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  1. What a load of bollocks
  2. I cant see us making too many more signings after iheanacho personally so may not matter
  3. Sigurdsson's not worth 40 never mind 50
  4. Justice served because that was a good tackle
  5. Agree, very solid refereeing display today
  6. Agree. Mahrez on the highlights reel looks champions league standard. But i think most leicester fans would agree hes done nothing this season to suggest he earns that rating. The big clubs will have done their scouting on him, realistically can only see him going to a europa league club and man u and arsenal dont need him. Unless someone from abroad comes in for him, cant see where he would go. Have to say its nice now knowing realistically, only the top 7 will have the pulling power to snap up our better players
  7. **** arsenal, cheating scummy shite of a team. Of course the only way they would score is if we did it for them
  8. Disappointed to go out but that's testament to the fact we were always still in it. So proud of the lads, gave absolutely everything in that second half
  9. It really isnt, dont change a winning team unless you have to
  10. Called it
  11. Should be beating the shower of shite that is west ham if were being honest
  12. I'll be amazed if we dont see zonal marking rear its ugly head tonight
  13. I am giving shakespeare a chance but it was playing a lot of these out of form players that a) got us into this mess and b) got ranieri sacked
  14. So when ranieri picks this team it's shocking but when shakespeare picks it it's back to basics? Some serious double standards from some on here
  15. Thanks for everything Claudio, a true gentleman and oversaw the best season we'll have. However, he had to go, showed no signs of turning us around or dropping the players that needed dropping. With him we were only going one way and that was relegation, hopefully the new guy can wring the changers, drop people like huth, fuchs and albrighton and stop the bloody zonal marking.