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  1. We are sending them our scraps as well, keep up.
  2. Yeah definitely, I would have been tempted with proof.
  3. Hopefully we get the chance to demolish our noncey neighbours
  4. Best of luck with that mate, did this guy reply to your message?
  5. Mad panic when nothing will kill off Greenland
  6. Well yeah that’s generally where they come from.
  7. Plague inc, great game.
  8. Filbert, get in ma belleh
  9. Have you got an authenticity certificate?
  10. Had a Belching Beaver in London, first time in a while.
  11. That’s a shame, hopefully WW3 wipes us out before Liverpool win the league.
  12. Yeah he was, at least the other guy doesn’t bite on the abuse and milk it.
  13. That the one next to the Wellington? Good pub if so. PO Vaults is alright as well.
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