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  1. Nope, not shaving or cutting my hair until this shit is over. Wish me luck.
  2. No mate, other than the insurance are paying out.
  3. You can download it all for free so if you do it don’t bother paying. I think if you google Beach Body the first couple of weeks are free at the minute. https://www.beachbody.com/product/fitness_programs/on-demand-workout-videos.do
  4. I’ve said on other threads, I’m back doing Insanity Max 30 which is an excellent work out with no equipment other than a floor matt. It’s pretty grim going every day but it really lifts my mood for the day knowing I’ve managed to get through it. Also, it’s a 2 month programme so it gives you an end goal.
  5. Probably because the country is full of **** wits and it would go back to people going to the shop for an ice cream.
  6. The biggest question here is, do we trust a man called Karol?
  7. This thread used to be my favourite place but now it’s ****ing grim. If there is one thing I want to do when this is over it’s see more of the world.
  8. 😂 “Can I get some more tissues please darling?” ”Yeah, no problem, your nose has been really runny recently hasn’t it” “Errr, yeahhhh”
  9. Never had it to be honest mate.
  10. Sorry to hear about those struggling, make me see how lucky I am really. Mainly because I don’t have a wife and kids . The one thing that’s helping me a bit at the minute is to carry on exercising. I can’t recommend enough downloading Insanity Max 30. 30 minutes of intense exercise which is really quite tough at times but it’s designed to be done 5x a week over 2 months so it also give you an end goal. Failing that I’m learning to play the guitar, taking the dogs on a decent walk every day, keeping in tough with friends and family through video apps, baking, cooking and trying to keep myself pretty busy.
  11. Watched Dr Sleep again last night, really good film.
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