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  1. For me, the more variety I can get locally the better. Yeah would be nice if they stuck to just local independents like The Offie but they do charge a fair bit more.
  2. Tesco to start stocking Vault City in a week. Hold me back
  3. Heating this is why Kylie Minogue hasn’t got it yet.
  4. Sorry, I’m a twat. It’s Vintage LCFC Kit
  5. No probs, think I’ve sold them all anyway. If anyone is interested I’ve set up an Instagram account called Vintage_LCFC_Kit. Give me a follow
  6. Oh ****, was going to ask as I remember that ordeal.
  7. Yeah I’ve seen them, stunning.
  8. I was only 4 when we had this one, it is a beauty though.
  9. It’s above mate. Probably a large if I had to guess based on them measurements. I might have just sold them all though.
  10. Just the Bukta one? All are in excellent condition. The Bukta size is below, I’m open to offers re the price so message me.
  11. This one has gone but the rest are still available if anyone is interested. Equally, if anyone is selling any shirts send me a message. I’m a collector rather than reseller but with these ones I had duplicates.
  12. This was my reaction as well. Opened my eyes, checked foxes talk and burst out laughing reading the first two posts.
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