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  1. Would have been in Belgium at that point mate.
  2. Came in here to post something original about following that arsehole.
  3. Just a casual mid week 10%er
  4. @gw_leics772 needs to get out of the train thread imo
  5. Depends which one but it’s a very industrial city, definitely wouldn’t recommend as a tourist.
  6. Milan isn’t much better to be fair
  7. Can’t believe Ferencvaros have got in the champions league, fair play. At least we can’t miss out on a Budapest trip. Molde looks stunning and that’s a possibility now.
  8. Look who I’m behind at the Tesco garage on Narborough road
  9. If anyone comes across the posts where I thought we could go down I was joking, alright lads calm down.
  10. Thinking they can get Papy, bless em.
  11. I think he used an app mate, it’s big daddy that gets on the planes.
  12. He’s on about the colour, bums the stuff.
  13. Neil Warnock back to work after testing positive. Open the grounds
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