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  1. Twelvtey.
  2. As long as it comes with a beanie with a logo the same as the shirt I don't care tbh.
  3. Oh the ****ing joys .
  4. Agree with the 8 mins between calls, that seemed like the key bit of evidence and you can't say for certain he did it without finding out the reason he waited.
  5. So, this is happening. Would be great if anyone could have a look at this and donate where you can...
  6. Just watching episode 3, so far pretty decent and would love to do jury duty.
  7. Maybe if Albrighton taught him how to cross he could be a world beater.
  8. He's all shagged out bless him so no wonder he can't run/jump/shoot/tackle/track back/defend or mark anyone. Fair play.
  9. About 120% sure I died at the Britannia that afternoon so it has to be this for scenes surely.
  10. Well that confirms that then.
  11. Please relocate next season.
  12. It's no doubt this guy or me.
  13. On normal occasion I recon I might even snigger at this but after sitting through comments such as "Are the goals bigger for the champions league?" I'm ready to twat him.
  14. No, purely because I can't stand a season or two of "That Inamatcho lad is shit" from the utter bellend who sits behind me. The moron calls Slimani "Pepperami" which isn't funny in the slightest and also call him Salami.
  15. I think this is part of the dilemma. Is Shakey experienced enough to manage the clear out and rebuild? My biggest concern would be exactly that and I think another manager might come in and tell the owners they need to rebuild the scouting/recruitment aspect of this club because it's been broken for 18 months.