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  1. I love my time here. Nothing better than mocking the un afflicted like Col City Fan. Just a shame it takes him so long to come back with something funny. 不不 8yrs and counting since your Last one Col 不不
  2. Getting to the point I hate this game. Have no interest in anything other than the City. This just sums up why. Fvcking scum clubs.
  3. Is this the cock city fan I'll have a dig at you all. Sorry Colcityfan
  4. Care to remind me about Lee Cattermole 不不不
  5. 6-something as we've done 3,4 and 5 in order it's got to be 6 next.
  6. The OP is having a mare 不不不不
  7. So if Rodgers cant be judged manager of the season so far, how can we be top of the league.
  8. Spuds Spuds and Spuds for the next ten years. Oh and a bonfire party at shite hart lane would be nice.
  9. If we dont better sotton away last season I'm going to be p1ssed off.
  10. What a selling point though. While we talk about your terms would you like 9 holes. Who else can do that?
  11. Fixtures like this 2 months ago we ****ed up and cost us CL.
  12. Dyche targeted justin technical great strength weak. He put pressure on him. Obvious from the start. Both goals came from it. He was not caught he was bullied others will pick that up.
  13. Anyone that wants Gray over this guy is pissed. Sotton 0 Leicester 9 would never have been.
  14. Ffs how good is this place. They even get it to snow on the indoor pitch.
  15. Who've we got in the final? No point beating Arse and Liverpool until we know.
  16. Not saying he did bad one of the better players first half. But it was poor first 20 and we grew into it. As I said the new lad looked the player first half. I could not fault his second half.
  17. Who was not bang average first half. He was not great but it's a team game and none looked more than average. Other than Cas.
  18. Ok tried to post twice today. In both cases I've hit the return button twice. Its blanked out what I've typed so after re typing and hitting enter I find my post is in a different thread. Using my mobile if that helps.
  19. So a DR is not a Dr or a Doctor. But my Dr was a vet. Can anyone explain that to me.
  20. Four words. Bitch After The Game.
  21. I really dont get why people want one or the other. I'm greedy and believe we can do both. Just like I said we would stay up in 2015.
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