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  1. Just me that’s now getting Anne Summers adverts after mentioning kinky clothes?
  2. Don’t underestimate how many foot fiddlers exist.
  3. Always knew Deborah Meadham was dodgy
  4. Anyone else bidding for the sparkle top?
  5. Okazaki’s went in off his chode and didn’t hit the back of the net, allegedly.
  6. Royal Republic were ridiculously good last night, one of the most fun gigs I’ve ever been to.
  7. Literally at Liverpool the other week. Some absolute neanderthal was calling Salah a P**i twat. My friend challenged him and then he changed it to Muslim twat and kept shouting about bacon which was completely bizarre. At the same game someone behind us kept referring to players as faggots, queers and puffs until the same friend pointed out how offensive it was. Utterly ridiculous that stuff like this still happens. The later I can kind of understand as generic insults but it’s still not right, the former is outrageously thick.
  8. 1.15 I’ve just read. Are the club giving scarfs out or have I imagined that?
  9. Lol I was going to say this has got dropped phones written all over it.
  10. Do you know if Nigel Pearson has farted on it or not? This could determine its price.
  11. As expected I just watch too many murder documentaries
  12. That’s pretty cool. The only bit that would worry me is that people could always walk past in the middle of the night and they are a bit less secure than a house but I guess you have security in place for that kind of thing.
  13. A friends sister ownered one so we went on it for a night, pretty cool.
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