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  1. I'm disappointed for Frank. I think he did a very good job but they just didn't give him time to blend the new players with the core of youngsters he has. How many times though does a great club player, go back to manage the club, and then get sacked? I can think of Souness & Dalglish @Liverpool, Shearer @Newcastle, Henry @Monaco, Lampard now @Chelsea Hoping the same doesn't happen to Vardy @Leicester in say 2028.
  2. Nice to see Hoddle being complimentary in his summaries
  3. Big Dan goal from a free-kick or corner will make my day.
  4. Brendan to work his magic then over half-time. I'm positive we can do this just need a bit of belief.
  5. I hope we give it a real go in the second half. I don't want to go out with a whimper especially after the Stoke win in the last round.
  6. Definitely need the Wilf on. I'm not sure about subbing Amartey when we're behind already. We have to gamble now. We're woefully short of attackers on the bench, could even have had Gray rather than 2 defensive mids and 2 centre backs. Really need Madders to step-up and do something.
  7. Well we definitely will need Vards in the second half...
  8. What has happened to this side? We have no threat and many players are completely off their game now.
  9. I'm so used to us not losing I can't get my head round being behind. Only hope our team react better than they have when they haven't scored first.
  10. Let's not concede again please. We've already given ourselves a hill to climb, let's not make it a mountain.
  11. Oh f*** **, that was my biggest fear lately! We need to get a striker in, get two strikers in: a Carlos Kickaball or a Royzi Roversi, the groundsman's son even! Do something! But please please hope Rodgers doesn't do nothing in the vainglorious hope that Nacho or Ayoze will be able to deliver every weekend and midweek game. They won't! We're now one further injury-to-striker from a virtual bare-cupboard. We have no Matt Elliott or Steve Walsh anymore to do the job let's face it.
  12. Blimey, Lawro's ever reliable predictions go up in smoke
  13. Madders for emperor of Rome. Wesli Ndidi Vardi
  14. We have to keep them out at the start of the second half. They are lacking confidence let's not give them a boost. Next goal crucial as they say.
  15. Glad Giroud doesnt start - he's the sort of player who also scores against us
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