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  1. Dewsbury-Hall, given his decent year in the championship, must now be "oven ready" for the Premier next season; like Barnes and Justin have been. I think if we add him with a couple more from the championship, and two or three others we'll do OK.
  2. There's a fair chance that if we did qualify for the Chumps League we would get eliminated or get demoted to the Europa League anyway. May aswell be there in the beginning and enjoy Donegal United, St Johnstone and Novosibirsk away. Money isn't everything as we have seen; just need Brendan to build a decent team again around Youri, Wilf and Fofana.
  3. I think we should keep Rodgers. Remember Brian Little, fell twice in the play-off final; then came good third time round. He can get us the Champions League then if he wants to go it would have been four seasons, at least 1 Cup and job done.
  4. Shame the end of season "celebration" ends with this result and feeling.
  5. In the last 2 games: Villa beat Spurs and Chelsea and we lost to Chelsea and Spurs. Ouch! that hurts
  6. I thought it was a good move at the time but given that Ndidi started well and we had some control: it turned out that it wasn't. I'm not sure about Maddison, maybe he was injured or simply couldn't give what was needed.
  7. I thought Spurs would win before the game, they had little to play for in comparison. We just don't have the steel in the team (see Newcastle), when things go wrong. We're just too flakey. Injuries to Evans recently and Fofana today could have been crucial but we need at least one decent midfielder. one attacking midfielder and one defensive to cover for Ndidi.
  8. I would guess Maddison was injured - and not able to carry on. He's not looked fit for weeks.
  9. yes, but we lost by two in the end :-(
  10. nice try lads but injuries have done us
  11. Mendy winner from a header at a corner. What's the chances?
  12. Brendan will want to win and put himself in the shop window with a north London club who are without a manager.
  13. Unfortunately that's where I am at. I think the long season, cup run etc. has really worn us out. Spurs are hot and cold; I just think with relatively no pressure on them and their strong and capable front players; they will probably turn up for a change.
  14. Not sure about James Maddison - he has looked way off being fit and having any effect since returning. A big game needed from him today so Rodgers is trusting in him. To be honest he hasn't got a lot of choice in that position.
  15. Credit Liverpool they were down and out and all those injuries...
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