moaning about ticket prices. How many of you slated the owners when ranieri was sacked? You’ll always have people that are ungrateful in all walks of life. As someone that often feels like I’m taken advantage off, despite my generous nature, I know how it feels. But I don’t do it to appease, I do it because I want to make a difference and make others happy. Even if some I know are entitled and ungrateful. finally what if the “profits” were to cover loss of earning due to redundancy? or to fund a funeral? Or to put towards private surgery? Are these not moral enough reasons to raise funds? Again its about persoective in my opinion.
  12. turkish14

    Fans selling Vichai memorabilia on eBay

    Excellent post! Me and my wife said to our family, when we go... no wake, no funeral... in the ground or oven ASAP with minimal cost or fuss. All we ask that our friends and family support our loved ones by cooking, cleaning and other odd jobs whilst they grieve for as long as they need. everyone has different perspectives on this, with different views and experiences. We can air our views here as it’s a forum. But my mate has had so much unessary abuse via eBay messages from “fans”, slating him, and feeling like they are entitled to give him abuse and judging him. i hope they are never in a situation where they need cash and pretty quickly. and the irony that Vichai looked after everyone, abd spread his wealth.
  13. turkish14

    Fans selling Vichai memorabilia on eBay

    It’s not the sellers inflating the price. It’s messed up fans, deliberately putting in fake bids to then not pay at the auctions end. Which is a bit stupid, as the seller can just offer it down the list to the genuine buyer bid price. my mates selling his, and it was taken down as someone complained. eBay said it’s due to their “profit from death policy”. At the same it was on for £1200, but he had an offer privately for £800. He was just made redundant too, so I’m pretty gutted for him.
  14. turkish14

    Fans selling Vichai memorabilia on eBay

    I approached the funeral company As I don’t have a choice, meaning whoever I use, I’ll be charged ridicules sums of money to put a loved one into the ground. We don’t exactly have a choice do we? It’s robbery, knowing full well we don’t have a choice and who wants to argue when grieving. Not quite sure I agree, but each to their own I guess.
  15. turkish14

    Fans selling Vichai memorabilia on eBay

    P.s my wife made a point that has stuck.. We lost our mum in law in January. She had no insurance so we had to pay £3:100 in funeral fees. And now another £480 for a headstone (lettering £5 each)... are the engravers and the funeral directors profiting from death? Yes the sure are...if I had a programme to sell I would do, if it meant paying off the debt left behind. but in many eyes here, I’d would be deemed immoral?