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  1. I like Hamza but he's caught in a quandry, thanks to the abuse following the Klopp business last yearI I think this has got to him and he's not playing with confidence, abandon he did previously. Concentration though is key and it looks like he may be struggling in that department.
  2. Agree especially with your last sentence - no fans it's not football, just a fantasy game. I'd rather scrap it all until we can get back to watching in the ground - this internet way of watching is driving me mad.
  3. Will is a massive miss for us as well as Sir Jamie. I think with Will we could have Youri further forward and more influential. I just think we're lacking a number 10 with Maddison unfit clearly.
  4. To be honest several premiership teams would have rolled us over tonight. we never really looked like scoring. A bit like the West Ham game, we rarely threatened or even believed; though the defending tonight was better than last time.
  5. Apparently he's not fit enough; which is a poor excuse. The guy should be busting himself to be fit prior to the move. Bloody annoying.
  6. Bit early for the Rodgers out garbage. Come on. Lets see how it goes for the first ten games and the Europa league. Mind you looking at the next four fixtures I'm not so confident with what we have up front missing Vardy.
  7. Very disappointing result - I think we ran out of ideas again. We didn't really look too much a threat to be honest. Two home defeats already, blimey.
  8. Odds he may be limping off at or even before half time.
  9. and a few Europa league matches chucked in between these
  10. Sadly we've been bundled out of the Top 4 now by Spuds. Need to beat the Villans tonight to grab back initiative before Europa League begins. I think they will start to shut up shop soon, as they did at the end of the season vs Leicester when they were 3-0 up after 30 mins or so. They will want to rest a few players for their Europa League tie on Thursday. I can see them getting four but not much more today.
  11. Lesson Leicester should learn is to start well with pace and purpose! Spurs have done it today clearly as do many other teams and they can generally wrap things up after half an hour or so. We are the most lethargic team in the division at starting and we have been since the Puel days. One thing we need from Brendan is to do this and not to play back to Kasper all the time when there's nothing on.
  12. ah at last may we finally, after a very long time unveil...... Plan B !!!! 😉
  13. It’s a joke or is it conspiracy with Premier League that Southgate must select from big six and three associate teams backing the Man U and Liverpool breakaway ?
  14. didn’t see game but according to commentary he played 86 minutes and wasn’t mentioned much had a few shots; one shot on target and a few assists for chances
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