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  1. Which book was written by a poster on here?

    Jesus ! At least he acknowledges he made a mistake.....
  2. Black Friday deals

    I hope they panicked and bought 10.
  3. Europa League

    Recon he will end up at Inter, think they tried to sign him in the summer. It’s only down the road.
  4. Europa League

    Gomez is class, look at his stats for last season they pretty much match Riyad in the PL winning season. Cristante is very good, I support them from my time in Bergamo and whenever i watch them he seems to score.
  5. Europa League

    Hahahahaha absolutely buzzing, love it. Shame Cristante is only on loan, he will go somewhere for big money.
  6. Houses

    I would presume you wouldn't qualify. On a separate question, I bought a house around 2 years ago and used help to buy. At the time we only needed a 5% additional deposit for the property but the mortgage advisor recommended we take the full 25% which made sense to me as it would save in interest. The question i have asked the help to buy people a few times which has never been answered is if i pay it back bang on the 5 years will i only pay back the amount borrowed with no interest or will i pay 25% of what the house is worth at the time. I suspect it is the later and if it is i will go to the ombudsman based on the advisors advice.
  7. Smelly supporters

    Do we know the original source for the smell?
  8. Diving

    Guaranteed Vardy ban incoming.
  9. Have you tried framing and hanging a pair of boots on your wall? The Slimani one is probably because he’s admitted he wants out in 2 months so who is going to put that on display.
  10. Court case against Vichai/KP

    Twice daily with food.
  11. Diving

    Seems harsher when Palace get relegated by 2 points..... well to them anyway, personally think it will be bloody hilarious.
  12. Musa - Opinions so far

    That’s a shudder inducing thought isn’t it ****ing hell.
  13. Mrs Vardy and Dennis Wise going to the jungle!

    Not going to lie they could probably dig up worse on me.
  14. West Ham Away

    Not for aways I don’t think.
  15. The Claude Puel Era - what will he bring?

    How bloody well dare you suggest such a thing.