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  1. Just thinking but has Matty James been on the payroll for 7 years now🤔 swear I say his debut against Peterborough in 11/12 season
  2. We’ll go and get derby in the fa cup and it be Rooney v vardy
  3. We’ve already played at anfield, is the Boxing Day game there aswell
  4. It’s shit odds though even in play, he would probably have got 150/1 on us winning 15-0 aswell
  5. I’m 36 and love the bloke, I would even turn gay that’s how much I love him, on a serious note,being from the o Neil era, and tony cottee being my favourite player, vardy is my all time favourite city player
  6. Bet them lot got there nuts away every week
  7. I don’t think I will ever forget that night, I was in the family stand with my 2 kids, it was kicking off to the left of us with both sets of fans, after wilf equalised in the 94th minute we promptly left as I thought It would kick off outside and didn’t want my kids to see it, we picked up a takeaway on the way home, and after that the Mrs was watching X factor with the kids so I went upstairs to watch goals express on sky sports news, then the presenter said there some disturbing images to report from the king power Stadium, my first thought was it kicked off outside the ground and someone’s been seriously injured, then it was announced a helicopter has crashed, I shouted to my Mrs to put ssn on and we spent the rest of the evening watching anxiously,but inevitable knowing we had lost our chairman😥 then my children came into my room Sunday morning and I broke the news to them whilst crying, my then 11 and 6 year olds also Started crying, I hadn’t cried that much over a family member dying such was the impact he has Had on me as a supported and a person from Leicester, vichi will litterally be in our hearts forever
  8. 1-1 draw,with Southampton scoring a late equaliser
  9. That just simply means his club will get a good fee, Harry maguire is testament to that, contracts mean nothing now a day to a player,
  10. I’m not a chillwell fan meself,for me he’s our weakest player, when you look at what Ricardo does defensively and going forward, him and chilwell are chalk and cheese, if chilwell offered on the left what Ricardo does on the right then he’ll be a better player for it but he’s never in a million years world class,not even a quality player in my opinion
  11. Be like watching Scottish football, celtic and rangers take both stands behind the goals in certain games
  12. Just out of boredom I checked the arsenal website to see if they had sold there tickets for the game against us next month, and noticed that they(arsenal) are subsiding the cost of the tickets for every away game by £4, so fans pay a maximum of £26,👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 you have to commend them for this and it makes me wonder why we as a club don’t do this
  13. A right footer will do better at left back than chillwell,even a unfit Fuchs, he’s playing so we get a fee and some mugs will pay way over the odds for him, maguire is testament to that
  14. Just brought mine, women on the phone said these will soon be gone🤷🏻‍♂️
  15. You should still count non league, they were once championship same as Luton we’re conference not long ago
  16. Arsenal-Highbury and emerates Man City-Maine road and etihad liverpool Chelsea palace west ham-Upton park spurs-white hart lane bournemouth wolves man Utd sheffield united newcastle villa southampton-the dell and st Mary’s everton norwich watford West brom forest leeds sheff Wednesday qpr charlton birmingham derby blackburn Hull wigan middlesboro huddesfield reading barnsley stoke Ipswich blackpool cov-highfield road sunderland portsmouth bolton bradford Celtic(champions cup) club Brugge(champions league) sporting Lisbon(euro 2004) faro(euro 2004) st Johnston(pre season friendly) wembley(old and new) notts county kettering burton lcfc-kp and filbert street i make that 55
  17. 61 days gamble free and 9 weeks on Wednesday, feeling good right now and even got the garden decked out and brought the Mrs a hot tub(on offer at Asda) its a long road ahead but we wouldn’t have had these things if I was gambling, it gets easier but I’m living proof on how easy it is to slip up, keep your focus everyone and just avoid that NEXT bet, thats the mindset i go by
  18. Scottish people naturally spit when they speak
  19. I’ve said for the past 2 seasons that chilwell is poor and got shot down numerous times, and he’s not even improved, if anything he’s becoming a bigger liability
  20. Chillwell won’t be much better, he’ll be caught out of position
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