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  1. Wasn’t he on fire at Frankfurt? Could be a snip at £30 odd mil but you would think this means either a change of system of Iheanacho leaving.
  2. I know, it’s not too bad round there really. The town centre is alright now, or it was about 3 years ago when I worked there. Its definitely got some ‘characters’ there though. Had one guy come in my work with a swastica tattoo and another guy wearing a t shirt that said “if you can’t speak English F uck off home”
  3. Was going to say if you have a moving date you must have exchanged contracts but sounds like you haven’t, nightmare.
  4. One of our scouts lives in Corby, he used to come in my work when I worked there. More to the point, who is buying in Corby?
  5. Lol it was a tough read I’m not going to lie.
  6. Oh I love my house, it’s great and I’m very lucky to have many of the things I have but I spent 8 hours a day in a bedroom at work and then playing guitar. I live for going to new places and experiences so I stand by my comment about being desperate to get out.
  7. It’s just water lego.
  8. Haha. Nothing is changing above £500k mate.
  9. I’ve not seen anything at all to be honest. PS stop being greedy you rich bastard.
  10. I still think prices will drop in the short term, we aren’t even at the point of furlough stopping and companies are announcing huge redundancies. I can see unemployment sky rocketing in a few months and then people won’t be able to move. Its made me tempted to consider downsizing.
  11. My favourite part of this so far was when I was in a thorough shit situation with people and monsters after me so I threw an object in the direction of the people and the all fought and killed each other . Like you say, great game but for the same reasons as you have stated it’s not a patch on the first.
  12. No thanks for taking him out of my FF team? Anyone? Fine, piss off then.
  13. I get what you are saying but if the options are charge out to left back like a twat and give him a run on goal or tuck in and let them beat you then as a defender you do the later.
  14. Well then he’s an idiot, needs to tuck in to keep the ball away from the goal rather than chasing the ball out to the byline.
  15. Has Brendan worked on this formation? Soyuncu seems to think he is at left back.
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