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  1. Two wived Musa re signing for old Slutsky eh? Figures.
  2. He's magic you know.
  3. Didn't at all think your sig said Make your own lunch.
  4. 10 days till he signs, we should aspire for 300.
  5. I heard the locals in our kit were shouting '**** the IRA'
  6. I bet he has a breakfast with a side of breakfast for every meal.
  7. Life is just one big breakfast for our Craig.
  8. Accurate description of when the camera zooms in on Shakey.
  9. Tournament rules say you can't make mass changes at HT so instead we made them in stages before, at and after HT. Ridiculous.
  10. Yeah, the way he stood there admiring the 100 yards of open ground in front of him but then turned backwards and kicked it out of play was what made us tick.
  11. That reaction from Albrighton
  12. Oh yes get yourself up north to Tromso area.
  13. I went to Tromso and then drove to Narvik where I got the train to north Sweden. Yep they are two of the places I am planning to do on the road trip, Bergen looks stunning.