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  1. Costock_Fox

    Decent restaurants in and around town?

    Heard a few recommendations for this place.
  2. Costock_Fox

    Arsenal away next😳

    Are people seriously talking of dropping Maguire and bringing Soyuncu in for his debut with Evans? 😂 Lets ruin the poor bloke before he’s started. And as for suggesting we will play 3 at the back, are you new to Claude?
  3. He’s lost his voice pal didn’t you know?
  4. Our squad is streets ahead of Fulham’s and I’ve never said we are top 6 but I think we are more likely to finish between 10th-13th under Puel rather than pushing for 7th like we should be.
  5. Costock_Fox

    Need one arsenal ticket

    Start another thread and I’ll get you one.
  6. Costock_Fox

    The Royal Wedding 2018 (Harry and Meghan)

    Filthy slags.
  7. Costock_Fox

    What on the roads has annoyed you today?

    Pretty sure it ends in either death or prison though.
  8. Costock_Fox

    How Was Your Day?

    If this place actually let me upload a picture I could add the other pictures! I’m now in the capital, Phnom Pen. Crazy place, glad I’m leaving here for the jungle tomorrow afternoon.
  9. Costock_Fox

    What on the roads has annoyed you today?

    Honestly if anyone would want to give driving a go over here I will pay for their flight, FUC K THAT.
  10. Costock_Fox

    How Was Your Day?

    Haha I’m a tad paler and hair is a bit greyer than his. I’ll try and find a pic where I’m actually doing some work and post that.
  11. Costock_Fox

    How Was Your Day?

    EditI said I would share a few pics of the stuff I’ve been doing in Cambodia so here we go. Before and after pics of the school site. Apparently it will still take another few months to finish. We worked on it for 4 days in 30 odd degree heat, 85% humidity. Digging holes, carrying buckets of sand, gravel, rocks and water backwards and forwards, mixing cement by hand, brick laying, dug out vegetable patches and god knows what else. On one of the days I drank 7 litres of water and went for 1 piss all day which shows how much I sweated and on the last full day I felt absolutely rotten. The school kids were brilliant and helped to move bricks, played football/volleyball and generally did a better job of any of it than us lot all with smiles on their faces. Two of them had city shirts on which really made me laugh! I slept in a house on stilts with 3 of the others while the family whose house it was slept in the open. They had dogs, cows, turkeys, chickens and chicks and you heard every one of them from 4am onwards Edit, that’s only the before photo as the others are too big apparently. I will post a few more later.
  12. Costock_Fox

    What on the roads has annoyed you today?

    Thoroughly recommend everyone gets themselves over to Cambodia, absolute madness on the roads. It turns out that they don’t really have a designated side to drive on. Stopped at a service station and someone is literally taking a shit on the floor in front of me. Would never happen in the M n S at Toddington.
  13. I really don’t subscribe to us having a mediocre squad and despite me always wanting to get behind Puel he makes bizarre decisions which often baffle the vast majority of fans. The man has clearly got something about him and bringing young English players through is commendable but the above makes it difficult to fully back him. Regarding the instant success comment, our fans have been very patient and at no stage have I heard a crowd fully turn against him but we want to see progress if we are committing to his long term vision and are we seeing that? I’m not so sure.
  14. First name on the bed sheets you mean.
  15. Why didn’t you @ me, Well up for this.