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  1. I heard your Mrs took so long because she kept walking in shops and couldn’t bring herself to say what she wanted, Sarri seems to be the hardest word.
  2. Both shocking and vile Izzy.
  3. 90% of FT panics and messages their entire family apologising for being a willy puller.
  4. Oh my word, I’ve been to a wedding that had Alpacas and they are the coolest animal I have ever seen. hilarious, apologies to anyone who follows me on Twitter that has been bombarded with videos/photos of me with them.
  5. My original post was seconds after it ended, I now love it.
  6. There is a YouTube video which say the same.
  7. Yeah you will see what you want of Dubrovnik in 3/4 days. I didn’t do any of them trips but I know people who have and they look great.
  8. So has X Files and that’s absolutely shite.
  9. Yeah I do like it now. I loved the ending to Breaking Bad because everything was so final but this was the complete opposite. I went straight on YouTube after and someone has pieced it all together and it makes perfect sense and that quote is the one that tells you what happened.
  10. I need recommendations for a new series please people.
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