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  1. Yellow was definitely nothing - what’s the point of chucking them in the crowd then?! Kit jealous at all that we only got a yellow one rather than other colours 😉
  2. My favourite ever Leicester player. Wears his heart on his sleeve, always gives 100% passion and commitment to the team. Agree with some of the other posters above that he is better than several of the top 6 strikers 😍
  3. I bought a signed photo of Maddison from this seller for my son at Christmas and think it is legitimate. Communicated with the seller about it and compared the signature with other things he’s def signed e.g. signed boots on his social media etc.
  4. Gary Lineker after he was appointed. ’Are you an ostrich? I think your head is in the sand’
  5. Totally agree! I’m 41 and my first lcfc game was in 1987. Jamie Vardy is my favourite ever Leicester player for so many reasons...think he’s the best player we have ever had during the time I’ve been attending games.
  6. Just Jamie having a laugh and looks like a joke about spying following the news this week rather than a prank specifically aimed at anyone in particular. I love that he cheers people up and has fun personally and the video made me laugh after a hard day at work!
  7. Not sure that is necessarily the case, my 15 year old son and friends are certainly into fortnite and gaming generally like most teenagers, but nearly all are also interested in sport. My son loves his computer but also trains on Saturdays and plays on Sundays for his local u16 side as well as being an LCFC season ticket holder. He prefers watching football live to watching on TV. Many of his friends regularly participate in sports themselves (a range of different sports - football, basketball, hockey) and also support their teams in person as well as online/ on screen and see the value in this. There’s hope for the younger generation! I enjoyed his u16 game today more than LCFC yesterday too 😉
  8. I think the bond is very important and I don’t think Puel can turn it around. I just don’t find him inspiring and I think that’s an important part of the managers role, to inspire others. I just can’t like him and I have tried to see the good e.g. developing young players but I agree with other posters questioning this. I don’t agree that the majority of fans have over inflated expectations following the title win, I think that most realise that was a once in a lifetime thing. Nor do I think the majority of fans are obsessed with league position, although I’d love to see some European football again one day. I think most just want to be able to enjoy watching our team play football, win or lose and that certainly was not the case today! Players seem to have no passion/desire and no idea what they’re meant to be doing. It’s not about a particular system for me, although I miss the fast exciting counter attack style. Puel’s style is boring and the players either don’t understand it or aren’t capable of playing it. We must have had 80% possession in the second half today but don’t know what to do with it. I don’t want to watch slow sideways passing when we are losing the game and the clock is ticking down. Puel hasn’t lost my confidence, he simply never gained it. I’ve never heard the fans sing his name. Time to give someone with a bit more personality and passion a go. And a better grasp of English wouldn’t go amiss!
  9. Yes, has a knee problem, not serious according to Puel.
  10. Lots of friendly posters here, male and female, doesn’t matter what gender you are, we all support the same team. I’m female for what it’s worth, but I don’t feel that is particularly relevant.
  11. I just completed this quiz. My Score 40/100 My Time 54 seconds  
  12. I love the fact it’s a raffle, much fairer than the auctions. Every year I watch the poppy shirt auctions on eBay and can’t afford any of them. Every club had its share of idiots, but I think most lcfc fans would treasure one of these shirts and keep it forever, I know I would! Have everything crossed! 🤞
  13. I really love it, properly got a lump in my throat singing it in the concourse, not heard singing in the concourse like that since we won the league 😊
  14. Yeah you could be right, that part is a little unclear on the video I took but I sang what I posted haha! I don’t understand how others can post videos in here, every time it tells me that it’s too big 🙁
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