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  1. So according to oddschecker we are slightly odds against getting a top 4 place (11-10) with United and Chelsea both heavily odds on (1-4 and 2-7). Is that about right? What were the prices before restart?
  2. Blimey the Bournemouth disallowed goal; probably the right decision but heck it's bad luck when you are down there. Hope their luck don't change in the next game. Mourinho complaining... change the record mate.
  3. Interesting - so this would indicate there isn't really a correlation in favour of the "big teams" - apart from our friends Man U of course :-)
  4. I think the Everton loss is looking very costly - having seen highlights tonight I think we may regret that. Hoping Mr Hassenheutel will do us a favour when they play United.
  5. Do you think we have any chance of signing Danny Ings? I assume we would have a better chance if we make top 4.
  6. Mega analysis here mate. Where do you get all your trainspotter stats from?
  7. Agree with all of these though we were lucky not to lose to Wolves twice this season.
  8. This is how we vent our anger/frustration. My cat doesn't dare come into the house, and I have no cushions with any padding left. Foxestalk offload is calming me down man. Seriously though there are some decent lads on here - they're just taking their wellbeing out on the forum. It's better for you.
  9. What's the betting we get Jon Moss for the United game and a Champions League Place is still up for grabs? I can see him red carding Vardy and giving a soft penalty to the team who have had 16 pens this season so far. More nightmare horrors. Truth is we should have buried third place by now instead of dicking about since January. As it is we could be playing UEFA cup against Fermanagh United in a cow field a week after the United game.
  10. yes but no more difficult than ours and we need to beat them by 1 point over the 4 games.
  11. Who have Chelsea got ? Southampton are our only faint hope to stop United.
  12. Annoying as it is with United winning, Mr Greenwood is England bound. Some player.
  13. The conspiracy to get United into Champions League continues, now they switch off Var and get Moss the Red to ref.
  14. Absolutely those so called experts who are desperate for Chelsea and Man U to get top 4 to retain so called big club domination. Just hope we do it but I fear both could get max points from their next 3 games.
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