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  1. Just adds to the frustration to be honest. We haven’t got the arsehole to beat Spurs last game either
  2. https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/man-united-news-solskjaer-fixtures-20546098.amp?kop=&__twitter_impression=true From above link, I get the impression he's going to rotate against us
  3. Duno how to embed tweets but basically Ole saying somebody is going to be pissed off because he's team selections are going to affect who gets CL
  4. Ashley said in the other Fa Cup ticket thread that Chelsea have got the Green Man. So we must have The Torch
  5. There a link within your ticket confirmation email
  6. I just forwarded the confirmation email onto my mate and got him to use the link on that?
  7. if the Torch is gone, where else is decent?
  8. Chelsea are East Side so The Torch should be for them really. West Side (us) is Green Man etc
  9. Yeah a lot of Red Cafe are saying play full strength against us and not worry about Liverpool! Not ideal
  10. Am I allowed to get a ticket for my mate at 1pm like a normal away or does he have to get his own ticket?
  11. Either way, just moving to the Tuesday helps enormously. We played 3 games in 9 days and looked knackered against Southampton. 3 games in a shorter period for them is brutal. Only downside is full strength or not versus Liverpool I don’t see them getting a result now!
  12. They’ll finish above us anyway, I reckon stopping the Scousers getting Top 4 will be a big motivation for them.
  13. Bit of a shitter that, although they may rest against us to be better prepared for Liverpool?
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