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  1. I am absolutely gutted we lost that one. Shouting at the telly is not good for my stress levels. Why oh why do we start so slowly and not step up early on. I'd love to see the stats of our first half vs second half performance
  2. We're letting them walk all over us. Brendan has no answers, only consolation is that we're hanging on to top 4 now, but for how long?
  3. The start is so important today. If we start like we did at Villa, great. If we start like we did against West Ham at home then we're going to struggle to get back in it.
  4. I've not heard or seen an angry Brendan but I wouldn't like to cross him.
  5. Didn't Arteta do the same with Aubameyang a few weeks back? That was one player though. He brought him back in for the next game
  6. No mention of this covidgate on LCFC.com. Do they not know?
  7. Most important game of the season and this happens. Insane behaviour from so called professionals. Not a huge amount on the bench for us clearly. Need everyone to be hitting 8+ out of 10.
  8. these fixtures are our achilles heel. I still think the semi final will be key to our chances. If we lose we may become sitting ducks given our vulnerable confidence.
  9. Palace are part of the London alliance it seems. We need to break it tomorrow
  10. Come on the Palace, though I am not confident. I reckon TT will have put the fear into Chelsea after last week's blip.
  11. Game of the season next up. Hope the boys are up for it; next two games really pivotal as we could do with a FA Cup final after 52 years.
  12. Well done Leeds. I think the signs are that Pep is keeping his powder for the Champions League. Not great news for us given they may not be as competitive from now against our rivals.
  13. If we get there then I can see Brendan going ultra-cautious. He'll have Wilf in full holding/defensive midfield mode, Mendy alongside to clean up, Hamza on De Bruyne, Ricky P and Tim playing full backs, three centre backs, then Youri pumping long threaded balls through to Vards or Nacho in the hope they get hold of one and bag a goal.
  14. No. I have to disagree. Lose next week and we're still a point ahead of them (West Ham). Then we have the run of four "winnable" games that if we can't extract a bag of points from then perhaps we're not worth the Champions League slot. If we lose to Southampton in the semi final I can only see that having a massive effect on the squad and perhaps then affect our performances for the rest of the season. The Southampton Cup game is a must win as any in the last 4 years.
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