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  1. PES 2018

    Started a master league with the standard team last night on the second hardest setting and looking forward to getting spanked for about 10 games. Some decent Japanese players available on frees when you start, I guess they are people that made the game as ive never heard of them lol.
  2. EFL Cup 4th Round Draw: Wednesday Night

    Leeds or Wolves away would be decent.
  3. Agree, decent program and plenty for us Leicester fans in it. Kammy needs to be muted though.
  4. Ryanair

    I might slate them from an employment point of view but as a passenger they are usually decent and I've never had any issues.
  5. Ryanair

    On the funny side to this, Spurs fans with Madrid flights cancelled
  6. Ryanair

    They have just put an advert for new pilots out offering them £10k up from to join and existing pilots haven't had a pay rise in years . The main reason people stay is because competitors are based out of other airports and the shift pattern is stable.
  7. Ryanair

    Other airlines having better infrastructure for staff e.g. Ways to actually request leave, having to work four sector days when most others do 2, having to go abroad if you want a promotion and then no transparency as to when you will come back etc
  8. Ryanair

    Trying to book leave is a nightmare and some of the things they do are utterly insane eg sending people on 150 mile journeys to do a 5 minute health and safety briefing and not paying the expenses for it.
  9. Ryanair

    This, I know personally that staff have left due to the conditions. Loads have gone to Emirates in Dubai, Norwegian, Easy Jet and Jet2. The leave excuse is utter rubbish as they allocate a month off each year and only 10 days adhoc leave to pilots. They need to completely reassess how they treat their staff before they even look at the customers.
  10. Quiz questions needed.

    haha buzzing.
  11. Quiz questions needed.

    Haha anyone know who scored first in the staff match?
  12. Quiz questions needed.

    Really? Thought it was Mark Bright in a charity match
  13. Quiz questions needed.

    Bloody hell, slags.
  14. Quiz questions needed.

    Errmmmm, might be someone who plays in a random place affected by weather. Carlisle?
  15. Quiz questions needed.

    You said current english club, not league.