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  1. players I wouldn’t want to have the virus: Vardy, Wilf, Evans, Kasper, Barnes, Ricky. Players I wouldn’t mind if they do... Seriously though the season is finished now.The lockdown will begin next week and won’t be relaxed for several weeks. I guess we will enter a mini league in summer to allow Spurs, Arsenal and Man U back into the Champs League and the Premiere supremos will get their way again 😑
  2. Straight from the Hutch? He knows everything
  3. It was a must win and we did it well admittedly against a poor Villa tonight. Win at Watford and we're rolling again though we must note that the Hornets/Nigel and co. will not be as easy as this. I hope the confidence is back again in their play. Just annoyed it's a 12:30 kick off - when the hell will we play at 3pm?
  4. How did we ever lose to Villa over 2 legs?
  5. dropped Vardy from my fantasy team for tonight - who's a stupid ass?
  6. Got to beat this team haven't we? It should be our easiest 3 points of the remaining campaign now. Keep it up and let's be more clinical when the chances come...
  7. Don’t know about you lot but this must win is now the mustest of must wins given today’s and yesterday’s results.
  8. One thing about Madders is that he doesn’t shirk responsibility even if he’s having a poor game ; that often coincides with us losing. I think he’s key to our success. Getting him playing well and in his position behind 1 or 2 forwards is what we need to get back too. Our general malaise recently has resulted in him going back to be a water carrier not the piano player. Sorry for the mixed metaphor 😐
  9. Mmm - the so called Big clubs chasing down us poor foxes like a pack of hounds. This premier league is making me feel like a pursued fox to be fair.
  10. That's so machiavellian - it's almost believable :-)
  11. Need City to do what they did to Real Madrid, 2 late goals. However, they've not quite look up to that level today. Just means we need a win tomorrow before we come against Arsenal, Sheff Utd, Spuds and United in our last 10. There's four six pointers!
  12. what do you think the chances are of a series of games behind closed doors now? I suspect in 2-3 weeks time.
  13. Defo the tv game - hope its not Friday night.
  14. This is the fifth round of the elfin FA Cup. Great chance here - why are we so listless at this stage I have just knocked my can over in frustration.
  15. We're losing this 0-1 if we are not careful. They've stood us up and they'll knock us out at this rate.
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