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  1. Yes I understand that and assumed it would simply be easier to just do a refund and start again next season, thanks for the reply 👍🏻
  2. It was originally suggested back in March/April’s email that we could have the difference taken off next season season tickets as an option which I would personally prefer but no mention in this email of that being an option 🤷🏻‍♂️
  3. Many thanks for you response it much appreciated, it’s weird cuz I don’t want us to open anytime soon just so I can get some sort of income but I’ve prepared myself for the worst and we have put money away to get us by for a month should I lose my job, I’m not after the sympathy vote off anyone and I know there’s others in this situation but keeping it all from the Mrs I see the forum as a chance to let it all out
  4. I feel I’m and maybe others in a catch 22 situation, im currently on furlough pay till I return but my employer has emailed everyone explaining that to ‘cut costs’ on our return some staff may be laid off, I have only been in my position since end of November and I think I’ll be laid off on my return, i have been looking for work whilst off but everything is short term work so I’m shitting it like many others wondering how I will support my family, some may say why do they think I’ll be laid off, I work for a small independent company having left a national company and my role is a new role within the business, its office based and I’m never rushed off my feet on a good day so I think they’ll let me go to ‘cut costs’ but I also don’t wanna quit my job for another job if it’s only temporary so really don’t know wot to do🤦‍♂️
  5. I got caught having a wank over her when she was in ‘dream team’ 🤦‍♂️
  6. Believe it or not I was on holiday in alcudia the other year and got talking to a well known member of staff at Lcfc, Over a drink I asked question such as who’s got the biggest ego etc, when I asked who’s the nicest player straight away he said wilf, and went on to say he’s the most gracious person you would meet and turns up every day so happy that Lcfc gave him this opportunity and he feels blessed to play for us
  7. Euphoria was fantastic, with a 2nd season on the horizon
  8. I’m hating going work but have no choice untill my work get told otherwise, we work with building firms and I was hoping the would close sites so we could close
  9. My forests supporting brother in law who knows Wes well recons his desire us to play 1 last season with forest 🤷🏻‍♂️
  10. I can see vardy losing out on the golden boot having been in a commanding position with the amount of games he’s missed, has he ever missed this many games in a season???
  11. We’ve giving this champions league place away it’s a joke, we have nothing up top absolutely nothing
  12. Keep your head up mate, I can relate to everything you’ve said and for that your not alone, I remember Chester Bennington passing away and it hit me as if it was a family member because when you listen to his music it was almost a cry for help that we all missed,just remember that your important to your family and they love you
  13. So you would rather we play great and lose than play crap and win🤦‍♂️
  14. More crowd trouble I’m guessing???? all them broken nails on the terraces made it a major health and safety hazard I heard
  15. I think the majority that leave early watch it in the concourse with the intention of getting out quicker, so why don’t the club not have it on the screens as a way of folk staying in the seats🤷🏻‍♂️
  16. Racist agenda😴😴😴😴😴😴
  17. How dare you refer to us as lads we are gender neutral please don’t be so rude
  18. What grinds my gears?? female groom and male bride emojis now being introduced, and a transgender santa🤦‍♂️ now to make clear and you’ll make your own assumptions I am not homophobic(it’s ridiculous that I even have to justify myself)
  19. I hate to go over old ground but he could never find a pass anyway, just seems to be more obvious on the back of a defeat than a win, nothing changed it’s like others say and I’ve been saying for 2-3 season now that he’s an average player at best, you’ll get the odd 7-8/10 off him once in a blue moon, but generally 4-6/10 most other weeks
  20. 1st leg yes and when they went a goal up yes but there keeper played a blinder up till then,but for him there tactics would have gone out the window, we was chasing both legs
  21. I hope ****ing villa get ****ing relagated i hate the brum *****
  22. I’ve got 1 from the championship winning season and I cannot identify a single signature🤦‍♂️I swear it’s a fake
  23. 2nd-5th March🤔 that’s Monday-Thursday games???? and we’ll potentially be at Wembley on Sunday 1st March
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