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  1. You will just turn up at random weddings to get away from your family.
  2. The media are absolutely in tears bless them as is poor Karen fingering herself over the prospect of people not being able to live their lives. Gutted.
  3. I mean, you would hope so wouldn’t you.
  4. So, do some chicken goujon type things with rice crispys, flour, salt, pepper, paprika and garlic powder batter. Wack them in a brioche bun, smoked cheese, lettuce and some BBQ sauce. I’ve made crispy shredded beef which is every bit as good as from the Chinese and also teriyaki beef like at Yo Sushi which is very similar. Beer battered onion rings, donuts, the list is endless. Covid 19, it’s coming for me.
  5. Triple fry if needed. I am joking but since I got mine I’ve made some great creations.
  6. My best advice is to fry everything, and then fry it again.
  7. Weird, I’ve always spelt it Buffoon.
  8. My other half has just said “I had a few nightmares the other night, I can’t remember exactly what happened but it involved my first ever managed and Wilfred Ndidi”
  9. There are some selfish idiots, no doubt about it but them trying to blame the public shouldn’t take away from the incompetence through much of this by the government.
  10. Seems like the governments agenda on this has saved some face then. So you think 30% of the public have ignored everything then?
  11. Did he lob one in the top corner from a tight angle?
  12. Got a trip to Canada booked for early May, difficult to see how that could go ahead already so tempted to cancel it.
  13. Id second avoiding Milan and heading to Verona. If you are flying to Bergamo go and explore Cita Alta for an afternoon as well. Car hire from Bergamo airport was really cheap 5/6 years ago with some of the companies but if you value not getting a clapped out banger don’t go with the cheaper ones
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