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  1. Yeah I know. Just gave Everton no chance in this, now I'm think they're nailed on to win
  2. Chelsea made 5 changes from Liverpool, made me very uneasy!
  3. It really isn’t 7th best
  4. Man Utd v West Ham and Arsenal v Spurs next weekend, so a chance to put some more distance between us and some chasers
  5. Cheer up man FFS It swings and roundabouts, they’ll drop points in the coming weeks aswell
  6. Kasper Castagne Little Wes Cags Thomas Ndidi Tielemans Ricardo Tavares Albrighton Kelechi
  7. What do you mean we can’t? We’ve found a way to win most of the season, what we do over 38 games will decide if we finish Top 4, not one game against Burnley. Last season we would’ve lost that, so given the circumstances we take a point and move onto Brighton
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