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  1. Said this going into the game today. If we know we need to win, we just ****in go out and get it done. Play for a draw and I could have seen us losing
  2. Because it would have got a man u player sent off and that's strictly not allowed
  3. This is insane. How the **** have we thrown this away against the worst team we've played all season?
  4. Plenty noticed it. Just not the people in charge of making the correct decision. VAR process has to come under serious scrutiny after last night, how they can look at the same incident for three minutes and come to the undisputably wrong decision is bizarre to me
  5. How is that getting given as a penalty when Calvert Lewin knees Soyuncu in the back, putting him on the floor? Corrupt
  6. Wouldn't 'big summer move' rule Arsenal out?
  7. Pereira and maddison out and the coronavirus. Feel like we're being punk's with all this bad news in the space of an hour
  8. Top of the shoulder is where they take the offside from. It's hit him on the side of the shoulder below that which isn't counted as part of the body and therefore it's a handball. Clear as day, don't see how there can be any controversy.
  9. I'm done arguing this. Get rid of it and change the handball rule. Thought it was harsh when wolves got one chalked off against us at the start of the season and the one last night was utter bollocks
  10. Think you're right. Only one that might change is iheanacho dropping out for Perez or Barnes. But on recent form and for the fact we've barely seen iheanacho and vardy play together, I'd play iheanacho
  11. Spurs are without kane and haven't at any point in the season looked like they can put a string of results together. They will continue to drop points against teams below them and I dont see them as a genuine threat to us
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