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  1. We just look mentally and physically shot, one game too many it seems
  2. I've tore my ACL and it's not immensely painful - I hobbled off the pitch on it. Ricardo played 45 mins on a torn ACL. Sadly all signs point to an ACL given he did it landing and twisting and they tested his ACL and called for the stretcher.
  3. West Ham are the biggest (and only) threat outside of the 'big 6' for me
  4. A slightly better version of Burnley (and assembled for about £400m more)
  5. He might lose a bit of pace but I always thought his game was more around the footballing intelligence and ability to play into the space. Hopeful that when he returns, he will be close to the player he was pre-injury
  6. Surely Karen Carney started this off with her slanderous comments
  7. Nailed on pen. Gomes made the tackle then followed through and fouled him. VAR and that bald twat strike again
  8. Both teams and refereeing utter shite
  9. Never a penalty, would be livid if that went against us
  10. Izzet, Kante and Ndidi higher for me. But he's definitely up there with the best
  11. More a case of 'plays for the wrong club' than injured I suspect
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