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  1. Just lost two on the bounce to poor sides.
  2. What makes it worse is that I said to myself before the game that he had the line up and formation wrong and we would struggle, so why couldnt he see it. ?.
  3. As soon as i saw this line up i thought we are in trouble. Where are the wingers!?. Barnes would be eating these alive. Bloody obvious the way this game is going, park the bus. Game over!!
  4. What I dont get is that we never seem to come close. You just know that it might as well be a goalkick for the opposition. Equally it seems like lets pile players into the box and see what happens. There must be a plan but i would like to have a clue as to what it might be!?
  5. Tielemans has been outstanding in the last 6 games, tonight non existent, his performance was the level of how we performed in that game.
  6. Looked like one to me. Just dont know what consistutes a penalty now!?
  7. Agree to a point but we have been terrible so far.
  8. Can we possibly play like this every week. ? This is beautiful to watch
  9. Hang on a minute!. You've forgotten my ..Under, poor mans Knockeart!!🤣🤣
  10. Feck me all these games with a thread bare squad I've gone into meltdown. Therapy needed I just cant take it anymore.
  11. News..Chelsea have offered us 30 million and N'Golo Kante for Papy Mendy and we've turned it down.
  12. Great win with a lot of squeeky arse in the middle third of the game. Honestly thought we wouldnt hold out but, came good, so happy, but exhausted.
  13. Am i the only person that feels uncomfortable!?. Leeds are capable of anything.
  14. Having worked in the local press for 30 years plus, your post sums it up quite well. Its not the quality of the news but a method of getting readers to the site. Any old dross will do so long as we can quote strong audience figures to prospective advertisers.
  15. Positive performance and more game time in his development. Still on the fence but he showed more than he did in his first two. Gotta be worth a start at AEK.
  16. My other half wanted me to send this little limerick that she came up with. The foxes were playing away, And the gunners looked strong on the day, But Vardy like thunder, Assisted by Cengiz Under, Made the London side pay.
  17. Totally impossible to go if you needed a pee at half time. Unless you went on the guy in front of you.
  18. Yes thats exactly what I am saying. Mind you I do accept that people read the context of a statement differently. My comparisons to Knockaert I stand by but maybe the 'poor mans' was a bit over the top. I am looking forward to seeing how he develops.
  19. You judge pro footballers on what you see. That is how I see Under after a couple of appearances and his style is similar to Knockaerts. I cant see him pulling up trees and had he been that good do you think that Roma would've let him go that easily.?. Sorry but I am sitting on the fence here and by the way I have'nt played on Fifa since the first version in 1994.
  20. To me at the moment he looks like a poor mans Anthony Knockaert. But needs more time to get up to speed. Sitting on fence with this one.
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