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  1. Finally watched Prisoners on Netflix, decent film! Not as good as Nightcrawler but still worth watching.
  2. Costock_Fox

    The gym

    Go into a fitness shop and ask for a long weight, they are pretty good.
  3. I went on a course at work about mental health today and it’s interesting how certain jobs/professions/businesses treat people differently to others.
  4. Costock_Fox

    The gym

    Oh the stair master my old friend. I used to do my cardio on this, 30 mins interval training 30 seconds on 12 and 30 seconds on 18. This one time I was convinced I mastered it, wacked it on 20 and didn’t hold on... the first person to successfully guess the seconds I lasted before flying off and bouncing on my shoulder wins.
  5. Those snubbing Perez need to remember Iheanacho is our current option.
  6. Yeah I’d love to see them live, I haven’t ever listen to an album of theirs in full but love some songs.
  7. Excuse my language here but I’m going to use the F word.... had a Fosters last night 🤢
  8. Went to Download for the Saturday because I couldn’t not go and see Die Antwoord playing that close to home and bloody hell were they good. I literally have no idea why I like them so much and know I shouldn’t but they are incredible. Also discovered Royal Republic there who are also belters.
  9. I feel like we should at least be able to talk about Preki day in this thread. Up there with my top 10 city moments going from sheer rage at us appointing some school teacher as a manager to watching a school broadcast of him announcing he was taking a job in England. Never forget.
  10. What’s the format of the tournament?
  11. Sounds tasty mate.
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