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  1. Sometimes life just doesn’t make sense mate.
  2. I thought it can’t possibly be as shit as it sounds otherwise it wouldn’t be sold in a supermarket but no, rank.
  3. Yeah the normal Innis and Gunn in the green can is decent. I’ve accidentally mistaken it for a whiskey/rum infused one by them that wasn’t as good.
  4. Try the adnams atrocity that’s in Sainsbury’s called Cucomelon (yeah, I’m definitely the only twat to buy it thinking it can’t be as bad as it sounds) absolutely vile.
  5. Wrong “TWAT, YOU’RE SHIT AHHHHHH” was sung by cavemen to dinosaurs.
  6. It really is. Refs had an absolute shocker.
  7. Hahahaha ****ing hell. What is going on here then
  8. Bring back Sky Sports workers getting dildoed imo
  9. That’s literally the worst shot I’ve ever seen
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