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  1. I love the fact it’s a raffle, much fairer than the auctions. Every year I watch the poppy shirt auctions on eBay and can’t afford any of them. Every club had its share of idiots, but I think most lcfc fans would treasure one of these shirts and keep it forever, I know I would! Have everything crossed! 🤞
  2. Illusion35

    Vichai had a dream....

    I really love it, properly got a lump in my throat singing it in the concourse, not heard singing in the concourse like that since we won the league 😊
  3. Illusion35

    New chants and songs

    Yeah you could be right, that part is a little unclear on the video I took but I sang what I posted haha! I don’t understand how others can post videos in here, every time it tells me that it’s too big 🙁
  4. Illusion35

    New chants and songs

    What was being sung in K1 concourse non stop for half an hour prior to kick off was definitely Vichai had a dream he bought our football team he came from Thailand and now he’s one of our own We play from the back We counter attack champions of england you made us sing that Sounded amazing 😍
  5. Illusion35

    New chants and songs

    I have a good video of this being sung in the concourse but says it’s too big to post. Sounded amazing!
  6. It’s the same with the auctioned poppy shirts, again I would love to have one and would absolutely treasure it. I wish they would do it differently e.g. you buy a £5 lottery ticket for the shirt you want and they pick out of a hat. Would be a lot fairer.
  7. I would absolutely love either of these things (especially the personal visit from jamie 💙) but wish it could be a lottery as will go for mega bucks and I don’t have enough mobey!
  8. Illusion35

    The Funeral

    Say a prayer for me too Jamie 💙
  9. Illusion35

    Plans for the flowers and shirts?

    I went down this afternoon, looked amazing. So many tributes from so many different people and clubs. Queued for 20 minutes to sign the book of condolence - the marquee is really lovely inside. Also thought hot drinks was a nice touch on a miserable day. Would upload photos but it says my phone pics are too big, not sure why.
  10. Illusion35

    Cardiff Match Thread

    Suzie last time you suggested a stream it was amazing, could you pm me a link to the one you’re watching please? 😊
  11. Illusion35

    Kasper Schmeichel statement

    Beautiful, eloquent statement 😢
  12. Illusion35

    Helicopter crash

    Held it together until read that from Kasper 😢
  13. Illusion35

    The Gang's All Here Quiz.

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 40/100 My Time 75 seconds  
  14. Illusion35

    Helicopter crash

    I witnessed the crash, was walking by the ground at the time. I know lots of other people saw the moment of the crash too but you’ve got me wondering if I should give a statement to anyone? Has anyone else who was there spoken to the police?
  15. Illusion35

    Helicopter crash

    My son’s under 16 team are holding a minutes silence before their game this afternoon. We are still shaken up after witnessing the crash, but he is still going to turn out for his club. I can’t stop thinking about what we saw