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  1. Spurs are without kane and haven't at any point in the season looked like they can put a string of results together. They will continue to drop points against teams below them and I dont see them as a genuine threat to us
  2. I want spurs to win so we can get 2nd
  3. Two points dropped but some good performances in there. Very frustrating to concede two set piece goals
  4. I cant believe were 1-0 down there. Hit the woodwork twice, stonewall penalty turned down and a hatful of chances. Been much the better team, villa have been so careless in position. Hopefully the pressure will tell. Vardy on at half time for perez please
  5. What a gift from the ref for west ham that is. Still think we'll smash them though, they're utter horse shite
  6. I feel like playing at Villa park will actually hinder Villa. The fans will urge them on to attack and it will leave space in behind. Start nacho and vardy and I think we're on to a winner
  7. Makes a bit of a mockery of the fixture list if both managers are having to make wholesale changes. Trust Brendan here and the strength of the squad
  8. Yeah I'd say take your pick. More contact from KDB than Ricardo on Sterling
  9. I can only think of Burnley where VAR has ruled in our favour (when it shouldn't have)
  10. I don't buy the big club bias (and people need to stop going on about that, makes us look tinpot). But decisions this season in the big games have gone against us and it's costing us
  11. I don't think sterling standing on Pereira's foot constitutes a kick on the attacker
  12. What is the ****in point of VAR? These decisions in the big games (City, Man U, Liverpool) keep going against us and gifting points to our rivals. ****in joke
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